26 February 2007
"London, February 23, 2007 (AdoiMagazine.com) -Why is it that Malaysia has been doing so well in the Won Report, an annual survey of the world's best direct marketing?"

Arc Malaysia Only Agency with Two Campaigns in Top 10

London, February 23, 2007—Why is it that Malaysia has been doing so well in the Won Report, an annual survey of the world’s best direct marketing?

In 2005, The Won Report (www.wonreport.com) ranked OgilvyOne Malaysia’s work for Guinness the top direct-marketing campaign in the world. In 2006, the Malaysia office of Arc Worldwide, the marketing services partner of Leo Burnett, was the only agency to have two campaigns in the Top Ten.

“Best of Both Worlds,” Arc Malaysia’s direct-mail campaign for Malaysian Airlines’ pilot- training academy, ranks the sixth best campaign in the world for 2006 and “Carbon”, a campaign to raise awareness about verbal abuse for Women’s Aid Organisation, ranks 10th.

This is an outstanding achievement for Tan KienEng, managing director of Leo Burnett/Arc Malaysia, who is acknowledged as Malaysia’s leading direct-marketing creative. He and his team have enabled the agency to soar to number eight in the agency rankings for best direct marketing worldwide and to number one in Asia. Meanwhile, Leo Burnett Malaysia ranked third in Asia.

In The Won Report’s overall ranking of countries with the best direct-marketing campaigns, Malaysia is number ten, outscoring larger markets such as France, the Netherlands and Japan.

Is there something in the water? Or do both agencies and clients in Malaysia understand that a better creative product invariably leads to better ROI?

“The work that Arc Malaysia has created on behalf of its clients doesn’t just win awards. It also drives response, which in turn grows business,” said Patrick Collister, author of The Won Report.““For instance, the additional attendees at Malaysian Airlines’ flight school prompted by Arc’s campaign were worth RM 642,000.”

Direct marketing is growing because it works. And because it works measurably.

The Won Report exists to help create a sense of community among direct marketers around the globe and to encourage higher standards of creativity. Collister, former executive creative director of Ogilvy & Mather, London, and subsequently of EHS Brann, the direct marketing agency, is founder and publisher of The Won Report Campaigns are awarded points for every award they win. Cannes, the ECHOs and the Caples are recognised as being the leading awards shows. A second tier of semi-global shows includes The One Show, D&AD, LIAA and the New York Festivals, among others. A third tier comprises regional shows such as Adfest. The bottom tier comprises national shows.

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