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KUALA LUMPUR - Petronas has not shortlisted its incumbent agency Leo Burnett for the creative account for its lubricant business.

Dentsu, Creative Juice and M&C Saatchi have made the cut. Ten agencies in total submitted credentials.

The agency has until now been handling three categories of Petronas business, including domestic corporate, motor sports and lubricants.
NEW YORK - A prominent US newspaper investor, and the largest investor in USA Today publisher Gannett, has said that the future for newspapers is brighter than many have predicted and that advertisers will return to print.

John Rogers, CEO of Ariel Investments in Chicago made his comments to Bloomberg after Miami Herald publisher McClatchy and Gannett recently posted better than expected results.

He said he expects Gannett and McClatchy, in which his firm is the second largest shareholder, and other news groups to beat analysts' expectations for the next five to six quarters as declines in advertising revenues level off and the heavy cost cutting made by the newspaper industry begins to show results.
As the indisputable leader of MMORPG, World of Warcraft has been a 4-year online sensation attracting tens of millions of players worldwide, of which a large percent are addicted youth.

Jia Junpeng (or Junpeng Jia), an ordinary Chinese boy who seemed to be an addicted WoW player, whoever he actually is or whether it’s totally made up, has become known by the entire China Internet from an unknown quantity in just 30 hours, all because of a random nonsense thread posted at post.baidu.com.
SLOUGH, UK: Reckitt Benckiser, the household goods giant, posted a double-digit improvement in its revenue and profit levels over the first half of this year, and also boosted its marketing expenditure during this period.

The company registered a 23% increase in revenues, to £3.78 billion ($6.19bn; €4.41bn), from January to June – although this figure fell to 8% when exchange rate fluctuations were stripped out – while pre-tax earnings were up by 40%, to £816m.

Europe, its biggest market, delivered 2% more sales than the same period a year ago, with North America and Australia also expanding by 7%, and its operations in developing markets by 19%.
You wouldn’t want that.
While everyone seems to be cowering in fear because of recession, this chocolate brand defied gravitational pull of business pessimism – prompting Ad Age to headline recently: “Boost in Ad Spending Pays Off for America’s Chocolate Favorite.”
After an encouraging Q1 where AXN achieved good ratings results with chart-topper shows like The Beast and Leverage, the channel continued its good run in Q2 with glowing viewership results, cementing its position as the top cable channel in Malaysia.
For all intents and purpose, Yasmin Ahmad was an accidental celebrity. She never set out to be one, nor did she crave fame or fortune. The work she did - advertisements, commercials, movies - was drawn from her own experiences and from her heart.
LONDON - BMW has quit F1 motor racing after ten years' participation, blaming not just its Petronas-sponsored team's poor performance but highlighting the conflict between its involvement in the sport and its desire to associate its brand with "environmental sustainability".

The news broke at an emergency press conference hosted this morning by the German car manufacturer. The conference was led by BMW's top management, including chairman of the BMW board, Dr Norbert Reithofer; Dr Klaus Draeger, a board member responsible for development; and motorsport director Mario Theissen.

Reithofer said at the conference: "Of course, this was a difficult decision for us. But it's a resolute step in view of our company's strategic realignment.

"Premium will increasingly be defined in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility. This is an area in which we want to remain in the lead.

"In line with our Strategy Number One, we are continually reviewing all projects and initiatives to check them for future viability and sustainability. Our Formula 1 campaign is thus less a key promoter for us.

Petronas, the Malaysian oil and gas company, is the team's headline sponsor but its partner line-up includes Credit Suisse and Intel.
BBDO/Proximity Singapore appoints Bridget Taylor as Creative Director and Brad Wilson as Senior Art Director.
MSC Malaysia Status company Kreateevee Sdn Bhd today launched its latest product offering, an interactive multi-touch table.



Yasmin Ahmad — daughter, wife, sister, aunt, friend, mentor, mother, human being. FATIMAH ABU BAKAR celebrates her spirit and her magic.

YASMIN Ahmad came into our lives with a phone call. “Assalamualaikum, my name is Yasmin Ahmad and I’m working on a film. Would you allow your daughter to be in it?”

Of course, we knew that name was responsible for the incredibly clever and touching commercials she had directed.
NEW YORK: Global consumer confidence levels have improved over the last three months, with India, Indonesia and China among the nations where optimism is at its highest, new figures from The Nielsen Company show.

Based on a survey of 14,029 consumers in 28 countries, the average index score across Nielsen's Global Consumer Confidence Index rose from 77 points in March this year to 82 points in June.

Indonesia posted the highest overall score, of 113 points, closely followed by India, on 112, with both countries having registered double-digit upticks on this measure compared with the previous poll.

The Philippines was in third place, on 108, followed by Brazil, Australia, China and the United Arab Emirates, all of which produced totals in the early-to-mid-90s.
FILMMAKER Ho Yuhang shares his thoughts about Yasmin:

She told me this story. She was in her favourite country, India, for a meeting. One evening she was in the car and a bunch of kids banged the window begging for money. The chauffeur told her to ignore them. She couldn’t bear it so she asked the chauffeur to stop. He was annoyed and said this happened all the time and she should just ignore them.

She pleaded and said she wouldn’t give them any money, but instead she could buy them something they needed. She made the chauffeur take her to buy food nearby. The kids followed, sensing that she was not abandoning them. When the food was ready she said, okay now go fill your stomachs, I’m leaving. The kids took everything and left joyously. The chauffeur just shook his head and drove off. She looked out the window, tracing the kids that became smaller in the distance. They went to a rubbish dump, threw all the food, and then continued to run and scream happily.
A group of fans put their hearts together to encapsulate the work of our dear departed Yasmin Ahmad.

A group of fans put their hearts together to encapsulate the work of our dear departed Yasmin Ahmad. View here:

A tribute to an Ad Legend, critically acclaimed film director and friend.

Links to Yasmin Ahmad's Tribute Page >>

Pulse Group PLC will once again be painting the town ‘GREEN’ with the Research Industry’s coolest party next month. The online research specialists will be throwing a by-invitation-only grand bash to celebrate their continued growth, and thank their valued clients and partners.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians from all walks of life have chosen to grieve in their own way over the death of filmmaker Yasmin Ahmad.

A graphic designer and street artist who only wanted to be known as Jeng decided to share his feelings with the world in the form of a mural as tribute to the award-winning film director.

“The mural is my personal tribute to Yasmin. I do not know her personally but I have been following her work since Sepet,” he said, adding that he has watched the film seven times.
One of my favourite filmmakers, the talented indie film genius Yasmin Ahmad, has passed on.

Her films were often controversial and like so many geniuses throughout history, she endured censure from many quarters for daring to speak her mind; still others saw her genius and showered international praise on her work for being ahead of its time.

Her films have been screened and praised at film festivals all across the world: Cannes, Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore, Tokyo, the Créteil International Women's Film Festival ; you name it, she's been there. And been applauded. And been told her work is visionary.
Dear folks, there seems no end to the bad news and this was one of the worse and saddest. What a shock to all who loved her films and her ads for Petronas.

I have known Yasmin a long time, at least 20 years. I wouldn't say we were friends but we knew each other and certainly have many friends in common. Occasionally we have had disagreements but talent is talent and there is no doubt that Yasmin had oodles of that. Even though some said she could be too soppy, she did have a way of capturing the right note to touch our hearts.
As many of you will know by now, Yasmin Ahmad, ECD at Leo Burnett Malaysia, passed away at the weekend following a stroke last week. Very sad news.

In her honour, we thought we’d scour YouTube and dig out a few of her best ads, showcasing her ability to tell genuinely moving stories. We need your suggestions too.

First up, two Singaporean spots, both for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports. First, the acclaimed ‘Funeral’ spot from earlier this year. This was described in Media as “funny, surprising and emotionally provocative”, and also as “simply brilliant”. It manages the rare feat of being both genuinely moving and funny.
“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.” - Claude Monet

That was one of Yasmin Ahmad’s favourite quotes.

And it was also the most apt description of the life of the writer and director, when it boiled down to her life as we know it.

Having established a friendship with Yasmin after interviewing her for her second full-length feature film, Sepet, sometime in 2005, the bubbly character, known affectionately as Kak Min, we have been in regular contact.

Late night calls or text messages to discuss her latest work, the latest headline or even more personal updates were the norm.
Yasmin Ahmad (July 1, 1958 – July 25, 2009) was a critically-acclaimed multi-award winning film director, writer and scriptwriter from Malaysia and was also the executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur.

Her television commercials and films are well-known in Malaysia for their humour, heart and love that crosses cross-cultural barriers, in particular her ads for Petronas, the national oil and gas company. Her works have won multiple awards both within Malaysia and internationally.
Award-winning director Yasmin Ahmad did a non-commercial advertisement entitled “Tan Hong Ming In Love” two years ago.

The advertisement was filmed in a primary school and the camera focused on a primary school boy named Tan Hong Ming.

The interviewer asked the boy: “Who do you like the most?”

Tan replied: “Umi, Umi Qazrina.”

