ICYMI: Advanced Marketing Masterclass, featuring industry veterans

ICYMI: Advanced Marketing Masterclass, featuring industry veterans

Block April 18 and 19 2019 for a two-day in-depth education run on ‘What’s Next?’ for advertising and marketing. Indeed, the highly anticipated Advanced Marketing Masterclass Workshop is taking place over those two days.

For those interested, it will feature two award-winning senior marketers, Anser Aly and Madvav Nayak. Both will be in the spotlight to share on what the latest advertising and marketing trends are. They will also discuss the latest industry insights and what their expectations are for 2019.

For those attending the Advanced Marketing Masterclass, they can expect to takeaway the following:

  • Find out how to transform current marketing strategies and unlock new ways to grow the brand
  • Learn about the ‘New 4Ps of Marketing’ and learn how to apply them in practice
  • Boost visibility of brands and make them stand-out with field-proven framework
  • Discover and learn new sources of growths, even those that are hiding in ‘low-growth’ segments
  • Understand and master the Principle of Disruption and learn how to create radical growths through disruptions
  • Improve and grow return on investments via the use of Shopper Marketing strategies
  • Figure out the power of data and how it can be used to tap onto consumers’ desires for targeted brands

More details about the event, like venue, time, and registration materials, can be found here.

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