China Airlines campaign encourages memories over souvenirs

A new campaign called ‘Souvenirs From Travel’ for China Airlines focuses on the more unusual memories, objects and experiences that people bring home with them.

The list goes beyond the usual suspects and includes a few extra inches put on at Bangkok, a broken snowboard and a fractured foot from Hokkaido, awkward dalliances from Las Vegas and even a haunted statue from Edinburgh.

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett Taiwan.

Leo Burnett Taiwan chief creative officer Murphy Chou said: “Every year, China Airlines runs a campaign just before the start of the summer vacation to boost sales for the holiday season.

“This year, our client wanted to focus on younger audiences. Research and social listening led us to understand that young people favoured travelling and spending money on experiences. 

“It meant something more than making friends jealous with gorgeous pictures on Instagram, crossing off places from a wish list, or buying little keychains and other clutter we bring from faraway places.

“We found that travel meant the experience that leaves a mark on life, by changing the way we think, look and feel; or even a change to our whole life. 

“On that note, this is what our younger generation is pursuing: a rich intercultural experience that can impact their lives.”

The insight inspired several different scenarios and souvenirs that were significant to the life of the travellers. Chou added: “We tested the scenarios internally, with friends and our clients, and then chose the ones resonating with young Taiwanese the most.

“Once the campaign was launched, our organic views soared quickly. The video was watched over 8.9 million times in the first two weeks, exceeding 50,000 likes, 9,000 shares, and over 4000 comments.

“The campaign was widely discussed in social forums inspiring young people to share their stories on all the souvenirs they got from travelling.”


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