“Why do you like her?”
Today I wanna pay tribute to the late Yasmin Ahmad, a highly acclaimed and award-winning film director who passed away last Saturday. Yasmin had directed many award-winning TV commercials for Petronas and that is why I have featured a black & white shot of Petronas Twin Towers for today's
The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) said in a recent press statement that it is deeply saddened by the sudden demise of acclaimed Director, Yasmin Ahmad, at Damansara Specialist Hospital in Kuala Lumpur at 11.25pm on Saturday 25 July 2009.

The award-winning film director Yasmin Ahmad died from massive bleeding in the brain after undergoing surgery following her collapse at the Indonesian broadcasting TV3 headquarters, Seri Pentas, on Thursday.

The late Yasmin Ahmad was best known for the movies she directed between 2003 and 2008, which delved into issues such as religion, parental abandonment and inter-racial relationships.
Asia Media’s CEO, Dato’ Ricky Wong has been honoured with the prestigious 8th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2009 under the category of Excellence Leadership.
Here are tributes to Yasmin Ahmad from her fans, friends, fellow industry colleagues from all over the globe.
McCann Erickson Singapore’s “Raffles Place Ghost” campaign (developed for recruitment firm, GMP) took home the first ever Grand Prix at Effies Singapore Awards last week.
CHANTILLY: Mobile search adspend in Western Europe will reach €2.3 billion ($3.3bn; £2.0bn) in 2013, compared with €39 million in 2008, with the uptake of devices like the iPhone one of the main reasons the region will outperform the US on this measure, the Kelsey Group says.

According to the consultancy, mobile search will register a compound annual growth rate of 125.4% over the period to 2013, with mobile display growing from €14m to €1.1bn at the same time, an uptick of 138.3% a year.

Earlier this year, Kelsey predicted US mobile search spending will rise from $39m to $2.3bn in the five years to 2013, with display also expanding from $21m to $567m.
LONDON - Twitter has launched a beginner's guide for clueless brands and marketers called Twitter 101, a step-by-step guide intended to attract businesses which are still unsure about the micro blogging service's benefits.

Twitter 101, under a new business subdomain on the main website, proposes to demonstrate how customers and corporations alike are getting value out of the microblogging website.

The guide has been prepared in six sections with names such as "What is Twitter?" and "Learn the Lingo".

A wide range of case studies are available from brands which have successfully integrated Twitter into their marketing.
THE organisers of AdAsia 2009 have lowered the conference registration fee to US$750 (RM2,670) from US$1,000 to reduce the financial burden on marketing and advertising practitioners in the tough economic environment.

AdAsia is the biennial gathering of the region’s advertising community, where delegates from the Asian Federation of Advertising Association’s 16 member countries — including Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore — get insights from industry veterans.

At a press conference on Tuesday, AdAsia 2009 organising chairman Peter Das also announced the list of conference speakers.
I have just returned from Yasmin Ahmad's burial at the Muslim Burial ground in Puchong Section 13. She passed away last night around 11.30pm after a stroke and was laid to rest at 12.40pm today. Earlier, the family held solat jenazah at Masjid Abu Bakar As-Siddiq in SS19, after which, the public was allowed to pay their last respects to Yasmin. The hearse has left the house for the mosque at 9.30am
Philippines telecom company Globe Telecom is making landlines obsolete in a new television commercial for its Globe Duo service.

Created by McCann-Erickson’s subsidiary Harrison Communications, the advertisement portrays depressed fixed-line phones and mobiles running on a different, sub-standard network.
ADOI is bringing you live updates as they happen. Yasmin has left us. Yasmin Ahmad passed away here at about 11.25pm, Saturday 26th July 2009. It will never be the same again.

THE organisers of AdAsia 2009 have lowered the conference registration fee to US$750 (RM2,670) from US$1,000 to reduce the financial burden on marketing and advertising practitioners in the tough economic environment.

AdAsia is the biennial gathering of the region’s advertising community, where delegates from the Asian Federation of Advertising Association’s 16 member countries — including Japan, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore — get insights from industry veterans.

At a press conference on Tuesday, AdAsia 2009 organising chairman Peter Das also announced the list of conference speakers.

Ad legend and internationally acclaimed film director Yasmin Ahmad collapsed today during a presentation at TV3 in Seri Pentas. She was rushed to Intensive Care Unit of the Damansara Specialist Hospital. Doctors managed to revive her and it was learnt that Yasmin suffered a stroke.
After eight years of dedicated service, Yap Chee Weng, CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), Malaysia, today announced his decision to resign from his role, with aims to pursue other personal interests outside the industry. A veteran in the media business, Yap will be replaced by Ranganathan Somanathan, Vice President, Insights & Analytics, South & South East Asia. Ranga, who has been with SMG for the past seven years, will be based in Kuala Lumpur and reports directly to Jeffrey Seah, CEO, Southeast Asia.

MQTT is an IBM-developed protocol for real-time messaging that could become a keystone of the emerging Internet of Things. As the BBC explained recently, MQTT (which stands for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is "a platform-agnostic system which can connect almost any networked object to the wider world." MQTT is used as a messaging protocol for sensor and actuator solutions - for example in the house that twitters, which we covered earlier this week.

According to one of its creators, Andy Stanford-Clark from IBM, MQTT is "going to explode" in popularity this year and next year. The protocol has just turned 10 years old; indeed there was a party to celebrate in London this week. In this post we explain MQTT and look at a health care product that uses it.

DiGi.Com Berhad (DiGi) recorded RM2.4 billion revenue, a growth of 3% for the first half of 2009, driven by steady demand and a larger customer base of 7.2 million.

 After a three way pitch that included 303 Perth and BMF Sydney, Tourism Western Australia controversially announced today that Host, Sydney will be its new advertising agency.

Tourism WA executive director of marketing Stephanie Buckland said that Host was selected from a highly competitive field, based on their excellent submission and on a value for money assessment: "The rigorous two-stage tender process was designed to find the agency with the most outstanding and impactful marketing approach and the ability to deliver it within our budget," Mrs Buckland said.  
The controversial appointment of Host has been approved by the State Tender Review Committee, Tourism Western Australia's Strategic Marketing Committee and Tourism Western Australia's Board.
Mrs Buckland acknowledged incumbent agency Marketforce for their contributions to Tourism WA: "John Driscoll and his team have provided us with outstanding service during their time as our advertising agency and we thank them

Blackberry takes a shot at Apple!

Apple hits back!!!

UM, a unit of Mediabrands, the media arm of IPG, has released Wave 4, a global study that examines the global uptake and usage of social media platforms.  Wave 4 Power to the People study reveals that consumer-created content is becoming an ever more important part of digital media consumption and the desire to write, upload images and videos on social media shows no signs of abating. 

JAZ Beer has named Hongkong actress Gillian Chung as its brand ambassador.

Chung will be featured on its press ads and publicity materials beginning with its "Jaz It Up!" campaign launched recently.

Napex Marketing Sdn Bhd general manager Leong Yim Meng said the campaign to promote the beer which now sports a contemporary look and a smoother, more aromatic flavour, is set to cost more than RM1 million and will run till early next year.

"Jaz is an international quality beer, brewed from hops and other imported ingredients, using German technology. After a period of market trial, we now have a good finger on the pulse of Malaysian drinkers," he said.

ATLANTA: Coca-Cola, the US soft drinks giant, is looking to increase its activity on digital media, as it seeks to tap into changing consumer behaviour around the world, the company's president/ceo, Muhtar Kent, has said.

During the last quarter, Coca-Cola's profits rose to $2.0 billion (€1.4bn; £1.2bn) from $1.4bn in the same period a year earlier, largely due to double-digit sales growth in countries like India and China.

Speaking during a conference call, Kent argued that "while traditional marketing avenues will continue to play a critical role as a key medium to connect our brands with consumer passions, we are also shifting to more digital media."

All COI media buying roster agencies have been put on notice in preparation for the review.

Previously COI has split its six media-buying contracts across five agencies by medium. TV and cinema is handled by Carat, press by Mediacom, digital by i-Level, radio by Starcom and outdoor by Posterscope.
LONDON - Entrepreneur Steve Smith and his business partner John Price - better known as chair of the DMA's contact centre council - look set to become Dragons' Den most successful ever contestants.

The pair produce a call filtering device called trueCall and on the BBC2 show aired last week started a bidding war amongst the Dragons for a stake in the company of the same name.

Smith presented the device to the Dragons, with Peter Jones so keen that he offered £100,000 for just 12.5% equity – his lowest stake in the show’s seven-season history. He beat off bids from Duncan Bannatyne, Deborah Meaden, James Caan and Theo Paphitis.
Adrian S’ng has been appointed Business Unit Head at Naga DDB following the award-winning agency’s continuous search for talented and creative leaders in the industry.
REDMOND, Washington: Microsoft, the IT giant, has developed a new platform allowing advertisers to add "barcodes" to anything from marketing materials to computer games, and which direct consumers to specific websites when "scanned" using a mobile phone.

Since 2006, the company has modified its barcode system from being a tool through which to transfer information to a more interactive system that embraces emerging technology and user behaviour.

