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Ad agency buys Focus Malaysia

Inno Mind Works is the new owner of Focus Malaysia 

Business weekly Focus Malaysia has changed ownership now under digital branding and marketing agency Inno Mind Works Sdn Bhd (IMW).

Earlier, it was reported Founder and managing director of digital branding and marketing agency Inno Mind Works Sdn Bhd (IMW) Datuk Michael Yip Chin Hwee stated that Inno Mind Works wants to tap into the markets of Hong Kong, Australia, and Malaysia to double the company’s revenue this year.

Michael was the co-founder of Inno Mind Works and is currently the Director of Circle International Holding Limited.

Michael confirmed with Astro Awani that he had bought the title, but was not going to make an announcement of the acquisition. He stated that Inno Mind Work’s main agenda is to make a transition to the digital platform.

The staff were verbally informed of the news yesterday and according to a source, the letters were expected to be given to the staff next week.It was learned that only one-third of the staff shall be retained by the new owner, while rehiring will be on a case-by-case basis.

HCK Capital Group Executive Chairman Tan Sri Clement Hii confirmed that the publication is not headed for closure.

Inno Mind Works Sdn Bhd (IMW) is a full-fledge advertising agency offering a one-stop solutions for all advertising and marketing needs.


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