TheIndependent: Claire Beale on Advertising: BBH’s hot-toddy for ailing Johnnie Walker

11 November 2008

Johnnie wasn’t well. Really, quite yellow. He was old, but this is one business where age is quality. Still, after 180 years he was going downhill pretty fast and the prognosis was bad.

A decade ago Johnnie Walker was on the critical list. The world’s biggest-selling whisky brand was losing market share and confidence. Then he got an advertising makeover. It was so successful, last week he became poster boy for the power of advertising to revive a business.

Johnnie Walker has scooped the top gong at the advertising industry’s Effectiveness Awards and catapulted the transformational potency of advertising into the headlines. As adland hurtles towards recession, it needs headlines like this; stories like Johnnie Walker’s could be advertising’s restorative.

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