In its most recent form, the service means owners of web-enabled cellphones can "snap" a specifically-designed "tag" using the camera on their handset, at which point they are automatically connected to a campaign website on the mobile internet.
The movie “The Postman Always Rings Twice” was remade not twice, but four times. Which brings us to ask:  which one of the four do you like better and which one gave you much impact - the one that starred Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange, or the 1946 film noir version?
If you manage a luxury brand and your agency tells you to book a prime position in any Malaysian daily, ask the agency to justify the recommendation. If the agency starts talking about reach, awareness, cost per thousand and all the other mass economy metrics that are no longer relevant in the customer economy of today, show them the door.
20 July 2009
Enter a new CEO. Cut to staff layoffs in double quick time. Pan to panic in Silicon Valley.
Social networking is the rage, but when the world’s number 2, MySpace, starts sacking 30% of its staff, you have to wonder where everything is headed. Last month I talked about the decline of social networking, and almost as if on cue, Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace has sent the pink slips. So you must be wondering: if advertising is shot to pieces globally, but the internet is booming, why is MySpace downsizing?
20 July 2009
We can assume the pages of ADOI tell it like it is. They have become a forum for openness, frankness and criticism, not just by the news and stories penned by the magazine’s own calculating editors and writers, but countless articles from outside contributors in the advertising and marketing industry, such as the one you are reading now.

What got me writing again were the articles about the market research study initiated by Marketing magazine and TNS Malaysia. The research is said to reveal a number of weaknesses in the armour of advertising agencies.
All I hear about is what the value of Twitter is (hopefully) to investors. What is Twitter’s business model?  How will it make money? As a business person, I really don’t care about how much Twitter’s founders and investors will make (which is no doubt a heck of a lot more than I ever will). I care about my favorite radio station – WIFM – better known as What’s in It For Me?  And the two questions are not unrelated.  For Twitter to make money, it will almost certainly need a base of advertisers who want access to it’s audience.  There may be other revenue streams that the creative minds at Twitter will conceive over time, but at a minimum revenue from advertisers  – either CPM, CPC, CPA or CPL  – will almost certainly be part of the mix.  That advertising opportunity does not exist on today’s Twitter.  Yet, advertisers are trying to leverage Twitter now to increase sales.
20 July 2009
Selling is no easy business. Imagine selling water, a commodity freely available for many people. Now imagine selling it at a premium price. Read on to find out how the mythical story of Fiji Water’s has led to the success of its brand, which is no myth at all.

The business landscape in Asia will change rapidly in the coming years, where the opportunities for Asian companies to benefit from building global brands will be larger than ever before. The growing emphasis on branding will move up the boardroom agenda and branding will become one of the most prominent drivers of value in Asia Pacific in the next two decades. Branding is being discussed almost daily in Asian media and in multiple conferences and seminars.
20 July 2009
It took about sixty years before radio was usurped by MTV. Video Killed the Radio Star by the Buggles was the first video ever to air on MTV, twenty-eight years ago come this August 1st, if you can believe it. Perhaps it will only take fifteen for video to do the same to the Web site. There’s already been an exploratory move toward “video commerce” where people sit back, watch infomercials on their computers and then mouse over and or click on items of interest when they want to see more or purchase. Even Skittles has turned their “site” skittles.com into groups of content that live in the environments most familiar to visitors - ones that are ideal for each group  (e.g., flickr.com, twitter.com, facebook.com).
20 July 2009
People are attracted to the idea of working in companies with strong brands. That is why you often hear small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) complain that they have difficulty hiring the right people. All the top talent want to work for the big brands. It is not true that smaller companies cannot compete with the big boys for talent. You can, but you need to have a strong brand.

When my colleague Wilson was doing his MBA at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, he studied how the small companies in Scotland competed successfully for talent with the big brands. He and his team came to the conclusion that the brand played a big part. People are attracted not to big companies but to strong brands. The size of the company does not automatically mean it hires people more easily. The strength of the brand is what matters.
20 July 2009
Cannes Lions received 22,652 entries this year, marking a 19.9% drop versus a record breaking year in 2008. But the Cannes Lions remains the ultimate global awards to win with entries from 86 countries competing this year!

The 2009 Festival took place from 21st to 27th June and presented an impressive programme of seminars, workshops, master classes and exhibitions. New for 2009 is the launch of PR Lions, honouring the creative use of reputation management by the building and preservation of trust and understanding between individuals, businesses or organisations and their publics. Also new is the Young Lion Marketer Registration, for young professionals in the fields of marketing and communication working for marketing organisations and client companies.
Mobile advertising has arrived in Malaysia: Maxis, in partnership with Pudding Media, can target millions of users with an interactive and engaging mobile advertising medium.
18 July 2009
Hennessy, a name that falls from the lips of aristocrats since founded is rooted in strong French heritage. Today the single taste of Hennessy is enjoyed all around the world, especially by the elite class of yuppies. To bring the drink to life and closer to its younger fans, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is an annual event held in various cities around the world.
In 1961 JFK set a goal for the US to put a man on the moon within the decade. Apollo 11 fulfilled that dream on July 20, 1969. This site honors the trip using 2009 technology. For the next four days, until the shuttle lands on Monday afternoon, the site will host a complete recreation of the historic event in real time. Interactive from The Martin Agency / Richmond VA for The JFK Presidential Library.
On August 15, the Sunway Lagoon Resorts spins into a frenzy of MTV magic. Around 15,000 people are expected attend MTV World Stage which will feature performances from UK band Kasabian, The All-American Rejects, and local band Estranged.
The outlook for advertising spending is bullish in Indonesia, with advertising revenue expected to increase in the latter of half of 2009, continuing recent trends. A dark cloud on the horizon, however, is that print media penetration as a percentage of the population in Indonesia has been declining over the past four years, a survey shows.

The survey, conducted in nine large cities by Nielsen Media Indonesia, showed that the penetration of broadsheet newspapers declined from 28 percent to 19 percent from the first quarter of 2005 to the second quarter of this year. Magazine penetration has also dropped, from 18 percent in the fourth quarter of 2007 to 12 percent in the second quarter of 2009.

Television still dominates spending in Indonesia, but newspaper advertising revenue has been eating away at TV’s share in recent years, Nielsen said.

TV accounted for 59 percent of ad revenues in the first half of 2008, down from a peak of 70 percent in the first half of 2005. Newspaper market share rose to 37 percent in the first half of this year; newspapers had only a 25 percent share in the same period for 2000.

Ba-dum dum dum…Dell shows off candy color laptops that would make Willy Wonka proud

Agency: Mother
City: New York
Advertiser: Dell
Brand Name: Dell
Product Name: Inspiron
Microsoft's COO says that the stores will open this fall. Just one question: How epic will the failure be?

Last winter, Microsoft announced that they'll be opening retail stores; today, they confirmed that the first ones will be opening this fall. Some of them--get this--will be located right next to Apple stores.
MTV is undertaking its first-ever international brand refresh that is being rolled out across the network’s 64 channels, with the exception of the US.

The aim of the refresh is to create greater creativity across the brands platforms and regions. The refresh was led by MTV Network International’s recently established World Design Studio based in Milan, in collaboration with UK-based multidisciplinary studio Universal Everything.
Added Value, WPP's brand development and marketing insight business, has acquired Saffron Hill Research, a full service market research firm based in Singapore and the Philippines.
KUALA LUMPUR: The bosses of Malaysia’s two airlines — Malaysia Airlines managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Seri Idris Jala and AirAsia group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes – are among eight prominent Malaysians on the board of trustees of the newly set up 1Malaysia Foundation.

“It was a fantastic achievement for us to be able to get them in and 1Malaysia Foundation is ready to take off,” said foundation chairman Dr Chandra Muzaffar at a press conference yesterday.

The foundation, which is a non-profit non-governmental organisation, is not linked to any political party and hopes to develop, support and spearhead activities and programmes that will engage all Malaysians towards national unity and the 1Malaysia concept, he said.
WITH the challenging market outlook, Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad (Celcom) stays positive by treating it as a chance to learn and improve itself.

“I would say this challenge has affected us positively as a company, where we can turn around a challenge into an opportunity to learn how to quickly adapt to changing market conditions with greater flexibility and speed,” said CEO Datuk Seri Shazalli Ramly.

Recognising the many areas that need further improvement, the company will do what it takes to continue meeting its customers’ needs.

“Armed with our superior network, products and a highly committed workforce, the market situation now will put us in gear to tackle this year’s main aim, which is to improve the overall revenue market share,” he said.

Celcom is also taking a few concrete measures to achieve its goal, the first of which is to leverage on its network coverage and quality of service, as well as to work on segment-specific engagements and increase demand for mobile data and broadband.
ATLANTA: Coca-Cola has transformed its approach to creativity in the last few years, helping the soft drinks giant overcome its previous "bankruptcy" in this area, according to Jonathan Mildenhall, the company's vp, global marketing strategy and creative excellence.

Mildenhall argued that "in 2003, when Neville Isdell joined as ceo, he remarked that Coke was creatively bankrupt. That got us thinking, and in 2004 we set up the creative excellence discipline."

