Alert: Creative skills least in demand

Study reveals creative skills is lowest in demand, strategic and critical thinking skills in demand 
The Marketing Team of Tomorrow has released a study which revealed that creativity is to become the least in-demand industry skill this year as technical and strategic abilities take greater priority.

The study surveyed more than 700 professionals across India, Australia, plus Singapore and Hong Kong. It was found that that in all four markets, creativity was the lowest in-demand. Furthermore, more than three-quarters said they expected a rise in technically skilled employees.

Linkedin had conducted a study in which more than 80% of marketing professionals believe strategic and critical thinking, plus problem-solving, will be in greater demand.

MARKETING wanted to know if the creative directors in Malaysia felt the same way so we made a few calls inquiring their thoughts.

Our first call was with Craig Matthew Lee, Shopper360’s Group Creative Director. He said “Now its a more of a hybrid. Creative people need to able know how an idea can be stretched. Creativity and strategic abilities are no longer two separate entities.”

Next, we spoke to Max Tan, Creative Director of Hakuhodo. He also shared the same beliefs. “When you talk about critical thinking, strategy and problem solving without creativity, it has no sustainability.

“Having said this as a professional thinker, we need to understand the market insight and the source of the problem, analyse the pros and cons of the strategy prior to implementation. This is what we call creative solutions.”

“Hence, critical thinking and creativity have to work hand in hand,” concluded Max.

Next, Eddy Nazarullah, Creative Director of Mullenlowe Malaysia told MARKETING that MullenLowe places more importance towards strategic and critical thinking skills.

Teh Le Vin, Head of Creative of Spin Communications told MARKETING that the two skills should come together and be translated into a creative output.
However, Dentsu’s Creative Director Wong Shu Kor had a different opinion on it.

Despite being in a meeting, he told MARKETING that he does not believe that strategic and critical thinking will be in greater demand.
Edward Ong, writer and Creative Director of Borderless strongly believes creativity will flourish in 2018. He states that we are living in dystopia science fiction tried to warn us about.

AI and Bitcoins are constant threats however how we respond to this is how we view our environment. He explains countries like Estonia and Israel have accomplished so much success despite having faced so much.

“This is why Malaysians can and will succeed. However much you complain about the government, the economy and our shrinking currency- know that all these are blessings in disguise. With the right mindset, we can do great things,” concludes Edward.

As seen, most creative directors believe that creativity and strategic thinking are two skills which need to be combined in order to get a creative output. There will always be a place for creativity in the world.

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