Sun2Surf: The One Academy graduate gets international recognition

06 November 2008
Eleven students from The One Academy pitted against competitors from around the world in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2008, up to the semi-finals. One of them received Honourable Mention with his striking intricately designed Golden Temptation Durian Chewy Candy (traditional version) artwork under the Packaging category.

The Adobe Design Achievement Awards celebrates creative works by students using the Adobe creative software. The annual event honours talent in graphic design, photography, illustration, animation; digital filmmakers, developers and computer artists from the world’s top institutions of higher education.

Foo Peng Cheong, a 22-year-old young graduate in advertising design who received Honourable Mention was probably the only Malaysian participant who had made it this far in the competition.

"Golden Temptation Durian Chewy Candy Packaging was targeted at tourists who visited Malaysia during ‘Visit Malaysia Year 2007’," said Foo, describing his entry as more nostalgia-based and traditional.

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