27% of podcast listeners discover brands through voice advertising

Shining a light on podcast advertising, DMA research has found that 27% of weekly podcast listeners discover new brands via voice advertising.

The Future Trends: Speak and Listen report is part of a wider DMA series that explores future trends in 2020. The data was sourced from a spread of surveys created by DMA and its other research partners, with recipient responses varying between 2000 and 4000 individuals.

The report also found most listeners feel the marketing they hear on podcasts and on the radio is relevant to them.

Moreover, the research goes onto suggest that 37% of Britons now listen to podcasts on a monthly basis, a proportion which rises to 67% among men aged 16-29 and 54% for households with incomes in excess of £75k.

Across the population as a whole, the most engaged group were found to be those aged 16-34, with 14% of this group listening on a daily basis and 29% listening several times per week.

The report also found that voice commands are rising in volume with the proportion of UK customers utilising the technology rising to 38% in 2019, up from just 23% in 2015 – tempting brands such as Paddy Power, OFX and WarnerMedia to enter the space.

On the findings of the podcast report, Tim Bond, head of insight at the DMA, said: “Podcasts are a fresh and popular audio media channel to engage consumers with, particularly the millennial and centennial demographic. With listeners generally highly engaged with the content, it is an effective marketing channel with a high degree of relevancy compared to other marketing channels.”

“Compelling narratives, engaging storytelling and informative content can strengthen brand understanding and memory, offering brands the ultimate prize of a dedicated audience,” he continued.

source: https://www.thedrum.com/

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