Happy, boppy jig adds more fizz to Coke

Campaign led from Singapore to move global social network for Coke 
Beverage giant, Coke has launched an online campaign which aims to showcase Coke as the antidote to Generation Z’s post-lunch slump.

The campaign, which was created by FCB Cape Town, has been launched across South East Asia, Russia and several markets in Africa.

The concept is about fighting the post-lunch slump. In the ad called “Meme,” someone sips a fizzy Coke, perks up and does a funny, boppy shoulder-scrunching jig that gets filmed and shared on social networks.

The idea, which is part of the larger “Taste the Feeling” campaign and is aimed at teens, is that a sip of Coke “wakes you up, and your reaction is very spontaneous and very light-hearted,” says Pratik Thakar, head of creative content & design excellence for Southeast Asia. The dance becomes a meme, “and people start sharing it.”

In the commercial, a group of friends are shown in an Asian cafeteria, drinking Coca-Colas, except for one young man who is struggling with the mid-afternoon slump.

As soon as one of them, pops the lid off a bottle of Coca-Cola under the young man’s nose, he takes a sip and springs to his feet to do a little ‘jig’.


“This campaign is relevant to teenagers, not just in one country but in markets as far-flung as Southeast Asia, the Caucasus and Africa,” said Pratik.
Coca-Cola led its new campaign from its Southeast Asia business unit and worked with agency FCB Africa, giving it diverse viewpoints right off the bat.

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