Hearts and minds of Malaysian millennials go under the lens

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The hearts and minds of Malaysian millennials go under the lens in Havas Media KL’S first edition of a brand new book series aptly titled THE LENS. 

THE LENS is set to become a Havas Media iconic annual book featuring some of the most meaningful and cutting edge studies for the benefit of partners, clients and the industry at large.

From its research Havas Media deciphered the seven Codes below which drive and shape the life of the Millennials in Malaysia.

Code 1: Meta Me- Identity and the greater self of the Asian Millennial

Code 2: Take Pride in Passions over Profession- Purpose and fulfillment over life choices

Code 3: Negotiate Life- Engaging authority figures in the Millennial pursuit of happiness

Code 4: Into the Comfort Zone- Exploration for motivation

Code 5: For Squad Eyes Only- Ways of expression across platforms

Code 6: Reformat, Reboot, Delete- The nature of Millennial relationships

Code 7: Trust in the Cloud- Shifts from Physical to virtual transactions

Commenting on the study and THE LENS launch, Andreas Vogiatzakis, CEO of Havas

Media Group Malaysia shared, 

“This research is uniquely and immeasurably useful. It adds a higher value dimension to our existing knowledge on this well researched topic, as we have spent a year with them, day in and out, to study where they live, play, dream, create and shape our future.”

The 2-year effort was an in-depth ethnography study of Millennials in key cities across Asia Pacific:  Bangkok, Jakarta, Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, Mumbai, New Delhi, Sydney, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. A team of Anthropologists, Researchers and Strategic Planners interviewed a total of 1,430 informants to enrich the 130 millennial portraits that formed the basis of the ethnography. 

In Malaysia, the Havas Media research was done by conducting an intimate journey in the lives of ten selected Malaysian Millennials, (4 Malays, 4 Chinese, 2 Indians), spending a year with them and studying them in the places they play, interact, learn, communicate, express and create.  

The millennial portraits were formed through one-on-one interviews and enriched with a total of 110 interactions and observations of the Millennial universe.

In other firsts, Havas Media Group announced the launch of a game-changing Client Trading Solution earlier this year.


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