A Special Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad from all of us at Adoimagazine.com - In loving memory of an Ad legend, Internationally acclaimed film director and most of all as a friend.

She Put Heart & Humanity into Advertising
In 1996, July, when I was seriously getting fed up of the advertising business with all its big egos, petty politics and pretentiousness, I met Yasmin. She was like an amazing breath of fresh air and so unlike anybody I had met in our business before or since. She was uncomplicated, funny, naughty, authentic, daring, humane and totally adorable. She did not ask me a single question about what I did and I did not ask her a single question about Leo Burnett. Within couple of hours I heard myself telling Yasmin that I would be delighted to join Leo Burnett, Kuala Lumpur to set up the Strategy Planning Dept.

Yasmin always had a disarming child like innocence. She restored my own innocence and faith in advertising and in life. The rest as they say was Chemistry. Right from the moment I met Yasmin, I always felt and knew deeply in my bones that she was someone I had known for many lifetimes.

Yasmin's real contribution was this - She put Heart & Humanity into the advertising business. She reminded all of us that advertising works best when it is about real people and not some anonymous consumer or target audience. She also reminded all of us that the best way to connect with people is by telling simple stories from the heart. She detested anything remotely intellectual or cerebral or pretentious.

I always strangely believed that Yasmin would always be around. That she was almost invincible or even immortal ! That she would never grow old or fall sick. Yasmin's death mirrored her life - Always unexpected, dramatic, moving, surprising, deeply emotional and human !

She was an Original. Absolutely and Totally Authentic. There is a name for something or someone who is an authentic original ... A Masterpiece ! That was ultimately who she was - A Priceless Masterpeice.

Advertising, cinema and my own life will never be the same again.

Until we meet again in our next lifetime, Farewell My Dear Yasmin !
S. Karthik

News of Yasmin's completely knocked the wind out of me. I sat down and pondered my own mortality, while reminiscing the times we spent together. She introduced me to Malaysia in 2001 and she shared her unique knowledge of the best eating spots in town. We shared stories, jokes and more fine food from out of the way places. She treated everyone with genuine kindness and respect. She would call at the oddest hours but it never seemed strange. It felt like a gift to her voice and share her infectious laughter. Just thinking about her makes me smile and my heart feels lighter. And if I keep those memories alive, I guess Yasmin will never really be gone.

My sincere condolences to her family and friends. God bless you,
Love, Ian Barney x

Kak Yasmin started 1 Malaysia since the day she was born, she sorta have the mission to unite all poeple in Malaysia.

Her works touches and united many hearts either from her movies or her tv memorable tv ads.

We need more poeple like Yasmin Ahmad, infact, i think everyone should be Yasmin Ahmad then 1 Malaysia is no longer just a dream.

Terima Kasih atas semua sumbangan terhadap Malaysia, engkaulah satu-satunya icon ONE MALAYSIA. Jasamu akan sentiasa diingati dan dihargai.

I’ve known Yasmin for quite some time now. However because I stay in India we either met when she travelled here or in Cannes and on sometimes on Advertising juries.

She was a genius, an unadulterated creative person. On one hand completely open to new thought forms and different ideas and on the other absolutely rooted in Malaysian culture.

In my conversations with her she made me understand the depth of Malaysian culture and in turn made me genuinely respect Malaysian Advertising.

But calling her just an Advertising person will be far from the truth. She was multifaceted. She reflected her exceptional thinking through her films, music …her conversations.

I could talk to her endlessly , there was never a dearth of topics no discomfort of ‘what should we talk about now’.

In a short span of time she had learned so much about Indian culture in fact she educated me in depth about the details and nuances of the Bhopal gas tragedy - something that had happened in my own country….

She was passionate about Life.

People like her make the world worth being in.

I prayed with my heart for her when she was in the hospital.
But God had different plans.
My sincere tribute to great Yasmin.
We shall meet and finish our conversations in another world.
Looking forward to that.
Prasoon Joshi, India

She is Yasmin Ahmad

“It’s never start with the idea, its start with the feeling”- Yasmin Ahmad

She observe and build a characters out of the feelings around her, what a brilliant person; Yasmin Ahmad. A very creative mind that always come out with very humor yet touching moment in every advertisement she made.
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Kaulah satu satunya
Di antara berjuta
Insan teristimewa
Patah tak tumbuh lagi
Hilang belum berganti
Kerana kau tersendiri
Kau kebanggaan kita
Kau budayawan bangsa
Engkau lagenda

Kamil Yakob

Yasmin Ahmad is the" One Malaysia Idol " and she will be remembered forever.R.I.P Yasmin.
Pang Fong Kan

U r the 1 Malaysia
U r a real Malaysian
U r not only u,
U r everyone...

We love u
we'll miss u, Yasmin Ahmad.
God bless u
Rest in Peace.

Yasmin came here, captured the world's best traits and housed them all in one vessel. She did a great number of things that few people have the courage to discuss and the strength to accomplish. My life is far better for having known her.
Curt Detweiler, USA

Yasmin was truly one of the giants of Asian advertising. She showed the world Asians could do it, and not just do it but do it superbly and impeccably. She was also a very distinguished alumnus of Ogilvy & Mather.

We extend our deepest sympathies.
Miles Young

There’s a Chinese saying, “Men will never shed tears easily”, which basically strives to exalt masculine resilience against all odds.

But what has always drawn me is the ironic phrase which follows, “Only because they haven’t come to the nadir of sadness yet”.

25 June 2009 was such a day.

Even prior to her passing on, Yasmin Ahmad’s work has always taken me to that point when all my masculinity is exposed as a mere façade.

There’s a certain sensitivity, realness and above all, sincerity that only she could accomplish and for me to succumb to.

A film like Sepet - which I love dearly - could never be done by anyone else because her inimitable sense of human interactions was simply one of a kind.

In a world obsessed by the latest and the coolest, Yasmin would forever remain enduring and refreshing for she knew how to touch a fellow human being such as yours truly.

May you rest in peace, Yasmin.
Ng Tian It

It is indeed a privilege to have been acquainted with Kak Min and also having the opportunity to work with her in all her international award-winning films. Kak Min was a talented and creative director and not to mention how understanding she was during working with her in the post production works of all her films. All of us in Gaya Lab enjoyed doing her films. Kak Min, we will miss you dearly. May you continue to shine a light on us from your rightful place among the pantheon of GODS.
Josephine Lew from Gayalab

I always remeber my ‘jendela’ moments with Yasmin when I was in LB. She is one of the most admired person that I have worked with.
Rest in peace yasmin. God Bless.
You Li

She inspired me with ‘One little Indian boy’. Since then I wanted to be an ad man. I dreamed of working with her, and I did.

She showed me what integrity is, what love is, what being a true Malaysian is, what it means being colour blind and how we can leave things to God.

I am grateful to have known Min and to share part of my life with her.

Miss you, Min- lover of love and life. You’re a diamond that shone on my life brightly, albeit briefly.
Eugene Yong

im proud n happy that i have got this life time to b inspire n enjoy her works….haha….she is my idol...
Leng Zhong


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