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PHD Malaysia’s winning streak – Property Guru, Resorts World Sentosa

Eileen Ooi, Managing Director PHD Malaysia shares agency success

PHD Malaysia, the global communications agency recently walked away with four new businesses amounting close to US$7million. The four businesses are  Property Guru, Amore Pacific, Ikano Power Center and Resorts World Sentosa.

Eileen Ooi, Managing Director, PHD Malaysia

MARKETING magazine spoke to Eileen Ooi, Managing Director of PHD Malaysia on this success.

“PHD Malaysia’s 2017 focus was to cement transformational building blocks to set us to be a future-facing agency. This is grounded behind 3 fundamental pillars, our product, our talents and our thought leadership. Results have been great, we’ve picked up four new businesses,” said Eileen Ooi.

When asked what were PHD Malaysia’s plans, Eileen spoke on how automation is a big agenda for PHD, as they look to further improve efficiency and agility in ways of working.

“The world no longer works based on past weeks or past days, it’s by the hour and by the minute and communication planning needs to be dynamic to address the change in consumer behavior. To do so, we need to embrace technology, data on the fly, automation and the power of Artificial Intelligence in our agency operating model,” said Ooi.

“PHD is investing in these fronts; our communication planning cloud-based tool – SOURCE elevates planning to do just that. SOURCE pipes in various data points and is hosted in the cloud with every PHD person connected to it be it on our desktop or on our mobile. Media planning on SOURCE is not only just about reach, but today we optimize against revenue curves powered by thousands of models in the backend. We are driving the same conversation with our clients to further elevate data-driven marketing, technology-led creatives and dynamic media planning all with a single goal in mind to drive transformational business results,” added Ooi further.



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