A Special Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad from all of us at Adoimagazine.com - In loving memory of an Ad legend, Internationally acclaimed film director and most of all as a friend.

Yasmin is a true patriot who so exquisitely communicated the true meaning of 1Malaysia way back before it became fashionable to do so.
Stephen Bong

I have kept this special sms from Kak Yasmin with me for 6 years.
I was apprehensive and intimidated of performing the Haj in 2003 when she sent me this message of strength: "If you were a shepherd with 10 lambs, one of which had strayed, would you not leave the nine that did not stray, in search of the one that did? And when you found the one that strayed, would you not, for that moment, love it more than the nine that didn't?"

I will keep this message in my heart forever.

Yasmin Ahmad was one of ‘the special people’. You always found yourself smiling around her.

Smart, thoughtful and always full of life; Yasmin inspired many people, myself among them.

We all feel shocked by her loss because no-one will ever be able to replace her.
Jureeporn Thaidumrong, Thailand

Engkau bagaikan permata,
Tetapi milik semua,
Wajahmu indah, hatimu mulia,
Kebijaksanaanmu luar biasa.

Senyum manismu jadi kenangan,
Kehebatanmu kami laung-laungkan,
Hasil kerjamu menjadi kehormatan,
Yasmin Ahmad, kau… tiada tandingan.
Pat Wahid

I did not know Yasmin personally nor professionally. Then why is it that no matter how many times I see one of her ads, my eyes go wet? Yasmin touched many more hearts than she ever possibly ever intended to.
Abhijeet Dutta Ray
Lowe Thailand

How can one person make you laugh, cry, angry, envious, question, wonder, think – all in 60 seconds?

How can this country be lucky enough to ever have another Yasmin?
Ronald Ng

Unlike most people writing these tributes, I only happened to meet Yasmin once for brief ten minutes or so.

Apart from that charming encounter, I could only get to know her through her work.

She was insightful and gifted, real and brave. She created some of the most magical moments in Malaysian storytelling.

Her early passing is a tragic loss not just for the advertising industry but for the country.
Daniel Comar

Whenever I see Yasmin's work it reminds me about the positive influence our profession can create on human relationships.

Yasmin depicted great championship of human relations in her work and inspired a whole lot of creative people to do the same.

God bless her soul.
Abhay Kapoor, Indonesia

What a creative force she was and what unbelievable loss this is to our fratenity. When we first met, it was at an award function in KL, I didn't know her then but within half an hour she told me she wanted me to see some chinese films she really admired. Two weeks later in Bombay when I actually received a parcel of six chinese films from her, I realised how passionate she was about cinema and how honest and kind a friend.
Prasoon Pandey, India

Thanks Yasmin. You've open our eyes, our minds and our hearts.
Sa'ad Hussein

In that one moment you were with us, and the thousands you have touched, I am still amazed by the hundreds of conversations taking place on Twitterfall, the activity in Facebook, the immense traffic we've had in adoimagazine.com (besides crashing our server twice in a day), once again you show us how massive you've been in our lives.

You have given us a gift of looking at the world through your eyes and have engraved your magic into our memories forever.

Yasmin Ahmad is extraordinary because she taught us to see beyond race and creed. Her unassailable insights into humanity and artistry of her craft makes her a legend of our time. She leaves a void in the creative world, and it is my hope that young talents will be inspired by her very spirit of inclusiveness in making us better people. She will be deeply missed.
Datuk Vincent Lee

We all honour her for the way she brought us messages of racial harmony, humility and most of all reminded us of our humanity in her work and her life. Let us not just honour her with mere words but live our lives embracing what she stood for.

Let her live on in all of us and this world will be a much better place.
Ng Heok Seong

Antara perkara yang saya idamkan dan tak kesampaian serta rasa kesal di dalam karier saya yang hampir 20 tahun ini adalah tidak berpeluang bekerja sama dengannya. 

Semangat dan kreativiti kerjanya tinggi sekali dan boleh dikatakan beliau ada ‘style’ lantas hasilnya menjadi rujukan tanda aras untuk setiap karyawan kreatif di dalam industri pengiklanan dan juga perfileman negara tidak kurang juga di persada antarabangsa.

Yasmin Ahmad adalah manusia kreatif yang tiada duanya. Alfatihah. Amin.
Nizam Rahmat

Yasmin has a special way of getting someone to share more than they are comfortable with. I got to know her during the regional Leo Burnett creative meetings. She would openly share about her interesting life stories, which touched my heart. Since she shared so freely, I began to share openly too. I can still remember spending hours in the night sitting by the hotel lobby talking about everything under the sun with her.To me she is more than just a film director or a writer or a brilliant creative. She is someone who was genuinely interested in another human being.

Thank you Yasmin, for your kind words of wisdom and encouragement. I will miss you dearly.
Tay Guan Hin, Singapore

What was it about Yasmin that has stirred so much emotion? Was it her smile? Her creative talent? Her story telling? Her international acclaim? For me it was simple. Her heart which shone through everything and determination to do what's right and to hell with whatever anyone thought. Love your forever Yasmin.
Dato' Tony Fernandes

Shortly after leaving KL, I went to see you at the 2003 Turin Film Festival. With Rabun being embraced by difficult audiences, it was a privilege sharing your joy and exuberance. That was the last time I saw you. I will miss you Yasmin. Now we'll have to make do with less light.
Cary Rueda
formerly from Y & R Malaysia,
now living in London

We met almost 20 years ago and instantly became friends. She is special. Born special. World class. Courageous. Incorruptible. The stuff legends are made of. I guess I am fortunate to have met and befriended a legend.

A beacon of hope gone too soon. RIP.
Leslie Jeyam

Yasmin changed her industry, changed her country and changed our lives.

She had the unique ability to capture the human truths on which the best of our industry has always been built.

And she had the character and charisma to create so much joy, that none of us who ever met her will ever forget her.

Sleep well, Yasmin, safe in the knowledge that your love, joy and inspiration live deep within us all.
Chris Jaques

She left us too young and too soon, but God has better plans for her.

I will remember Yasmin Ahmad for her humility, her compassion, her patriotism, her charisma and her brilliant mind. My deepest condolences to her parents, husband and family.
Al Fatihah.
Siti Norbaya Abdul Manaf

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