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Events legend Joe Ghazzal passes on

Much loved marketing and events maestro Joe Ghazzal passed away a few days ago after a short battle with illness in recent years.

Joe is remembered as the Godfather of events and his reputation is global. He always followed his vision and dreams, and was a great source of inspiration to many in the industry everywhere.

For over three decades, he led Global2000, an events company that specialises in fireworks and has lit up both exhibitions and challenges like the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) and Da Nang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC) and the International MixedMedia Festival.

The Maxis launch, KL Tower Launch, Measat satellite launch, Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2000 Opening Ceremony make up only a tiny fraction of Global’s outstanding portfolio over the years.

Joe also handled the country’s official Millennium Countdown celebration at the KLCC Twin Towers. The countdown drew over 150,000 spectators and was viewed by millions of television viewers.

Simultaneously, ZERO Countdown was also in progress – on the runway of the Subang International Airport. Working with top producers from Europe and America, he arranged a 3-dimensional journey of sound, lighting and overall visual brilliance for the 80,000 strong gathering of revellers welcoming in the new millennium.

He is at home in a smart suit and a fedora, jeans and shirt, or just shorts and a T-shirt on the field. The man lived for the limelight and worked for months to ensure everything went to perfection for the final magical moments.

Joe Ghazzal discovered a penchant for entertaining the masses right after attending university. He worked as a DJ, spinning an eclectic blend of music for club goers. He was so good at it, he took his act on the road, travelling abroad to explore new surroundings.

Joe reached a turning point in his career when he gained backstage access to renowned Las Vegas shows which attracted an endless stream of crowds by putting on over-the-top spectacles.

He was even accredited with 2 International Event Awards presented by the Special Events Society of America, but has always brushed them aside as part of his work.

We will miss you Joe, you dreamed the dream and lived it.


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