Best Presenters at APPIES Malaysia 2022

Today, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the best presenters of APPIES Malaysia 2022 for their Marketing Campaign by sharing the campaign stories.

The best presenters title winners are:

  • Tan Lih Wern – Rising Star Presenter of the Year for the campaign titled “So Light So Tasty” for their client Pizza Hut Malaysia.
  • Sai Phaik Cheng – Trailblazing Presenter of the Year for the campaign “The Science Behind The Homebuyer Hunt” for their client Sime Darby Property.

About the campaigns

Rising Star Presenter of the Year – So Light So Tasty

1. So Light So Tasty

Pizza Hut is a brand that Malaysians have grown up with, the current young audiences perceive it as an old brand that no longer satisfies their taste buds. They have shifted their liking towards a thinner crust. 

Pizza Hut saw an opportunity to introduce the new Hand-Crafted Pizza through a multi-sensorial experience – a crust that feels airy, light, crispy with a unique sourdough texture. 

With the insight of our audiences’ cabin fever due to the pandemic, Pizza Hut pique their interest by using the USP of the product and spoof different travel related scenarios and spoof air travel website book their RM1.90 “limited seats”. 

They launched 3 videos featuring KOLs targeting different segments (Jenn Chia, Orange Tan and Haziq Husni) to help them portray the brand in a new lens with their authentic and quirky characters. 

Trailblazing Presenter of the Year – The Science Behind The Homebuyer Hunt

2. The Science Behind The Homebuyer Hunt

This case is about hyper-personalisation, improved cut-through and overall performance of SimeDarbyProperty’s (SDP) CNY Launch.

The challenge was to sell 192 leftover units in an ad-cluttered CNY festive period. Adding to this challenge, unlike traditional property launches where sales launches were specific to a singular development, SDP had leftover units scattered across 8 townships and 20 developments and these were extremely hard to sell.

It was, therefore, necessary to target a more diverse set of audiences. However, they needed to appeal to them all, and also tell more personally relevant stories. 

So, Sime Darby blended established planning skills with machine learning to design and delivered a highly nuanced system of creative assets that could be dynamically served to our audience in real-time. 

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