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A lens of belief: Chris Jaques

Chris Jaques explains that perception management is the difference between success and failure for businesses.

“Of all the CEOs who I sit down and meet with, about 80% or more realised that they haven’t gotten a grip on how they are communicating the core messages of their business to the investment community and to all the influencers who influence the investment community,” said Chris.

MARKETING team brings you the second episode of its Marketing Leadership series. This episode features Chris Jaques, CEO of the ReputationPartnership who shares insights and tips on how to scale and grow one’s business.

Chris explains that the key criteria which influence the perceptions of a company are the business strategy, whether it’s got the massive potential for high margin growth and the management team.

Chris believes that is the primary responsibility of the CEO to ensure the investment community and all their influencers understand and are motivated by a narrative of confidence.

Interested to know more? Watch the full video below:

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