7 Steps for a Winning Content Strategy

This is an article by Hando Sinisalu, an expert on digital B2B marketing.

According to a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2B marketers claim they are already using content marketing.

Sadly, the latter seems to be a term which is easily thrown around these days without a deeper knowledge nor commitment to work out a proper content strategy. Be it B2B or B2C, there is heaps of potential hidden for almost every sector out there.

During my practice I’ve worked out a winning content marketing checklist covering all the basic steps you should cover prior to launching your initiative.

Which problem are you solving?

Start by asking yourself a simple question: which problem does this content solve for my target audience? Content marketing is not advertising! You have to provide answers to questions that are relevant to your customers.

Sources for inspiration.

Say you’ve got the first part down, but are struggling with finding ideas for a new piece.

Your sales department is a goldmine when it comes to getting inside your customers’ minds.

These are the people who are in daily contact with your audience, meaning they have a good overview of their concerns, problems and most frequent questions.

Don’t let it go to waste! Hence if you need inspiration consider the following sources: a) sales people b) customer service c) customer research d) Google search

Create a plan. Be consistent!

If you’re serious about content marketing then prepare to commit! I would compare this to taking a dog: you don’t take a puppy for a week or even a year.

It’s a new family member you need to nurture and educate for many following years.

The same goes for content marketing. Create a long-term plan, make sure you have the resources to make it work i.e. be realistic in terms of your capabilities, set up a content calendar and stick to it!

What happens next?

The fact that content marketing has nothing to do with traditional advertising doesn’t mean it’s meaningless.

Each piece of content should have a purpose. Be clear about what should happen after one has viewed your content.

Should they leave their contact details or check out a product page? Be clear enough, but remember: they’re here looking for an answer to their personal questions not your latest promotion.

If you can mix these two then you have a winning content strategy.

Set relevant KPIs.

Every single move you do in marketing can be measured, content marketing is no different.

Make sure you have your relevant KPIs in place before you start, otherwise, you can’t really measure your success or failure rate.

Do not build your house on rented land. Gather data!

I would like to credit Joe Pulizzi from Content Marketing Institute here, because Joe was the first to put it out there.

Working on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and so forth means you never fully own the data that goes through these channels.

A single change of an algorithm can rob you from all these treasures. Aim for immunity: try your best to gather all customer data and store it on independent/personal platforms.


Ideally, your content should convert to sales, which requires a detailed overview of the customer journey: from finding your content to signing the deal.

Try to cover each step on the way and eliminate unnecessary hurdles for the customer.


In this hands-on workshop, Hando will analyse, deconstruct and construct your company’s digital presence as well as offer inspirational ideas from B2B brands, who have managed to produce content with real business results. 

There will be Award-winning B2B Marketing case study examples from all over the world!

Anyone with existing responsibility for developing digital advertising campaigns and looking to take their knowledge to the next level.

This includes Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers, Strategic Planners, Creative Professionals, Media Planners and Buyers as well.

The case studies will be from the following sectors:

  • IT service providers
  • Software companies
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Business consultancy services.

Some of the brands that will be featured in the case studies.  

For Example: 

Obsession for Smoothness by Double A & SPA-HAKUHODO (Japan) Machine Conversations by KONE & hasan and partners (Finland)  Finlandia by Forest Machines by NESTE, PONSSE & Kurio (Finland)  Business Facelift by Mastercard & McCann Worldgroup (Poland) Paradise Found by SAS & Cheil Worldwide (Germany) 

A Few Points To Remember About This Workshop!

1) THIS IS NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL WORKSHOP An innovative hybrid between training, consultation and creative brainstorming.

2) CONSULTATION As a result of a highly personalised approach, each delegate will get practical advice on how to improve their content marketing. 

3) CREATIVE BRAINSTORMING Working as a creative team and sourcing from an extensive case study base, Hando will guide the group towards producing actionable marketing ideas. 

4) FINALLY, You will leave with a clear marketing action plan for your company. 


DATE: 21 August 2019

VENUE: Ballroom Eastin Hotel Tel : (+603) 2089 3688

TIME : 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM

ADMISSION FEES : *1 Delegate – RM1,650* per pax*5 or more – RM1,500* per pax  * plus 6% SST

For more information on the event, click here for the registration kit.

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