A Special Tribute to Yasmin Ahmad from all of us at Adoimagazine.com - In loving memory of an Ad legend, Internationally acclaimed film director and most of all as a friend.
Requiem for a Dream

Just when you think you’ve seen her best work, along comes another, each one outshining the last. She just kept climbing levels of excellence, and for the longest time she wasn’t reaching for the stars anymore, she was creating new ones. And because she just floated higher and higher, she was bound to reach heaven before we even realized what was happening. Now that she’s physically gone, we, mere mortals, find ourselves asking each other, was she for real or was she just a dream?


Caption: Yasmin as poetry reader at the launch of Julie P. Lingan’s Steal Me a Paradise at Kinokuniya, December 2002. Here she is with Julie and fellow readers Paul John Lingan and Cary Rueda.

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