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Fishermen Integrated’s Allianz song campaign records more than 4.1 million YouTube views

Fishermen Integrated looks to repeat 2017 success with Allianz’s A-Z of insurance protection

Fishermen Integrated is looking to extend its award-winning creative touch with its latest campaign for Allianz.

The Allianz A-Z Protection Song campaign, which kicked off on 15 January, highlights Allianz’s insurance portfolio through a fun and catchy animated music video featuring the adventurous Ali telling Malaysians how Allianz offers protection for every uncertainty in life.

The video, available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, is complemented by a song on radio.

Since the launch, the campaign has since seen strong traction and positive feedback online with more than 4.1 million views on YouTube and more than 2.7 million views on Facebook as well as more than 700,000 views on Instagram.

Positioned to increase top-of-mind recall for the Allianz brand as an insurer and to highlight its insurance offerings across all verticals and products – General Insurance, Personal Insurance and Life Insurance.

The campaign also serves to educate the correct pronunciation of Allianz, which trips up many in Malaysia.

(From L to R) David Alan Bates, Head of Analytics and Optimisation, Fishermen Integrated, Andrew Tan, Creative Director, Fishermen Integrated, Mark Darren Lee, Managing Director, Fishermen Integrated, Joyce Gan, Group Client Services Director, Fishermen Integrated, Adam Miranda, Executive Creative Director, Fishermen Integrated

“We believe the Allianz A-Z Protection Song will stick in your mind and aptly explain how Allianz has all the protection you need despite the variety of challenges that life can throw at you,” said Joyce Gan, Group Client Services Director at Fishermen Integrated.

“We are confident Ali and his A-Z message have the legs to carry them into all future points of communications. The concept is evergreen and can be used for all forms of Allianz communications,” added Joyce.

“In formulating this campaign, the challenge is to help Allianz not only compete within the insurance sector, but also in the social media sphere. For us at Fishermen Integrated, creating engaging and entertaining content has always been at the core of our creative strategy,” said Andrew Tan, Creative Director at Fishermen Integrated.

“Being an independently-owned Malaysian agency, we take pride that using our sense of humour and infusing a distinctly Malaysian personality into our campaigns have been hallmarks of our success. We are confident that this recipe for success will help achieve our aims for the Allianz A-Z Protection Song campaign too. Of course, like many a popular recipe, tweaking it to suit the occasion is part of the finished creation’s charm,” added Tan.

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