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Firefly highlights Malaysia’s hidden gems with a unique video


Instead of focusing on the skyscrapers and shopping malls Firefly decided to feature the unexplored parts of Malaysia in its latest 7.28-minute video titled Firefly – A Symbol of a #TrueMalaysian Pride.

By collaborating with Faruq Suhaimi, a professional dancer, the video showcases Faruq telling the places of interests’ stories through dance. 

The parts of Malaysia featured in the video includes unique locations such as Balai Nobat in Alor Setar, Sleeping Buddha in Kota Bahru, Kampung Cina in Terengganu, Kilang Bateri in Johor Bahru, Kellie’s Castle in Ipoh, Cameron Highlands in Kuantan, The Top in Penang, Cenang Beach in Pulau Langkawi, Mah Meri Orang Asli Village in Selangor and many more.

“It is not always about the skyscrapers and expensive restaurants. There is more to it that even we Malaysians tend to overlook at times. This video is our stake in the ground about who we are and what makes Malaysia unique in the world as a place to visit, meet and explore,” said Ignatius Ong, CEO of Firefly Airlines.

The video was produced in-house by the airline’s Marketing & Communications team.

Celebrating its’ 10th Anniversary, Firefly aims to draw more locals and tourists to the many hidden spots in Malaysia filled with spectacular sights of heritage, architecture, neighbourhoods and culture. 

Check out the video below:


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