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#10YEARCHALLENGE: Insights into the evolution of Malaysian culture

As the trend of ‘self-reflection’ sweeps across social media, Initiative has taken a look at how Malaysian Culture has evolved over the last ten years.

These insights delve across different sectors and highlight trends that indicate how Malaysia has progressed over the past 10 years, embraced change and technological advancements, and kept up with the changing times.

Group Managing Director of Initiative, Kristine Ong (picture) comments, “The speed at which cultural changes took place over the last decade was fuelled primarily by having the world at your fingertips. In some cases, the faster and greater the influence of the digital revolution, the more drastic the changes.

The outcome of the recent general election, the move towards a cashless society which has dramatically impacted shopping behaviour, and the changing dynamics of play and sports are some clear examples of this. We have also witnessed how the Gen Y and Z have become socially conscious and taken matters into their own hands to drive the green planet agenda.”

“In the next 10 years, we will see simplicity being the new premium. As the digital revolution creates choices at a speed never seen before, we will see the consumer demanding for simplicity. Looking forward, brands that are able to make life simple for the consumers will be the ones who thrive,” she adds.

Initiative is a full service global media agency under the IPG Mediabrands network, and built to grow brands through culture. The agency’s approach to rapidly interpreting and activating on cultural data signals – Cultural Velocity – creates relevant, long-lasting consumer connections that drive business results.

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