A Special Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad from all of us at Adoimagazine.com - In loving memory of an Ad legend, Internationally acclaimed film director and most of all as a friend.

Yasmin is very special. Despite her success, her feet are firmly planted on the ground, spreading love, laughter and joy to all around her. From the young and old to people from all walks of life, regardless of race, colour and status. Her work in advertising constantly reminds us what it means to be Malaysian – who we are, where we came from, and the values that make us so special. In our ad industry where selling out, and giving excuses for not being able to do more is the norm, Yasmin stands out as a rare exception. She has always given her best and more. She will never leave us and will always be the inspiration for the honest creative talents in the region.

Yasmin comes once in a lifetime. There will be no replacement that will come close to her. However, to those who have worked with her and those who have been inspired by her midas touch, let’s continue her dreams and aspirations to make us better Malaysians living together with lots of love to be shared, caring for one another and to build our country to be the best in every aspect we want it to be. We love you Yasmin. May you rest in peace and we will remember you as the best there ever was.
Dato’ Sri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan

She was a lovely person: warm, generous and kind. And she was a good friend. I will miss here dearly.
Graham Kelly, Bali

It’s a huge loss. God bless here soul; such talent are rare in the world.
Prasoon Joshi, India

You will be sorely missed Yasmin. I hope we can all be inspired by your life and work to live in harmony without small-minded prejudices through what you’ve shown us in your words and actions.
Reggie Lee

Yasmin was synonymous with creativity and great talent. We will miss her. May Allah bless her.
Datuk A Kadir Jasin

In the words of Obama, “the future is our not to predict but to create”. Yasmin was a creator, had got down to the grind, silently created borderless and powerful messages in the simplest of forms through her creative word amidst all the impediments.

She was a ‘colour blind’ human being who touched many live; without many knowing. A true genius ahead of her time. Her passing is a colossal loss to the nation.
Dato’ Syed Faisal Albar

For anyone like me, who was either fortunate enough to meet you, learn from you, work with you, or simply share a laugh and a drink with you, you will be sadly missed...The world was a far better place with a wonderful person like you in it Yasmin...
Gary Caulfield, Indonesia

Malaysian and the whole Asian creative fraternity have lost a fantastic story teller. She will be sorely missed.
Greg Danker, Singapore

She scaled and stood on the shoulders of many giants across many creative and cultural peaks and divides. Now that she is no more, we find ourselves standing on another.

Yasmin will always be inspiring to the creative circle in this region. Her warm smiles will be difficult to forget.
Gunawan Alif, Indonesia

She is an ambassador of unity. An individual with amazing foresight who; work has bridged all the races in the country. Great loss to the nation and the creative world.
Chandran Ravi

Kak Min showed us that you could us your creative talents not just to make brands famous but to also pull down racism barriers, build love for one another and make the world a better place.
Edward Ong, Singapore

Yasmin you were nothing short of an inspiration to all of us. You will forever live on and be cherished for your work and contributions to the industry. God bless.
John Teoh

I was in Vietnam last Thursday and was sharing her great Petronas TVCs with my Vietnamese colleagues and many got emotional and shed tears. Sadly, those tears happened to be our farewell tears for her…
Bharat Avalani

Yasmin you’re a legend who will be missed dearly. You have been a great inspiration to all those in the advertising industry and all Malaysians. All your ads and movies have touched us and I’m sure will continue to do so. May you rest in peace.
Harish Subramaniam

A truly world-class creative icon who inspire my career in advertising and film making. Indonesia weeps for you. May you rest in peace.
Fadjar Rusli, Indonesia

Her passing is not the end but only the passing of roles of what we must do to change. Her life was the beginning of a story that she wanted all Malaysians to continue. May she the fruits of her labour from way up in heaven. Rest in peace Kak Yas.
Kelvin Long

I had the pleasure of meeting Yasmin some years back at our Creative Circle Awards judging. She came across as unpretentious and down-to-earth. What impressed me most was her interest and concern for the human race to co-exist and live in harmony as one, irrespective of race, language or religion. The Almighty will take care of her.
Anthony Kang, Singapore

You left too soon, but your legacy will live on…
Freddie Yeo, Singapore



The news about Yasmin is tragic. What little I knew of her, I am sure her passing is a terrible loss for all of us in the industry.
Bob Scarpelli, USA

Yasmin was a truly wonderful person. So talented, so genuine. She had so much more to give.
Mark Waites, London

Yasmin – simple, talented and sincere.
Ali Mohamed

I met Yasmin only twice in my life. Yet why do I feel an ache and an emptiness to know that I will not share her mind and conversation again? Her presence was such that I would very much like to meet her again in the after life.
Ram Madhvani, India

Someone once told me, when you lose someone you love, you gain an angel. Now I know someone is watching over me. Not only the entertainment industry has lost a remarkable lady, but the nation is grieving as well. Nobody will ever be able to replace such an incredible soul. Mom, you will always be missed. We at Chilli Pepper films love you!

Admittedly, I was one of the many creatives who tried dong ads like the Petronas commercials. But I failed.

Later on, I was lucky enough to work on the award-winning British India account. But I didn’t win jack shit.

Thank you Yasmin, for making me try harder. You will always be my inspiration.
Mun Tuck Wai

One of the warmest and nicest persons I have ever known.
Rajesh Nair

Yasmin has redefined the true meaning of racial integration and harmony through all her work. We have lost a national asset.
Darren Choy

Nine years ago, I was a newly arrived foreigner in Leo Burnett who knew nobody in KL, and nothing about Malaysia. She didn’t have to, but Min sought me out and pointed me in the right direction in that gentle and opinionated manner of hers!
Paul Corrigan

‘AKA!’ was an outpouring of genuine love who lifted peoples’ spirits. I was her Muniandy for reasons only known to her. She had unshakeable faith in God and I personally believe she intentionally left behind a beautiful legacy and memory that would transcend her passing. She wanted people to understand themselves through compassion, love and respect or one another.

Brilliant, Charming, Witty. Meeting and working with Yasmin in my early days at O&M was my Welcome to Malaysia gift. What a joy it has been to see her star shine brighter and brighter every year. She has been taken from us far too soon, but her legacy remains.

Shine on Yasmin!
Kurt Crocker

She is the Best of the Best! The indisputable icon of bravery, compassion, creativity and humanity.
Margaret Auyong

Rest in peace… our dear Yasmin Ahmad.
Norman Tan, Shanghai

Yasmin Ahmad was(I’m finding it so difficult to speak of her in the past tense!) a legend. In an industry filled with so many creative people, Yasmin stood out with her passion, drive, compassion, clarity, sincerity and simplicity. She constantly and consistently touched the hearts and fired the emotions of every Malaysian to think like human beings. Yasmin is the embodiment of a true Malaysian. May her soul rest in peace.
Edward Stanislaus

Yasmin was more than my boss, creative director, colleague and friend. She was and will always be my lighthouse of storytelling. The stories she weave always inspire me. I will miss her.
Gary Read

She was brave and daring with her work. She was our moral compass.
Florence Loh

Yasmin was bright, funny and honest.

Perhaps one of the most honest people in a sometimes less than honest business.

We judged a number of shows together both regionally and in KL. She always had a clear point of view and more often than not she had some great work in the show as well.

It was a real shock to hear she died and a genuine loss all of us working in Asia's advertising industry.
David Guerrero, Manila

It is so hard to believe Yasmin is no more.
Lakshmi Mohan

Her contributions to the ad industry were overwhelming. May her soul rest in peace.
Gunadi Sugiharso, Indonesia

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