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A Twist in the Anchor tale

A campaign that spices up one’s daily meal is inspiring Malaysian mothers and local kitchens, Fonterra’s Anchor Dairy has collaborated with APD Kuala Lumpur to transform everyday Malaysian dishes into something extraordinary with their “Anchor Twist” campaign.

Under this campaign involving recipe videos, everyday local food is getting a new taste and unusual flavour, with the natural dairy goodness of Anchor butter and cheese. The unexpected twist to the recipe is what is adding a whole new excitement to Malaysian food, the creators of these films claimed.

“As a mum, I understand it can be quite challenging to provide wholesome meals for the family daily. This campaign aims to inspire Malaysian mothers with new ways of elevating local dishes by adding Anchor products. While doing so, it also aims to strengthen family bonds though delightful new recipes,” said Karen Ong, Marketing Director of Fonterra Malaysia.

Anchor cheese makes everyday food delightful

To bring this message to fruition, APD Kuala Lumpur worked alongside Red Films to create a series of digital videos for Facebook and YouTube, showcasing new recipes in a quirky and unconventional way. The first recipe video features a spin on one of Malaysia’s local favourites: the Popiah Pisang Goreng Cheese. The recipe is shared via an original score sung by Takahara Suiko, lead singer of the ‘Venetian Solitude’.

“Mothers are always looking for inspiration online. However, there aren’t many local sources they can go to for new recipes that are delicious and easy to make at the same time. Hence, we were keen to ensure the video both inspires and energizes. We chose Taka as the talent as she is able to deliver the upbeat performance that we wanted, both lyrically and visually,” said Jenatun Zulkifli, Copywriter at APD Kuala Lumpur.

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