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Be honest, build careers, says Taylor’s

‘Honesty is the best policy for building the lives of our future generation,’ is the cornerstone of Taylor’s University’s latest campaign, made by BBDO Malaysia, on career choices and Taylor’s role in it.

With the video displaying an honest and frank take on what children want and juxtaposed with what the parents think their wards should do, an interesting social truth tumbles out: most children are reluctant to share their ideas for career choice as being non-conformist implies disrespect. Therefore, an honest conversation is most crucial to bring about consensus between the two.

Calling it a ‘new social experiment video,’ the BBDO Malaysia spokesperson said, the video explores this difficulty of opening-up to the parents.

The video shows three parents answering questions about their careers, their dream jobs and the hopes they have for their children’s future. They are then shown a video of their children speaking openly and frankly about their own career aspirations – to some initial surprise. Nevertheless, the parents are soon won over by their kids’ compelling confessions about what they want to do.

The video ends in an emotional on-screen reunion as the parents come to accept their children’s ambitions.

“Making this video was a very personal experience for a lot of us, with many having faced this issue with our own parents at some point in our lives. A lot of brands do social experiments, but we felt this captured a sincerity that really cuts through to provide impact and start a much-needed conversation between young Malaysians and their parents.” said Farrah Harith-McPherson, General Manager of BBDO Malaysia.

“At Taylor’s University, we believe the path to success depends on the support of those around us, our families most of all. Parents ultimately want the best for their children’s future, and with this video we hope to inspire young people to open-up to their parents about their own career dreams – and to get the support that they deserve.”, said Ben Foo, Chief Marketing Officer of Taylor’s University

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