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Now in its third year, Astro Radio’s lifestyle and entertainment app SYOK is breaking new ground in engagement. Their tagline Everything Got sums it up: high-quality radio streaming, fun articles and videos, cool SYOKcasts, contests and an enviable range of content offerings on-the-go anytime, anywhere.

Let’s unpack this….

Live Radio

Access high-quality streams of 26 radio brands, 17 of which are Astro Radio’s, including the No.1 radio brand in each language segment.


Since its launch in July 2019, SYOKcast has produced a growing inventory of uniquely Malaysian show formats; from talk shows to docu-dramas. In 2020 alone, SYOKcast Originals achieved over half a million listens, mainly contributed by its Malay podcast offerings. One of the long-running show, Confession Bilik Gelap, featuring prominent figures such as Sherry Alhadad, Naim Daniel, Cik B, and many others, captured more than 210,000 listens.

Original Videos

Dedicated to producing original video content appealing to multi-racial Malaysians. Some of the original titles produced include SYOK Seram, SYOKExplores, Malaysian Made.

So where is the syok for marketers?

With over 400k monthly average users, SYOK was, is, and will continue to be the preferred choice for lots of Malaysians out there when they are on the go.

Brand marketers can engage with their consumers via SYOK, from branded podcasts to video sponsorship, customized contests, and many others.

Programmatic ads and more opportunities will be available soon for brands to connect with their target on-the-go. Stay tuned with Quake for latest updates of content and advertising packages from Astro.

Readers can also download SYOK and watch the exclusive videos showcasing all winners in Malaysian CMO Awards 2020!

*Syok is a colloquial term that means “very appealing”

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