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A day in the life of Ham…

That’s me. Turkey ham. Not pork ham.

I am up early but downstairs late.

First thing in the morning, I try to look up for a while not down. Many of us look down during our morning routine, thanks to our smart phones.

My light breakfast is some thorny combination of muesli, nut and raisin which I refer to as the “cardboard” breakfast. By this time, I already have about 200 emails in my InBox and 40 in WhatsApp.

I must confess I am a content slut; I give new meaning to FOMO as I prostitute my email address to so many sites that my laptop does everything for me when I sign up for alerts.

Maybe I am a closet hoarder, a kepoh about everything in our industry….in the content business being a busy body is not a bad thing.

Throughout the day I have meetings (very short ones), connect with my staff, write non-stop and sometimes daydream about how much money Vinod Sekhar or Patrick Grove has.

While all this is going on, I post at least four Breaking News on my website daily, including weekends. Basically I am in the business of making people famous.

I give them fame and hopefully, they give me fortune (small). Fortunately, I think I am also learned enough to do it in good taste.

As for meetings and phone conversations through the day I try to keep them quick, normally all set up on the go.

Any exchange more than 10 minutes is a waste of time, for both me and the caller, unless it is a bitching session.

… The brief is simple: everything is wanted yesterday. They pivot so well, I’d say we pirouette together beautifully…

So I always request for 3.9 minutes phone appointments, sometimes I even do with 127 seconds. I love using odd numbers.

So it is a virtual worklife with all the virtues of selfless servility.

Me and my team have been producing the free WEEKENDER every Friday for 6 months now.

Our numbers (metrics in media-speak) have gone through the roof (table) with a total reach of 34,000 per issue.

As for readership, your own good sense knows better, but any oaf will tell you it is at least double the reach.

I am blessed to have amazing people working with me (Hamlets) and they know I am brutal when it comes to wasting time.

The brief is simple: everything is wanted yesterday.

They pivot so well, I’d say we pirouette together beautifully.

As my dear friend Michael De Kretser used to say, “There is no I in We.”

We just reframed our Malaysian Media Conference with presenting sponsor Omnia into 4 weekly online events in November. It is FREE, so it doesn’t get better than this: you can eat while you learn.

This week I am reminding folks to nominate marketers for the coming Malaysian Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) Awards 2020.

And if there’s no “Perutusan Khas” for the day, I troll Anwar and Trump.

In the evenings I take my dog for a walk, but if I am tired she takes me for a walk.

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