As part of the process, the Atlanta-based firm aimed to move beyond simple advertising and design, and to make sure that each of its brands had a clear cultural meaning and defined purpose.
LONDON - Technology blog TechCrunch has published one of the hacked Twitter documents which shows the microblogging service expected to begin making money in the current quarter.

A financial forecast document dated February shows Twitter expected to make its first revenues in the third quarter of this year.

It put that quarter's figure at just $400,000, but expected subsequent strong growth to have recorded cumulative revenues of $140m by the end of 2010.
Malaysia Airlines has selected Akamai Technologies to power its website, www.malaysiaairlines.com, and the airline’s booking engine to provide customers with a faster website experience. Akamai’s Web Application Accelerator solution has enabled Malaysia Airlines improve its website performance more than 50% and increase online bookings by more than 30%.
Leo Burnett Bangkok has launched their first campaign for Tesco Lotus, following their recently announced partnership. Tesco Lotus is raising the flags against the global economic downturn, through ‘Roll Back’ long-term price-cutting and holding strategies on daily necessities, and a variety of ‘Super Save’ promotions.
In addition to headline-grabbing observations on the impending demise of non-digital media and the extended tenure of the global downturn, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also laid down some useful ground rules for how publishers and advertisers need to approach the web, during his keynote speech at this year’s Cannes advertising festival.

His central message? “How we reach customers in the digital future will depend as much on innovation in new website and content approaches as anything we do specifically around digital advertising.“

The one-word takeaway for Ballmer’s keynote address, entitled ‘Living up to the promise of online advertising’, is relevance. Search engines can do well because they provide an environment where the ads are always relevant, and accepted by people as part of the search experience. The trouble is, this isn’t broadly true for other sites – which goes to explain why only one website, Google, makes much money from advertising.
RHB Bank Berhad has launched a new banking concept via its 2nd tier bank called ‘Easy’. The ‘Easy by RHB’ service offers a comprehensive stable of simple, convenient and value products and services, with your MyKad!
LONDON - Software giant Microsoft has been voted the UK's most popular consumer brand for 2009/10, regaining the top spot from Google which fell back to third, according to the latest Superbrands survey.

Microsoft was more popular than luxury watch maker Rolex, which came in second, despite not making the top 10 last year.

The survey placed internet giant Google in third, followed by British Airways in fourth and the BBC in fifth. The two British brands swapped places from last year.

Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Lego, Apple and Encyclopaedia Britannica rounded out the top ten. Encyclopaedia Britannica was a surprise entry into the top 10 after placing 29th last year.

Another startling development is that ITV has not been placed in the top 500, despite placings for rival TV companies such as Sky, MTV and Channel 4.
Leo Burnett Solutions Inc., Colombo, has successfully launched a new “Laugh Tax” campaign, to hail the sequel to the popular theatrical comedy by StageLightandMagic Inc about fictitious Sri Lankan President, Pusswedilla. To effectively bring Hon. Puss (as he is affectionately known) to life in the public domain, Leo Burnett treated this 'president' as if he were a real president. A real president who does real things, such as introducing new taxes.
Dani Comar, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia, has been appointed Regional Creative Director, OgilvyAction Asia Pacific - this is the first time the network has appointed an ECD. Dani will partner John Goodman, the recently appointed regional President, OgilvyAction Asia Pacific.
Roy Tan is undeniably a star in Malaysian media. Managing Director of Carat Media Malaysia, his experience spans across information technology industries as well as interactive and full service local and international agencies and networks.
Peter Pek will be chairing a panel discussion on Social Media at the coming Malaysian Media Congress (MMC) 2009 with Emmanuel Allix (mobile advertising), Ian McKee (word of mouth marketing), Khailee Ng (youth marketing) and Andreas Vogiatzakis (media evangelist).
Prashant Kumar, CEO of Mediabrands Malaysia (Universal McCann & Initiative) recently earned the distinction of being the first media pro from Malaysia to sit on the Cannes International Advertising Festival Media Jury. At 33, he was also the youngest jury member!
Singapore, - StarHub Ltd announced today that Terry Clontz will retire as its CEO in January 2010, but he will continue as a Director with the Group.  Succeeding him as CEO is telecommunications industry veteran, Neil Montefiore.
(Greater China) Patti Sun and Wendy Yen have been appointed to the roles of Managing Partner, OgilvyAction Shanghai and Managing Director, OgilvyAction Taiwan, respectively – effective immediately.
Patti Sun, Vice President Euro RSCG 4D/ Field Force China for the last six years, has over 15 years experience working in this field – 12 of which have been in China.
Everyone's talking about social media, and companies are trying to leverage it for marketing, customer outreach, and PR. They're hopping on the Twitter bandwagon, creating Facebook groups, and building communities in the hopes of luring customers.

A few succeed, but many pour a lot of resources (time, money, brain share) into these efforts and don't have much success. The biggest concern is they haven't defined what success might look like for themselves or their customers and potential prospects.
LONDON - TweetFeel, a new Twitter application which allows marketers to instantly gather the overall sentiment of their brands, has gone live as use of the microblogging website continues to surge after slowing slightly last month.

TweetFeel, developed by Conversition Strategies, gathers recent tweets about whatever search term the user has entered, evaluating those tweets for positive and negative "feelings".
LONDON - The untimely death of Michael Jackson confirmed a media shift, with the internet and microblogging driving the global news agenda. But once the story was out, traditional media took control, with detailed comment, insight and intrigue.

News of Jackson's death on 25 June made the front pages of all the following morning's national newspapers, with the exception of the MPs expenses-obsessed Daily Telegraph.
LONDON - Microsoft has upped the stakes in its competition with Google as it unveils a free web-based version of its Office software due next year, and hints of a wildcard in the works -- a free streaming music service for UK users to be released by the end of the month.

Office 2010 will include very basic versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote when it rolls off the production line early 2010.

The web based software will allow access to documents anywhere with an internet connection, stored via "cloud" computing, much like Google Docs, the search giant's online word processor.
CINCINATTI: Procter & Gamble is rolling out its Brand Agency Leader scheme in which it appoints a lead agency on a pre-set fee to commission and control the spending on a particular brand.

BAL was introduced two years ago and now covers about 40% of the company's business. This is set to increase to 70% by the end of the year despite initial reservations from P&G marketing personnel who saw their control over agencies being reduced.
Khailee Ng is Executive Director of Youth Asia and The Youth Intelligence. His team has been leading youth communities since 2006, connecting brands and agencies to the motivations of youth via research, direct engagement, and mass activation. Youth Asia founded and manages Malaysia's Largest Youth Opinion Community
ESPN STAR Sports has announced the appointment of Jon Lefebvre as its new Vice President, Sales Operations and Strategy. He will be based in Singapore and will report directly to Charles Less, Senior Vice President, Advertising and Multimedia Sales.
When it comes to Digital Content and distribution, nobody does and says it better than Neeraj Roy, MD & CEO Hungama, India. Neeraj was voted amongst the ‘50 Most influential People in Mobile Entertainment’ globally three years in a row.
Spikes Asia, honouring creative excellence in advertising and communications across Asia, has announced the TV/Cinema, Print, Outdoor and Radio jury. All awards will be presented at the end of the newly re-launched Spikes Asia Festival at Suntec, Singapore, 16-18 September 2009.

Raising eyebrows in the marketing and media community recently was the confirmation of the world’s first western Geisha Fiona Graham aka Sayuki’s appearance at the 6th Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) on July 22 in KL.

Campaign’s latest article on John Hegarty drops a bomb. Hegarty, chairman and worldwide creative director of Bartle Bogle and Hegarty, blasted the ad industry by saying, “I have seen an enormous amount of advertising that’s rubbish – that’s insulting to people’s intelligence and does not engage them.” Log on to www.campaignlive.co.uk and take a look.
We all have heard of Word of Marketing, but do we really know how it works? Is it an art or a science? Today, it is a business.
Amway is the latest in a string of recent new business wins for Ogilvy Malaysia. Amway was awarded to Ogilvy after a 3-way pitch. Ogilvy also recently picked up Hard Rock Hotel, KDU College, Sunrise, DUKE, Kechara as well as retail projects with Colgate Palmolive.
How bad is your Afritada or Kaldereta without them?

Without potatoes, Filipino dishes that have Spanish influences may have that rich, delectable sauciness but lack one important thing - body.

The beauty of Lyrics is not only the complexity and depth of the detail of the shoot but also that it was shot as a real life example of Budweiser’s belief – that great things really do happen when we get together.
Claiming to be "95 percent cured," President Obama admitted he still occasionally smokes a cigarette. What do you think?
Pulse has unveiled its beta Mobile and IVR research solutions, enabling a true multi-mode data-collection service throughout Asia.
As I began to write this piece on July 7th, I realized that either through sheer coincidence or some unfathomable force of destiny, I could not have picked a better day to write about the subject I wished to reflect upon.  
“IF YOU could envision the type of person God intended you to be, you would rise and never be the same again.”

This interesting quote by Sean Covey, the author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, is printed behind the business card of Tim Fernandez (pix), the CEO of Empower Lives.

