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Digital media ad spend to increase

Digital media advertising to increase

In a survey of almost 5,000 digital media marketers across 16 global markets it was found that the majority plan to increase their investment in outcome driven media.

The research, by Outcome media company, Xaxis, which is also GroupM’s programmatic media arm, assessed how satisfied marketers around the world were with their existing methods of measuring the success of digital display campaigns, especially in terms of how they deliver against their strategic business and marketing goals.

It also asked what the main barriers were moving to new metrics, and whether they were planning to increase their investment in ‘outcome-driven media’.

This was defined as “planning and optimising campaigns against KPIs – often tailormade for an advertiser or campaign – that are much more closely aligned to the marketer’s ultimate marketing and business goals”.

For example, outcome-driven media might be focused on custom-made footfall, ‘cost per incremental visitor’, or brand lift and viewability metrics, rather than less direct proxies for success such as cost per thousand (CPM).

The results of the survey found that 88% of marketers in the Asia Pacific region are planning to increase their investment in the emerging field of ‘outcome-driven media’ over the next 2 years. However, there is a mixed picture in relation to how marketers view existing ways of measuring digital media success.

Nicolas Bidon, global CEO of Xaxis, commented: “The research clearly demonstrates that outcome-driven media is a key priority for APAC marketers moving into 2019, with a continuing focus on proving the link between digital media spend and business success.

The research sends a clear message to the industry that, when business objectives are linked to digital spend, there is a positive uplift on budgets to enable those businesses to secure greater competitive advantage.”

Arshan Saha, President of Xaxis Asia-Pacific, added: “ Survey results for the APAC market were closely in line with global trends, and indicate a clear need for marketing that can drive real world results that accrue to the bottom line. This approach will empower marketing to solidify its position as a center for revenue enhancement, which could ultimately change perceptions of its role within the organization.”


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