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INTI: Just go home for Chinese New Year

In conjunction with Chinese New Year, INTI International University & College has released a video with just the right amount of comedy and heart-warming messages of love and the importance of coming home to family.

Timothy worked with INTI alumnus and founder of the Salad Show Productions, Jiven Sekar, who wrote and directed the short video.

The plot starts off with the well-known name, Bruce Lee who is standing outside INTI’s Subang campus, who is set to meet the one man that can change his life. The plot unravels between Bruce and his landlady, Aunty Geena and Bruce’s quest to bring back her workaholic son, Jackie Chan for Chinese New Year.

Here is the video:

“The Chinese New Year celebration, at its very core, revolves around family and togetherness. Regardless of how hectic work can get, family comes first and I believe we have been able to encapsulate this message in this video while keeping our usual element of fun and humor which resonates best with our young audience,” said Timothy Johnson, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Products & Partnerships at INTI International University & Colleges.

Johnson further gushed saying “INTI is proud to have such talented alumni who have become successful in their own rights and we are always excited to see the great ideas enfold through our collaborations,” Timothy gushed.

The 25-year-old and his friend, Caleb Lim who is also an INTI alumnus and a long-time friend of Sekar’s, was pleased to have the space to explore various concepts beyond the celebratory aspects of Chinese New Year.

“We wanted to highlight a very important underlying message of family duties which we believe starts from paying attention to the needs of parents. Sometimes, parents just want their children to come home to spend time with them and maybe even help around the house a little,” joshed Jiven who loves producing humorous content while keeping the message meaningful and heartfelt.

Released on the evening of February 10th, 2018 the video is already attracting attention on social media with over 23000 views and 114 shares via its Facebook page.

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