2019 Women’s World Cup campaign film for Qatar Airways

The FIFA Women’s World Cup in France kicks off on the 7th of June 2019, and Qatar Airways has released a magical campaign to kick it all off.

According to The Drum, Agency 180 Kingsday created the ad titled ‘Our Newest Destination’,which kicks off in Paris on 7 June.

The campaign has a mythical feel to it as a mother tells her daughter an enchanting bedtime story. Everything comes to life after that.

A magical CGI landscape unfolds with giants roaming and has superstars like Neymar Jr featured in it too.

Ben Scott, the director, said that “building this fairy tale world was a brilliant challenge for me and the team…we wanted people to feel the passion, skill and excitement that the tournament will deliver – but in a way you’ve never seen before.”

Kalle Hellzen, executive creative director at 180 Kingsday, added: “this tournament is going to be more incredible than anyone can imagine…we wanted to create a world that could live up to that and take people there in a way that only Qatar Airways can…we crafted a world that inspires and that celebrates the skill of these amazing athletes.”

Source: The Drum

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