“If you look at today’s world, most things and people are driven by circumstances and what’s out there, but the core of our training is whatever you want is always found within yourself,” he said.
THE sixth Malaysian Media Conference (MMC09) returns this year with the theme “Listen, Learn, Lead” and speakers from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia and Japan.

MMC0 – an annual alumni of media pundits, industry specialists and key media decision-makers in the fields of media, marketing, branding and advertising across Malaysia – will be held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre in Bukit Kiara on July 22.
KUALA LUMPUR: Advertising expenditure (adex) of the various media in Malaysia grew at 11% for May 2009 compared with the previous month when it registered a contraction of 1%.

The month-on-month television adex growth in both percentage and absolute terms outperformed newspaper, according to the media update by Carat Media Services (M) Sdn Bhd.
Hypermarket, Tesco Stores (M) Sdn Bhd has awarded its Out of Home (OOH) advertising account to Posterscope following a series of pitch including agencies such as Kinetic, Navia Asia and Media Pertiwi.
Starcom Thailand has been appointed as Diageo’s media agency-of-record, following a three-way pitch. In the final round, Starcom Thailand edged out Initiative as well as Mindshare, who has been the incumbent for the past five years, to clinch the account.
LONDON - In a move to cut costs, Procter & Gamble is planning to dictate which production companies its US agencies uses, threatening agencies' current autonomy over the process.
P&G is in the course of pre-selecting its preferred production companies, and it is understood that the UK-based Reckitt Benckiser is following its lead, according to the US magazine Adweek, conducting a similar short listing of preferred production houses.
Astro Entertainment Sdn Bhd, has won an Award at the prestigious Promax|BDA in New York, a prominent awards platform which rewards creativity at its highest in an age of emerging technology and design.
Portfolio Night 7 this year was hosted in 20 cities and included new locations Lisbon, Beijing, Dubai, Beirut, Tunis and Kuala Lumpur.

The world’s first white Geisha Fiona Graham aka Sayuki’s is now confirmed for the 6th Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) on July 22 in KL. An internationally sought after speaker Sayuki reminds us about basic values in business and society: relating her experience in an art steeped with tradition, honour, secrecy, perseverance, discipline and integrity. Leadership qualities fading fast in our wired world.

Her mantra of listening, learning and leading cannot be more true than today. 


The other speakers at the Conference are GroupM’s Paul Corrigan, Carat’s Roy Tan, OMG’s Andreas Vogiatzakis and Emmanuel Allix – a mobile advertising guru. Also Asia’s Word of Mouth Marketing expert Ian McKee, MDSA Entertainment Marketing’s Mike Da Silva on Branded Content with Hungama India’s Neeraj Roy – one of the world’s best speakers on Digital Content.

Malaysia’s first Cannes media juror, Universal McCann’s Prashant Kumar, will give a sneak peek into how new communication and content is changing the way advertising and marketing is done globally. Apart from them, Khailee Ng of Youth Asia who is in his mid-20s will share how 160,000 Malaysian youth assist brands in research and engagement.    

The MMC is an annual alumni of about 250 media pundits, industry specialists and key media decision-makers in the fields of media, marketing, branding and advertising across Malaysia. Amongst the speakers featured are thought leaders in their space from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia and Japan.
Details: http://www.adoimagazine.com/mmc2009/.
LIA have signed on the services of Tony Gulisano and Wayne Youkhana, both former executives of the Clio Awards. Tony and Wayne have a combined total of over 40 years experience and are considered to be two of the most respected individuals across the landscape of international award shows.
Being a small business, your marketing budget is probably one of the last things on your mind, with your operational costs and managing your bottom line the first thing on your mind when you get in to work each day.

Many business owners discount the fact that Marketing is what brings in the leads, which if converted, turns into sales. Increasing the total number of sales is by far the best way to increase your profits and get you back into the black, but it usually sits on the shelf.

Why? Because many businesses don’t have much of a budget to maintain their current operations, what more to advertise with online or offline methods? But marketing CAN be done on a shoestring budget you just have to know where to look.
Bangkok : MRM Worldwide, a division of McCann Worldgroup, has been appointed by LG Mobile as its agency of record for Digital & Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).

With the brief to promote LG Mobile’s S-Class flagship product the “LG Arena” phone, the official appointment follows a three-way pitch and a highly successful campaign for LG Arena developed by MRM Thailand which the agency was tasked with right after emerging triumph from the pitch.

The Baht 2.5 million integrated campaign covering web marketing, radio, outdoor, and retail, started running in April and has already garnered exceptionally high pre-sales registration numbers - with 90 percent of which have been derived from digital channels- for LG Arena.

Commenting on the campaign, K. Pavich Wasanasomboon, Marketing Manager, Thailand, LG Mobile, said, “MRM has been very impressive, the team has demonstrated tremendous expertise and skill in delivering this complicated programme. All of which, made them an obvious choice as our agency partner.”

K. Jinn Powprapai, Managing Director, MRM Worldwide Thailand said, “It was hard work, but we’re pleased with the campaign and even more pleased to deliver such great results.  We look forward to building on this and to taking our relationship to the next level”.
Eugene Chan, Senior Brand Development Manager of Olympus Malaysia bids farewell after 4 years to helm the new position of Brand Strategy Consultant with Qatar Telecom (Qtel) based in Doha, Qatar.
The SME Solutions Expo 2009 is designed to help businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) overcome the current recession. The Expo, which will be held from 9 to 11 July at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre here, features over 100 exhibitors including financial institutions, IT vendors, media companies and government agencies.
If I hear another so called advertising or brand expert say that to build a brand companies must create awareness by reaching as many consumers as possible and as quickly as possible, I am going to thump him or her because he or she is really doing a disservice to not only our clients, but also the rest of us in the industry.
NEW YORK: The internet is the ultimate competitive market, and will drive down the cost of digital information to nothing, according to a new book from Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail, although his conclusions have been disputed by Malcolm Gladwell.

In his book Free: The Future of a Radical Price, Anderson, who is also the editor of Wired magazine, explores "the most radical price of all – zero – in the context of the economics of abundance."

More specifically, he argues that new media is defined by "abundance", rather than the idea of "scarcity" that typifies traditional media.
GUINNESS has unveiled the GUINNESS EXPERIENCES global consumer contest, part of the global GUINNESS 250 celebrations - marking 250 years since Arthur Guinness signed the 9,000 year lease on the St. James's Gate brewery in Dublin.
The 6th Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) is an annual alumni of about 250 media pundits, industry specialists and key media decision-makers in the fields of media, marketing, branding and advertising across Malaysia. Amongst the speakers featured are thought leaders in their space from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia and Japan.
Here are the top travel advertisign campaigns that may give you the bug to travel over the long holiday or over the long summer.

Forbes decided that the best travel advertising campaign ever is for Las Vegas: "What Happens Here, Stays Here." Often misquoted as "What Happens Vegas, Stays in Vegas."
FOETUS International, one of Malaysia’s largest marketing communications groups, has put in place several pillars to strengthen its infrastructure and ensure greater synergy and efficiency among its group of agencies.

Rosie Hong, who became group executive director on Jan 1, says Foetus has rolled out a “long list” of key performance indicators (KPIs) for its agency CEOs in relation to 3Ps – people, product and profit.
ntv7, which is celebrating its 11th anniversary this month with a line-up of blockbuster movies and celebrations, has always maintained its “Feel Good channel” slogan.

The tagline is understandable as the station was launched during the last economic crisis, and now the journey continues with that slogan.
In honor of our nation’s Independence, mobile communications and new media veterans from President Obama’s campaign have launched Revolution Messaging, LLC. Revolution Messaging will provide a portfolio of mobile communications, social media, and lifestyle marketing services to progressive and non-profit clientele. Revolution Messaging is staffed by veterans of digital outreach, grassroots organizing, new media consulting, and fundraising:
05 July 2009


Ian McKee - CNA Interview about Word of Mouth


05 July 2009


Exclusive Interview with Hungama's Neeraj Roy


05 July 2009


Fiona Graham a.k.a Sayuki, Japan's foreign Geisha


Zee launches a Bollywood Anchor Hunt in Malaysia for the first time. The hunt is to find the perfect Anchor who not only has the wit and style to be the first Bollywood Anchor for Malaysia but also has the love for Bollywood Cinema.

03 July 2009


Contact Ruby at
F:+603 7722 5712
T:+603 7726 2588
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



03 July 2009


Download Registration form for MMC09 here >>

RM1,100 (per head)
RM1,000 (Group Discount of 3 pax above)

T: +603 7726 2588 F: +603 7722 5712




03 July 2009

Ian McKee
CEO, Vocanic

Ian McKee is CEO and chief strategist for Vocanic, a company that specialises in Identifying Influencers and crafting strategies to engage and activate them to launch word of mouth and Social Media campaigns for clients such as Heineken, StarHub, Discovery, Top Shop, Nokia, Symantec, Adobe and others.

Prior to Vocanic, Ian was MD for Informative Asia Pacific working on customer dialogue and Influence marketing projects for brands such as Zuji, DBS Bank, HP, Nokia, BP, and Mars brands such as Cesar, Pedigree, Starburst, M&Ms and others. Originally from the UK, Ian has called Singapore home for the last 13 years.


