03 November 2008
Synovate recently revealed the annual Malaysia results from its long-running Pan Asia Pacific Cross Media Survey (Synovate PAX) for 2008.
Synovate recently revealed the annual Malaysia results from its long-running Pan Asia Pacific Cross Media Survey (Synovate PAX) for 2008.

The Synovate PAX survey tracks affluent Asians across 11 markets in Asia Pacific - Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Australia and Japan.

The survey is a comprehensive guide for Asia’s media owners, agencies and marketers to understand affluent Asians, typically the top 20 percent of society based on monthly household income. Synovate PAX answers key questions such as:

• Which media are affluent Malaysian residents reading and watching?
• Which personal and household items do elite Malaysians currently own?
• Which products do they intend to purchase?
• What are the lifestyle choices of wealthy Malaysians?

About media consumption and digital habits among Malaysia’s digital savvy

• 82% read local paid newspapers, third highest in the region after Bangkok (84%) and Singapore (83%) while over a quarter read news or business magazines
• After movies (74%), the TV programmes watched most regularly are news and business (73%) followed by travel and lifestyle programmes (66%)
• Friendster is the most popular social networking site with 54% using it in the past 30 days followed by Facebook at 32% and Windows Live Spaces (MSN Spaces) at 29%

About household and personal ownership of quality items in Malaysia

• 57% own a laptop computer (the highest in the region)
• 53% of affluent Malaysians own a mobile phone with internet access and camera functions
• 27% have LCD or Plasma TVs in their homes
• 12% own a hybrid mobile phone, such as PDA

About travel and Malaysia’s affluent

• 21% of Malaysia’s affluent have taken one or more business trips
• 8% have been on five or more business trips, the highest in the region
• 33% have enjoyed 1 leisure trip in the past 12 months, up 3%

About Malaysian attitudes – Good news for advertisers and high-end retailers

Respondents were asked if they agree with a variety of statements. The results for those saying they agree or agree very much with the statements are:

• 67% of elite Malaysians believe that paying extra for quality is worthwhile
• 30% have a greater trust in products they have seen advertised
• 66% agree that adverts are a good way to learn about new products and services
• Close to half (49%) of wealthy Malaysians agreed that it was important to them to have the most modern appliances in their homes
• 44% find shopping to be a fun-filled activity while over half of well-off Malaysians like to treat themselves to something special even though it is expensive
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