Ayam Brand to launch Virtual Reality campaign

3 years ago

Ayam Brand, a leading convenient canned food player in the region, is celebrating its 125th anniversary with the launch of its Racing-to-Space virtual reality campaign that highlights its regional sustainability efforts.
The campaign uses 360 degree footage from high-altitude balloons that were launched by Ayam Brand in Kahang, Johor.

They developed their own rig and camera casing to withstand high-altitude, low-pressure, very low temperature conditions to capture footage from a height of up to 29,000 metres for stunning views of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Hervé Simon, Group Marketing Director of Ayam Brand (picture), says, “VR videos of this immersive experience will be part of a regional contest aimed at increasing environmental awareness and educating the public on more sustainable choices.”
This is believed to be among the first local campaigns to use high-altitude virtual reality footage.
The contest runs from November 20 to Dec 1, 2017 and will be held in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, China, Japan and France.