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Foodpanda confirms that its Instagram was hacked

Foodpanda’s Instagram account in Singapore has been hacked and the hacker has been sending out lewd messages to customers.

The online food delivery service provider confirmed that its verified Instagram account under the handle foodpandasg was hacked over the weekend.

The company has posted a statement on Facebook to apologise for the inappropriate messages that have been sent out to customers through the compromised account.

It also urged customers not to respond to any messages sent from the Instagram account. 

The statement on foodpanda Singapore Facebook page.
Website Mothership has reported that a customer recently received lewd messages from the foodpandasg Instagram account after sharing her complaint about a bad delivery experience.

The website also explained that foodpandasg initially had over 20,000 followers before it was hacked. 

The current foodpandasg Instagram page.
The account appears to have been taken over by an individual or group going by the name Osama.

Earlier this month, Mothership also reported that the same Osama may have hacked Singapore’s Young Lions Football Club Instagram account.

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