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Can you market a shirt as well as this Singaporean Ah Lian?

If you have been scrolling through Facebook religiously, you’d know that this Singaporean woman’s sales pitch of her multifunctional black top has been making headlines.

Lerine Yeo, 30, became the talk of the town after two videos of her modelling clothes for her online apparel store went viral online.

The first video, uploaded by Facebook user Joanne Ng last Thursday (September 20), has garnered a whopping 1.9 million views to date, along with 31,000 shares, 10,000 likes and 6,300 comments.

Lerine, who is now affectionately known as the ‘Ah Lian’ model by the Internet, was seen in the video hooking various items onto her top.

Here is the video below:

In it, Lerine passionately demonstrates the pros of a black ‘hook’ t-shirt. Instead of lace from the original design, Lerine creatively shares how one can make use of the little ‘holes’ in the $9 top to hook various items — be it your umbrella, wanton mee, cane, EZ-Link card or whatnot.

In the second video, Lerine displayed more of her marketing skills by modelling a dress. Lerine advised women to consider the sizes of clothes based on a person’s height because “the chances of getting people to see your ‘ka cheng’ (butt) is very high, 80% high”.

As expected, Lerine’s animated behaviour in her videos has gained her many fans and has increased her sales tremendously.

In an interview with Stomp, Lerine said that she is facing a backlog in orders as sales for her clothes have shot up ever since her videos went viral.

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