Andreas Vogiatzakis is the Managing Director, Malaysia of Omnicom Media Group Asia Pacific and oversees the overall operations for the award-winning OMD, PHD as well as WMD brands in Malaysia.

A true internationalist, Andreas started his media career with DMB&B in New York and later managed JWT’s international clients in Greece for several years. He set sail to Japan thereafter, establishing D’Arcy’s media department and later restructuring Starcom to be the strongest international media independent in Japan. He later moved to Taiwan as the head of MindShare Group and later relocated to Malaysia, assuming his current role at the helm of Omnicom Media Group (OMG) in Malaysia.

With a passion for excellence, and armed with strong media and management experiences spanning three continents and six countries, Andreas has elevated OMG to a highly desirable position in the Malaysian market.

Under his leadership, OMD Malaysia has grown from strength to strength. The agency was conferred the Silver Award in 2008 for Best Office of the Year in South East Asia – the only agency from Malaysia and the only media agency in South East Asia to win this highly coveted industry award.

Andreas’ exemplary achievement and contributions in the global and local business communities has not gone unnoticed. He was inducted in the International WHO’s WHO of Professionals in January 2009.

An active member of the Malaysian Media Association (MSA) chairing the committees of Hot Topics and Training, Andreas is also the Vice Chairman of the ABC Board. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the European Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia (EUMCCI), is the Media and Public Relations advisor in the Advisory Council of AIESEC Student Organization, and a judge in the Malaysian Effie Awards in 2008 & 2009, as well as the MSA 2009 Malaysia Media Awards.

Training being one of his favorite contributions to the industry, he has been organizing and conducting high rated media training sessions for various clients, the Advertising/Media industry as well as Universities locally and regionally. A much sought after industry speaker, Andreas has been invited to numerous industry talks and forums, and has received extensive publicity across the region.

Born and raised in rural Greece, Andreas grew up amongst olive groves and vineyards at the heart of the island of Crete in the Aegean Sea. He graduated with High Honors in Advertising and Marketing from the University of Florida and is married to Lisa, an American-Japanese and they have a five year old son, Alexi-Akito. Andreas is a cigar aficionado, and tremendously enjoys the combination of a good cigar with good company!

Omnicom Media Group is the leading global media communications company of the Omnicom Group, Inc. It provides strategic planning and buying, research and other media services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries. In Malaysia, OMG is made up of three media specialist companies: OMD, PHD, and WMD.


Emmanuel Allix
Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Pudding Media

Emmanuel is the Asia Pacific Managing Director for Pudding Media. In his role, he assumes the responsibility of the Asian operations and drives Pudding Media’s operations and business in the region. Emmanuel joined Pudding Media from GroupM Interaction (a WPP media investment company) where from 2006 he was their Regional Technology Development Director for Asia Pacific. In this position, he was overlooking GroupM Mobile Advertising activities for the whole Region and has been working with various Brands, Telcos and Technology providers to build a sustainable Mobile Advertising business.

Emmanuel was also an APAC MMA Board Member in 2008 and is a regular speaker at various events including CommunicAsia, Media360 and AdTech.

Prior to joining GroupM, Emmanuel had spent more than 10 years in the IT and Internet arenas across Asia and Europe. He founded and run one of the first Internet Website development startups in France back in 1996, creating and launching several Websites and online activities for major French companies. He also led KPMG Consulting France E-Commerce Strategy group for a year and a half and worked on various assignments for Butagaz, Peugeot, Manutan, and National Ministry of Education. In 2001, he joined Singapore Airlines to head their E-Commerce initiatives for nearly 6 years.

Khailee Ng
Youth Asia

Khailee Ng is the Executive Director of Youth Asia and The Youth Intelligence. His team has been leading youth communities since 2006, connecting brands and agencies to the motivations of youth via research, direct engagement, and mass activation. Youth Asia founded and manages Malaysia's Largest Youth Opinion Community, YouthSays.com, with over 160,000+ young Malaysian members. They also organize Malaysia's largest youth lifestyle festival, YOUTH'09, and continues to organize and empower youth communities across the region.

Back in his student days, he has led student movements in music and activism which won him various awards, including the KLue Blue Chilli Award. He is also the only Malaysian to win the Asian HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award. He completed his degree in business at the top 2% of his class a Valedictorian having studied in Sydney, San Francisco State and UC Berkeley. He previously spent years with MindValley, mobilizing online communities in the US and UK with entrepreneurs and technologists from 16 countries, winning the international award for the Most Democratic Workplace.

Now he spends his time with his pet cactus, and empowering youth communities all over Asia.

Mike Da Silva

Mike Da Silva is recognised as a leading global authority on Promotion Marketing and a pioneer of the Industry in Australia, the United Kingdom and Asia.

He is CEO of Sydney based, MDSA Promotion Marketing, with clients who include: Qantas (for 15 years), ANZ Bank, Australian Merino, MySpace, News Digital Media, The Great Barrier Reef Preservation Project, the Brand Australia Project, ACCOR, DFS Galleria, Universal Pictures, Paramount, ING Direct, eBay, PayPal, Fox Pictures, SONY Pictures, Warners, Dreamworks and Tourism Western Australia.

Mike is also CEO of NMA/MDSA Entertainment Marketing Australia and Asia, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Beijing, London, Tokyo & soon Partnerships in Mumbai & Kuala Lumpur.

Mike has addressed conferences on Promotion Marketing and Branded Content in locations as diverse as London, Buenos Aires, New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, Paris, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Pune, New Delhi & Sydney.

Last month in Hong Kong, as a guest of The Hollywood Reporter, Mike addressed an audience of Filmmakers on ‘Monetising brands in Movies” during the Asian Film Awards.

Mike is a winner of the MAA Worldwide International Marketing Professional of the Year award, for his work in developing Promotion Marketing throughout the world, a Winner of the Asia Brand Congress, Brand Leadership Award and a Global Super Achiever Award for his work in Promotion Marketing throughout Asia.

He is the Immediate Past President of the prestigious 42 year old, New York based, Marketing Agencies Association Worldwide. MAA has Members in 19 Countries. The first time this position has gone outside the USA and UK. Prior to being elected to the Presidency, Mike was International Executive Vice President for MAA for Asia for 12 years.

He has been a Member of the International Advisory Council for the Asia Brand Congress for 2 years and a Member of the Australian Direct Mail Association’s Digital Council working on a Code of Practice for Social Communities in Australia,

Mike is the Founder of the Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia, “The Dragons of Asia” which is, after 10 years, has become the most prestigious Marketing Award Programme throughout Asia. PMAA Dragons have Zonal Directors in all Asian Countries.

For 4 years he has been Vice President, Marketing for the MAA Globes Recognition Programme operating in USA, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Mike works with Marketing Groups in Israel and Turkey, developing their own Promotion Marketing Award Programmes, modelled on the PMAA Programme. His role also includes the MAA Global Academic Marketing Challenge which recognises young Promotion Marketers, in partnership with the World’s leading Universities and Business Schools which he pioneered in 2006.

Recently, Mike was awarded the Australian Defence Medal for his service as a Medic in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. At a ceremony last night in Sydney he was awarded the Australian Marketing Industry’s first Lifetime Achievement Award.

Peter Pek MCSD

Business Times calls him a “Branding Guru” and the Malay Mail hails him as “Asia’s leading brand strategists”. Peter Pek has over a decade and a half of working experience in the branding, print, design, publishing, PR and advertising industries on three continents. He is also a writer, columnist, editor, publisher, designer, creative director, public speaker, corporate celebrity, radio and television personality.

One of the world’s leading brand strategists, he was one of the host and judge of the corporate reality television series The Firm, where he played himself for 2 seasons (23 episodes), acting as a corporate leader and mentor. The show premièred prime time nationwide on ntv7 and Astro's Channel 107 in Malaysia in 2007.

On New Year’s Day, 2008, he began hosting his own branding talk show, Brand Malaysia with Peter Pek, on Radio24. The show began podcasting episodes through the show's website in March 2008, making him one of the few Chief Executives in Asia and the first in Malaysia, to podcast.

Peter has worked for a number of leading advertising agencies in London including Euro RSGC, J. Walter Thompson and Saatchi & Saatchi; and has produced work for numerous brands including the Arab Banking Corporation, Heathrow & Gatwick Airports, Barclays Bank, BMW, British Airways, British Telecom, Citroën, Coca-Cola & Schweppes, Dell, Eurotunnel/Le Shuttle, The Guardian newspaper, Lloyds Bank, NCR, Microsoft, MTV Europe, Prudential, Safeway Supermarkets, Sky TV, Sony PlayStation, Swedde Bank, Telecom Italia and Toyota.

He has directed many launch publications in the UK including Sky Magazine for Sky TV, Microsoft Magazine and New Nation Newspaper for Elizabeth Murdoch. In Australia, he has worked with the Australian Financial Review, the continent's most respected financial newspaper. He also held the position of Editor-in-Chief of Manila-based Food & Beverage Magazine before returning to Malaysia.

