Exabytes focuses on storytelling in the digital world

Exabytes Internet Marketing Summit 2019 (EIMS 2019) successfully brought together 1000 of SMEs in Malaysia and 37 digital marketing gurus from the leading industry to learn and share the latest tech and information of digital marketing.

The theme of EIMS 2019 was ‘Storytelling in the Digital World’. Storytelling is the fundamental human experience that unites people and drives stronger, deeper connections and it is a method to communicate, educate, share and connect. EIMS 2019 focused on learning the different platforms and tools for brand storytelling.

Watch Karamjit Singh, CEO and Founder of Digital News Asia, discussed content strategies that drive growth with the panelists: Sharmeen Looi, Co-founder of Shopback Malaysia; Wong Weng Wai, Marketing Manager of iCar Asia; Jeremy Chew, Head of Content Marketing Malaysia of iPrice Group and Suresh Sakadivan, Regional Head of CRM of Fave at EIMS 2019.

Key takeaways from the event:

As always, when it comes to content marketing, relevance is always key towards making something that is crafted well for certain demographics. Authenticity and being genuine is another integral facet that is also necessary in terms of conveying messaging that truly resonates with target audiences.

In a more pragmatic approach, the need for proper planning, execution and management is also incredibly important. This is basically to ensure that marketers understand the objectives of a particular campaign or initiative.

In this day and age, with audiences having shorter attention spans and their browsing behaviours more aligned towards latest trends and so forth, marketers also need to figure out the right platform, right audiences and the right measurement strategies too.

One of the popular fire drill sessions with full-house of attendees at EIMS 2019. From the left, Karamjit Singh, CEO and Founder of Digital News Asia, Jeremy Chew, Head of Content Marketing Malaysia of iPrice Group, Wong Weng Wai, Marketing Manager of iCar Asia, Sharmeen Looi, Co-founder of Shopback Malaysia and Suresh Sakadivan, Regional Head of CRM of Fave. 

More companies are looking towards data-driven initiatives, such as AB testing, to optimize results through the best headlines and visuals. Data plays a big role in content marketing as it promotes better lead generation, brand awareness and loyalty among the target markets as well.

The panelists on the stage said that their companies are always open to experimenting with new channels to drive content. But of course, as long as the content is consistent, simple and relevant, the message should hit home.

With attention spans getting shorter, marketers also need to aware of how short-form videos is becoming a big thing, and why simplicity is fast becoming a really valuable commodity in this area.

Ultimately, authenticity is super important, and in terms for best practices for content, user generated content is also becoming very important. Having content that is tailored to the customer voice will also encourage word of mouth marketing.

This is where storytelling truly comes into play. Having a sense of humour, and being emotional in the right context can go a long way in driving home a message to desired target markets.

Full-house of attendees during the fire drill session at Workshop 1.

Event Highlights:

In conjunction with the opening remarks by Chan Kee Siak, CEO & Founder of Exabytes, he announced the partnership of Exabytes and Freshworks – a ready-to-go and easy-to-use business software that offer great value to any kind of business.

“There’re more tools and techniques that we need to learn and figure out, in order to stay innovative and remain outstanding in terms of digital marketing…today, customers are more demanding and expect good service…maintaining a good service level, managing the feedback and ratings are equally important too,” said Chan, CEO & Founder of Exabytes.

Chan Kee Siak, Founder & CEO of Exabytes, was sharing and announcing the strategic partnership with Freshworks at EIMS 2019

He also said that there is always a limitation on human resources and the business should start implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) or smart bots to help the business to filter some works as well.

So that the digital marketers can focus on running a successful and impactful marketing campaign, instead of managing the social media channel.

“I think that Freshwork and Exabytes, both have the same mission, that is to help start-ups & SMEs throughout the globe,” said Abishek Murthy, Head – Product Marketing of Freshworks Inc. Exabytes is thereby entering into a strategic partnership with Freshworks.

Abishek Murthy, Head – Product Marketing of Freshworks Inc, shared the reason for getting Exabytes as a partner and how customer support can help marketing at EIMS 2019

“It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm among SMEs and entrepreneurs here in Malaysia on the rapid growth for intra-Asia trade supported by e-commerce,” Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation said.

He also said that DotAsia is honored to have shared their thoughts on how the creative use of multiple domain names including the .Asia web extension and other new Top Level Domains can help SMEs build their online presence and digital brand identity for the immensely diverse consumer base of Asia.

Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia Organisation, mentioned that they were happy to be part of EIMS 2019 and are thinking of joining again for next year’s summit.

EIMS 2019 Speakers:

EIMS 2019 wouldn’t be successful without the supports from speakers from all leading industry.

  • Edmon Chung, CEO, DotAsia Organisation
  • Carliff Rizal Carleel, CEO & Co-founder, Automate Malaysia
  • Nakata, CEO, Interspace Digital Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
  • Khushboo Nangalia, Founder & CEO, beyond99
  • Emily Tan, Marketing Lead, Malaysia, Klook
  • Dr. A.J Minai, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Subture: The Brand Storytelling Agency
  • Rachel Tan, Marketing Lead, Shopee Malaysia
  • Yuvha Dharshini, Account Manager of Tech & Telco, Google
  • Allan Phang, Head of Esports, AirAsia
  • Eddy Han, Country General Manager, Shopback Malaysia
  • Sunny Ooi, Founder & CEO, ClickAsia (Moderator)
  • Christopher Lowe, Senior Account Manager, Insider
  • Chan Kin Peng, Founding Partner, Kasatria Technologies
  • JiongHan Ng, Founder, Novocall
  • Stephanie Caunter, Head of Marketing, adaAsia
  • Abishek Murthy, Head – Product Marketing, Freshworks Inc
  • Desmond Ngai, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances, WebTVAsia
  • Nicholas Sagau Tony Ngimat, Group General Manager, Media Prima Digital (Moderator)
  • Vincent Pang, Senior Sales Manager (Malaysia), Unruly
  • Surayot Aimlaor, Head of Brand Marketing-TikTok SEA, TikTok Pte Ltd
  • Meredith Wallace, Business Development Lead, Google
  • Roberto Cumaraswamy, CMO, robertocumaraswamy.com
  • Bvern Yip, Senior Influencer Marketing Strategist, AnyMind Group
  • Joel Ong, Head of Department, AnyMind Group
  • Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh, Founder & CEO, Meta Box
  • Fredrick Johnson Lawerance, Product Consultant, Freshworks Inc
  • Karamjit Singh, Founder & CEO, Digital News Asia (Moderator)
  • Sharmeen Looi, Co-founder, Shopback Malaysia
  • Wong Weng Wai, Marketing Manager, iCar Asia
  • Jeremy Chew, Head of Content Marketing Malaysia, iPrice Group
  • Suresh Sakadivan, Regional Head of CRM, Fave
  • Sam Suresh, Founder, MU DOT MY
  • Nowrid Amin, Digital Marketing Specialist, IQI Global
  • Jay Sudowski, CEO, Handy Sends
  • Ashley Ong, Trainer of Mahir Digital Bersama Google
  • Gowri Vellasamy, Head of SME, TIME dotcom
  • Joe Tan, Founder & CEO, Heytool.ai

The organizer also had partners who worked closely to make this event a success – including Dot Asia, Tezos Southeast Asia, MaGIC Cyberjaya, billplz, freshworks, HandySends, Skytomato, AnyMind Group, MU DOT MY, PG MALL, kiplepay and TIME dotCom Bhd.

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