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Traveloka adds warmth to CNY travel

Ensemble film evokes wanderlust and pulls heartstrings with ‘Wander with Wonder’

Ensemble Worldwide, IPG Mediabrands Malaysia’s creative agency has teamed up with Traveloka on a heart-warming video, ‘Wander with Wonder’, for Chinese New Year.

The film follows a young mother making an honest living as a taxi driver while raising her young son.

Despite all the challenges thrown at her, she keeps a spark of wanderlust and shows her son the excitement that the world has to offer.

“We all fell in love with the idea of wanderlust and family, and started scripting almost immediately, drawing inspiration from our own lives,” said Executive Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide, Chan Woei Hern.

“There is that touch of love put into the film from all involved, including the clients, director and composer of the tune. And you can feel it move and draw you in the moment you set eyes on the piece,” added Woei Hern.

The campaign is currently running in Malaysia with the tagline “This Chinese New Year, we would love for you to wander the world with someone who means the world to you.”

Halif Hamzah, Traveloka’s Country Manager for Malaysia and Singapore said, “the idea of being able to ‘explore the world with someone who means the world to you’ really resonated with us. Although we promote beautiful destinations and offer great hotel and flight deals, we also genuinely believe that the journey and company one keeps when travelling matters just as much to our audience.”

View Traveloka’s Chinese New Year Film 2018 here.


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