Credited for bringing the Superbrands project to Malaysia, Peter was the publisher and co-editor of Superbrands Malaysia's first book project in the country. He was also a member of the inaugural Malaysian Superbrands Council. He designed the Superbrands awards seal logo used around the world. He later disposed of his interests in Superbrands in 2003.

Currently, he is the Chairman and Group CEO of The Mercatus Group, Malaysia’s largest international brand management consultancy. He is also the Executive Director of Reputation Mercatus, its PR subsidiary.

He is the Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Gombak, and has served as the District Secretary for Communications for many years.

Peter has spoken at many conferences, seminars and workshops around the world. In Malaysia, he has spoken at many events and conferences, including some organised by the Asia Business Forum, Marcus Evans, the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, the Franchise Association of Malaysia and the Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI).

Prashant Kumar - CEO of Mediabrands, Malaysia ) Universal McCann & Initiative)

Prashant has been a leading champion of Integrated Communications planning in the Asia-Pacific region.

Universal McCann Malaysia is a thought leader & business partner to a string of blue-chip clients including Coca-Cola, J&J, F&N, Proton, Telekom Malaysia, Dutch Lady, MasterCard, Taylor’s college etc.

Universal McCann has won a string of innovation awards including twice Grand prix winner & thrice Agency of the year runner-up in last 4 years & the only Cannes media lions & Festival of media finalist. Prashant also started the highly successful UM Consulting to offer marketing consultancy & ROI analytics to UM clients in Malaysia. He has also been pivotal to the agencies win of almost 100 million worth of new business in the last one year.

Before this role, he was heading Communication Planning for Asia-Pacific in Universal McCann, traveling extensively from Japan to China to India driving strategic creativity across the region and helping win a series of new business for the network. Having been part of several global task forces, he also helped develop UM’s Global Communication Planning agenda.

At the very start of his career, he founded a dot com company in 1999, but had to close down due to dotcom crash. He ended-up writing P&G’s first Digital Strategy in India. He is probably the only Google -certified search expert among Media Agency CEOs in Malaysia.

He has taught at leading ad & marketing schools in region: Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore; Institute of Advertising, Singapore; Mumbai University, Mudra Institute of Communcations, India etc.

He has also been the Guest Speaker at TN Sofres University, Asia Youth Conference, KL Brand Equity Conference, Telenor Asia Conference etc & was a Mentor at Media Magazine’s famed ‘Mediaworks’.

He chaired the Malaysian Media Awards 2009 & was recently elected as the Vice-President of Media Specialists Association. He has been widely quoted in the regional & Malaysian publications for his thought leadership in media marketing industry.

He was the first member of Malaysian Media Community & the only one from SE Asia to be invited to the much coveted Cannes Media Lions jury this year. At 33, he was also the youngest jury member.

Prashant is a budding aviator & loves to take a sortie over the lush & breathtaking Malaysian countryside. He is also a proud father of a 2 year old son.

Rahul Thappa
Managing Director, Mindshare Malaysia

Rahul has worked as a communications planner gaining vast experience in Ogilvy Advertising India, EuroRSCG India and OMS India; and with diverse brands like Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Electrolux, Samsung, McDonald’s, Unilever & GlaxoSmithKline. Rahul joined Mindshare Malaysia in 2003 and was given the responsibility of the buying and strategic planning functions for the Unilever business. In 2005, he moved on to head a business unit comprising Unilever, Kraft and MEASAT Broadcasting Networks. Rahul took on the helm as managing director of Mindshare Malaysia in 2008.

Roy Tan

Roy graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelors degree in Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance.

His experience spanned across the information technology industry as well as interactive and full service local and international agencies and networks.

Roy held the position of the Chief Operating Officer in Sil Ad, managing brands such as Sony, Nissan, Lycos and adidas prior to Carat Malaysia.

Rediscovering his passion for media, he rejoined the Carat office in 2003.

Before his promotion, Roy was the Managing Director for Carat Interactive. He handled BMW, Malayan Banking, Southern Lion, Philips, and Lam Soon.

Neeraj Roy
Managing Director & CEO
Hungama Mobile

Hungama Mobile is the largest aggregator, developer and publisher of BOLLYWOOD content in the world. Hungama has developed a digital distribution network spanning 37 countries with over 150 partners across Mobile, Internet, Cable VOD and IPTV services, representing over 300 original content owners across Music, Movies, TV, Sport, Lifestyle content.

Hungama Mobile has now launched a Bollywood channel with over 150 operators in 37 countries on networks such as SingTel, Maxis, MTN, O2, Telis etc and also internet based services such as Apple iTunes, MSN Music, Yahoo! Music etc

Hungama are the owners of the three biggest entertainment portals in South Asia, Hungama.com and BollywoodHungama.com, The # 1 Bollywood portal in the world and GamingHungama.com. Hungama Mobile has an active Mobile Entertainment and Marketing/Applications business, which has been engaged with over 300 brands and developed over 1000 interactive campaigns. Hungama has won over 60 awards in Digital Marketing, including 4 ABBY Golds, PMAA-Singapore and the Globes in Miami.

Neeraj was voted amongst the ‘50 Most influential People in Mobile Entertainment’ globally 3 years in a row. He was recently selected amongst the ‘Top 10 MobiThinkers of 2009’ globally.

Neeraj is the Chairman of Mobile Entertainment Forum, an organization of over 200 members from all the entire value chain of the Mobile Entertainment business. Neeraj was one of the founders of TiE in India and has been on the Board of TiE Mumbai chapter for several years. Neeraj is also an active speaker at various international forum such as the Mobile World Congress, MIPCOM, Cannes Film Festival, CTIA etc and on several domestic and international committees advising on the global Mobile & Digital Entertainment community.

Fiona Graham a.k.a. Sayuki

Japan’s first ever foreign geisha!

For the first time in the 400 year history of the geisha, a Westerner has been accepted, and on December 19, formally debuted under the name Sayuki. Sayuki is specialized in social anthropology, a subject which requires anthropologists to actually experience the subject they are studying by participating in the society themselves.

She has been doing anthropological fieldwork in Asakusa - one of the oldest of Tokyo’s six remaining geisha districts - for the past year, living in a geisha house (okiya), and participating in banquets as a trainee. She has been training in several arts, and will specialize in yokobue (Japanese flute).

Sayuki took her doctorate in social anthropology at the University of Oxford, and specializes in Japanese society. She has spent half of her life in Japan, went through Japanese schools, and graduated from Japan’s oldest university, Keio. Sayuki has lectured at a number of universities around the world, has published extensively on Japanese culture, and is also an anthropological film director with production credits on a wide range of international broadcasters.

The book “Sayuki: inside the flower and willow world” came out in 2008 with Pan Macmillan Australia and a documentary is being filmed on it.

03 July 2009
9.00am – 9.10am
Organising Chairman
Harmandar Singh aka Ham, CEO of ADOI
Opening Remarks
9.10am – 9.30am
Paul Corrigan, CEO, Group M
Malaysian Media Industry Overview
9.30am – 10.00am
Roy Tan, MD, Carat Media
Change The Media Game Or It’s Over
Shifting our thinking beyond media in a digital world. Breaking paradigms on how we view media and communications. How do we communicate in a world with the long tail, shifting consumer patterns and interest. If the world is going to be 80% digital in 2020 and youths earlier, how do we shift our communications beyond what we have today. Beyond traditional metrics to measuring deep, interested and meaningful conversations with the consumer.
10.00 - 10.25am
Andreas Vogiatzakis – CEO, OMG Malaysia
Digital Future: Agency’s perspective for 2013
How technological developments can and will affect the future of the digital/mobile environment as we know it today, how will this change will affect the media landscape, and what will be the logical next step effects for communication agencies and marketers.
10.25am –10.50am

Emmanuel Allix, APAC MD, Pudding Media
Mobile Advertising enables marketers to maximize engagement, reach and measurability while being an excellent complement to traditional media.

Emmanuel Allix, Managing Director Asia Pacific for Pudding Media, will review key factors that drive the growing importance of mobile advertising in today's media mix in Malaysia. The session will cover the unique benefits of mobile advertising, strategies of maximizing mass-reach, comparison of mobile advertising channels and interesting case studies.

10.50am – 11.10am
Coffee/Tea Break & Networking
11.15am – 11.55am

Word of Mouth Marketing
Harnessing the Power of Word of Mouth and Social Media Marketing

  • What is Word of Mouth Marketing?
  • How do you plan and implement WOMM?
  • Who are Influencers and how to engage them?
  • How to do Social Media Marketing?
  • Case studies from leading local brands
11.55am – 12.30pm

Khailee Ng, Youth Asia
YOUTH: Media, Influence, and Winning Them Over!
The billion dollar question: How to win over the youth market? Khailee Ng will share what thousands of youths across Malaysia will have to say. Drawing from case studies of Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival, how 160,000 youths assist brands in research and engagement, private research studies on youth, Obama-mania, and the women in his life... the presentation will walk us through media, influence, and winning over the youth market.

