El-Hamawi CEO of SMG Malaysia

(Marketingmagazine.com.my) - Starcom MediaVest Group has promoted Ahmad El Hamawi to CEO, SMG and VivaKi Malaysia, with immediate effect. He reports to Jeffery Seah, Country Chair VivaKi SEA, Chairperson of SMG Asia Digital Leadership Team & CEO SMG Southeast Asia.
El Hamawi previously served as Regional Client Managing Director, SMG, South Africa. He oversaw the media business communication business for Samsung across 45 African markets, where he elevated communications planning, drove media innovation and digital integration across all campaigns.
With 14 years of industry experience under his belt, El Hamawi is recognised for his organizational turnaround and regional operational acumen that boosted the agency’s market position and growth in stiff emerging markets across GCC and Africa.
El Hamawi has been the key driving force of growth for VivaKi, the largest communication group in MENA, with his development of award-winning communication proposals that contributed to a span of regional media assignment wins.
 “At SMG, we strive to use talent mobility as a mechanism for engagement, retention, development and career management. Liquid Talent is a priority as we invest in keeping our workforce engaged and committed, providing our talent with meaningful human experiences. We look forward to Ahmad’s leadership in the Malaysia market,” said Jeffrey Seah, Country Chair VivaKi SEA and Chairperson of SMG Asia Digital Leadership Team & CEO SMG Southeast Asia.
“SMG in Malaysia is an emerging market brand that has moved from the backstage to the center stage. The velocity in which it happened was the way it mirrored its objective, strategy and achievement around SMG’s Global vision - the human experience company where experiences matter as they touch hearts, enhances lives, build brands - consuming the hearts, minds and souls of consumers. I am thrilled to be part of the Malaysian network,” said El Hamawi.
He will be relocating from South Africa to Malaysia.


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