From Start-up to Scale-Move With Martech MasterClass in Malaysia: Personalisation & Data Security for BFSI Growth up

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Netcore Cloud, a leading cloud-based communication and digital marketing solutions provider held a BFSI Masterclass where participants were provided with a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of effective customer engagement, marketing campaign optimization, enhanced customer retention, and driving business growth in the BFSI industry.

With a tailored program, attendees could access insights, best practices, and practical knowledge about leveraging technology and digital marketing strategies within the sector.

The pivotal agenda at Netcore’s exclusive event: From Start-up to Scale-Move With Martech MasterClass in Malaysia, was revolutionizing the marketing strategies and sharing ideas to take the business to new heights. Discovering the latest trends and techniques for leveraging new-age tech and tools to skyrocket conversions, enhance customer engagement, and drive loyalty was discussed at length.

The Masterclass attracted Industry experts and fellow professionals in an immersive learning experience that goes beyond theory. Networking, collaborating, and exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals while exploring Netcore’s innovative stack designed to drive exceptional engagements, revenue, and retention was the highlight.

Various industry professionals attended the closed-door event, representing prominent banking institutions such as Maybank, Bank Islam, Ambank, and Standard Chartered. The presence of these key players further emphasized the significance of this Masterclass in driving advancements within the industry.

Chin Onn Oon, Head of Marcom Digital, Maybank, added, “The session has addressed the benefits of automation and hyper-personalization, which is an inspiration of how it can improve some of the marketing execution we can adopt immediately.

The speakers have also shown examples of how the solutions apply in the banking industry that is relevant to the audiences and provide a forum for the peers in the industry to connect and deep dive further on the challenges the industry encountered.”

Further adding, Leona Lim, Business Architect, Bank Islam, mentioned, “The content appealed equally to both beginners and students with some experience in the subject. It’s great to understand how workflows are digitally transformed to amp up personalization and volume with minimal effort.

It covered comprehensively the immense capabilities businesses have in prospecting and nurturing customers in the short and long term.”

Divided into four informative sessions, the Masterclass covered various topics designed to equip participants with the latest industry insights and tools. The sessions included:

Session 1: In the BFSI Masterclass, participants effectively utilized marketing technology stacks to optimize marketing automation and analytics. They gained insights into leveraging predictive and descriptive customer analysis for strategic decision-making.

The session also addressed the goals of utilizing MarTech in the BFSI industry and the potential hurdles and solutions associated with implementing marketing automation. Attendees left equipped with a deeper understanding of leveraging technology to drive marketing excellence in the BFSI sector.

Sessions 2 and 3: Use Cases on Driving Growth and Automation – These sessions featured an enlightening panel discussion coordinated by Stalon. The discussion highlighted various topics such as Smart Banking with WhatsApp and AMP emails, personalization, A/B testing on bank websites, automation journeys, and the challenges of fostering long-lasting relationships with loyal customers.

Session 4: Overcoming Data Collection and Security – This session emphasized the importance of data compliance and security. Netcore’s commitment to privacy and data protection was highlighted, showcasing its certifications and impeccable track record in safeguarding customer data.

Besides the insightful sessions, the Netcore Cloud BFSI Masterclass was a valuable networking opportunity for industry professionals. Bank representatives had the opportunity to interact with one another, exchange thoughts, and forge meaningful connections. This collaborative atmosphere brought together influential groups poised to impact the entire BFSI space in Indonesia significantly.

Participants of the Netcore Cloud BFSI Masterclass left the event equipped with enhanced knowledge and skills, having interacted with industry peers and gained valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the BFSI industry.

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