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A ‘Cubit’ Above The Rest

( – BABA’S has held nothing back for the 3rd season of their widely popular ‘cu~bits’ culinary series, where more unique recipes were developed and had the endorsement of some of the top professional chefs in the country, a host of celebrity chefs and even two past winners of Cabaran 1001 Rasa BABA’S.

The show is credited for its original content and was developed internally with the support of its production partners Primeworks who were appointed to co-produce the shows. BABA’S ‘cu~bits’ stands out amongst other cooking shows for delivering a show that not only enriches the culinary knowledge of its viewers but also delights the audience with its original recipes, food and main host, celebrity chef Kamarul.

“You know when you get the call from BABA’S that they’ve got a new concept planned, that it’ showing to be unexpected and challenging! Imagine having to develop 234 unique recipes….that’s what we had to do for ‘cu~bits’”, said Chef Kamarul at the launch of BABA’S ‘cu~bits’ Season 3.

“It is not easy to excite BABA’S with a recipe, cause they have been successfully doing this for a while now….but it also helps when they know exactly what they want”, Chef Kamarul added.

“The recipe to its success is very simply that we took a chance on what our customers wanted,” said Claudian Navin Stanislaus, Head of Advertising & Promotions, BABA’S, at the launch held at Empire Hotel, Subang Jaya.

“Each time that BABA’S produce a culinary programme over the past 10 years, it has been based on feedback and suggestions from our customers”, Navin revealed.

This project partners BABA’s with TV3 and Primework; represented at the launch event by Shareen Ooi, Group Marketing Officer from Media Prima Berhad, who was instrumental in initiating the partnership on this project.

Fans may catch Season 3 of BABA’S ‘cu~bits’ every Sunday, 7:30pm – 8pm, beginning July 6 2014 and they can get their favourite recipes from all seasons absolutely free on the BABA’s Facebook page.

Gordon Hamsey in action with Baba Products Operations Manager Siva Subramaniam

BABA’S cu~bits is a 30 minutes, fast‐paced cooking show is based the new innovative culinary trend known as “cu~bits” (pronounced chew~bits); a combination of the Malay word “cuba” meaning “try” and “bits” describing the serving size. Together “cu~bits” is also a play on the Malay word “cubit” which means “pinch”. Not just tapas or amoush bouche by another name, cu~bits is the  trend of serving 3 complementing traditional-inspired original recipes that are ideal either as a light meal or all-day quick-fix snack that’s best enjoyed shared with family or friends!


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