  • The billion dollar question: How to win over the youth market?
  • The women in my life: Explaining Media & Influence
  • What do youths want from us? Research says…
    • CASE STUDY 1: What 36,720 youths will tell you about Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival, YOUTH'09
    • CASE STUDY 2: What 160,000 youths will tell you about brand research, community partnerships, and interactive engagement
  • What Obama can tell you about what gets young people to vote
12.30pm – 1.00pm
Panel Discussion + Q&A
Chaired by Peter Pek, CEO Brand Mercatus
Panelists: Emmanuel Allix, Ian McKee,
Khailee Ng and Andreas Vogiatzakis.
1.00pm – 2.00pm
LUNCH sponsored by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited
2.00pm – 2.45pm
Mike Da Silva, CEO,
MDSA Entertainment Marketing
Branded Content

“There is possibly no stronger brand influencer or purchase motivator than an endorsement from an Actor in a movie” Branded Content in Movies. Brand recognition in the best possible light.

  • How Product Placement really works. How brands are capitalising.
  • Product Placement and Promotion Marketing. New revenue streams for Agencies.
  • Digital Product Placement now offer brands guaranteed Brand involvement.
  • Product Placement and Promotion Marketing Opportunities in Asia.
2.45pm – 3.30pm
Neeraj Roy, MD & CEO Hungama, India
Digital Content
Presented by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Content is the new storefront for engaging consumers. With over 4 billion people digitally connected and a million new being added each day what is driving a Digital and Mobile Lifestyle is Device and Connectivity. The device, be it the phone, pc or tv has an ability to store more and with networks from 10 to 100 mbps and even faster, the consumption of content on digital formats is on the rise. What does this entail for all the stakeholders, ie Media companies, Content Companies such as Broadcasters, Studios, Record Labels, Artists et all, Telecom Companies and most importantly for the US$ 1 Trillion global advertising community? Neeraj will relate a real life global example as a template for a digital distribution network: Bollywood!
3.30pm – 4.00pm
Cannes 2009 Media Juror
Prashant Kumar, CEO, Universal McCann
Visioning the future of branded content& communication: Learnings from Cannes 2009!
This year 22,000 pieces of best work from 85 countries were entered in Cannes International Advertising Festival. The work submitted do not just represent what’s best in the media communications today, but are important pointers on the shape of things to come. As much as these pieces of work shape what Cannes deems important, a Cannes win itself has the power to shape the future of our offering. Here is a sneak peek into how the new communication and content is changing the way advertising and marketing is done globally plus how that has the potential to change how we do things here in Malaysia. Here is also a look at current state of branded content in Malaysia and how they are changing the way brands communicate.
4.00pm – 4.15pm
Coffee/Tea Break & Networking
4.15pm – 4.45pm
Panel Discussion + Q&A
Moderated by Rahul Thappa, MD, Mindshare
Panelists: Prashant Kumar, Mike Da Silva and Neeraj Roy
4.45pm – 5.30pm
Oxford doctorate and social anthropologist Fiona Graham aka SAYUKI, director & producer of documentaries, has become the first foreigner to become a full-fledged Geisha. She will relate her experience in an art steeped with tradition, perseverance, discipline and integrity. Leadership qualities that are fading in today’s wired world.
Presented by The London Speaker Bureau.
03 July 2009

The 6th Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) is an annual alumni of about 250 media pundits, industry specialists and key media decision-makers in the fields of media, marketing, branding and advertising across Malaysia. Amongst the speakers featured are thought leaders in their space from Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia and Japan.

Now is the time to lead. And the Malaysian Media Conference returns with the theme:

In an age where a monologue is as hip as the fax machine, communications has become all about interaction, conversations and engagement. This year a stellar line-up of speakers have been gathered to give you an unforgettable experience for one true knowledge-enrichment day……

This Congress is ideal and timely for all professionals working in Media, Marketing, Advertising, Newspapers, Television, Outdoor… in fact, every facet of marketing communications! But just to be sure:

HONG KONG - Former Y&R regional ECD Rowan Chanen (pictured) has resurfaced at M&C Saatchi, where he will oversee regional creative for Asia.

Chanen will take the role of regional creative director for M&C Saatchi Asia, reporting to regional CEO Chris Jaques.

The deal reunites Chanen with Jaques and Robert Campbell, managing partner of M&C’s brand consultancy Sunshine. All three previously worked at Y&R.

Chanen, now based in Hong Kong, said he was looking forward to working at an independent agency. “BBH and Wieden & Kennedy have done some of the best and most meaningful work for iconic brands. As a big fan of both those agency brands, I think they have set the standard we all need to aim for.”
LONDON/WASHINGTON: Online advertising has now been accorded a "walk on water" status by much of the advertising industry, but the effectiveness of the medium and the return on investment it provides have yet to be proved, according to WARC Online's regular columnist, Tummler.

Many marketers and brand owners were suspicious of using the web as an advertising tool in the immediate aftermath of the dotcom crisis at the start of this decade.
The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has adopted a set of Global Principles for self-regulation of online behavioral advertising. These Principles set out the common basis on which advertisers will seek to engage industry partners worldwide in order to develop self-regulatory schemes for online behavioral advertising.

The Global Principles are based on the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising published yesterday by WFA’s U.S. member, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), in partnership with the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As), the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB).

Said Stephan Loerke, WFA Managing Director: “We congratulate the ANA and its partners in the U.S. on their leadership in setting the future industry-wide standards for responsible practices in online behavioral advertising. The importance of this initiative is not limited to the U.S. Digital is global: we will seek to apply the Global Principles wherever we work with our industry partners in developing self-regulation of online behavioral advertising at market level.”


The Education Principle
calls for industry to participate in efforts to educate consumers and businesses about online behavioral advertising.

The Transparency Principle
requires clear disclosure and information for consumers about data collection and use practices associated with online behavioral advertising. This Principle applies to entities collecting and using data for online behavioral advertising and to the Web sites from which such data is being collected and used by third parties.

The Consumer Control Principle calls for mechanisms that will enable users of Web sites at which data is collected for online behavioral advertising purposes to choose whether data is collected and used or transferred to a non-affiliate for such purposes. The choice should be provided by the third party entities collecting and using data for online behavioral advertising. “Service providers”  engaged in online behavioral advertising should provide additional notice regarding the online behavioral advertising that occurs by use of their services, obtain the consent of users before engaging in online behavioral advertising, and take steps to de-identify the data used for such purposes.

The Data Security Principle requires entities to provide reasonable security for, and limited retention of, data collected and used for online behavioral advertising purposes.

The Material Changes Principle directs entities to obtain consent before applying any change to their online behavioral advertising data collection and use policy that is less restrictive to data collected prior to such material change.

The Sensitive Data Principle recognizes that certain data collected and used for online behavioral advertising purposes merits different treatment. In particular, it applies heightened protection for children’s data. Companies should not engage in Online Behavioral Advertising directed to children they have actual knowledge are under the age of 13 except if they have obtained prior verifiable parental consent.

The Accountability Principle calls upon entities representing the wide range of actors in the online behavioral advertising ecosystem to develop and implement policies and programs to help ensure that all entities engaged in online behavioral advertising bring their activities into compliance with these Principles.


The Global Principles apply to online behavioral advertising, defined as the collection of data online from a particular computer or device regarding Web viewing behaviors over time and across non-affiliate Web sites for the purpose of using such data to predict user preferences or interests to deliver advertising to that computer or device based on the preferences or interests inferred from such Web viewing behaviors.

The Global Principles do not apply to a Web site’s collection of viewing behavior solely for its own uses. Contextual advertising also is not covered by the Global Principles as it delivers advertisements based on the content of a Web page, a search query, or a user’s contemporaneous behavior on the Web site.

The Global Principles are not a code of conduct for individual companies. Rather, they set out the common basis on which advertisers worldwide will engage their industry partners in order to seek to develop national self-regulatory schemes for online behavioral advertising that reflect the local legal and regulatory frameworks.

More at www.wfanet.org  


Let’s get to the bottom of it all. Advertising is talking to consumers, not talking to oneself or award judges. Isolating them will make you irrelevant and so will advertising festivals who do so.
NEW YORK - Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is asking iPhone and Blackberry users if they would be willing to pay a subscription to access the mobile version of the Wall Street Journal, which is currently offered as a free application.

Murdoch, who earlier this year urged newspapers to begin charging for their online content, seems keen on introducing a micropayment scheme for mobile users as well.

The Wall Street Journal iPhone app was launched in April, free of charge, much to the chagrin of readers who pay the $100+ subscription fee to read the newspaper online.
With the appointment of Dean Bramham as CEO of the Publicis Groupe Malaysia comes the first in a series of new key hires at the agency. Steven Pong has joined as General Manager and LV Chong joined as Digital Director for the agency’s Modem digital group.   
Effective 1st July 2009, M&C Saatchi Malaysia has been appointed the Strategic Advertising and Brand Communications Agency for the country’s national postal service provider, Pos Malaysia Berhad. This appointment includes management of Pos Malaysia’s strategic planning, above-the-line and below-the-line campaigns.
Media Agency of the Year and Gold Lions in the Media, Design,
Cyber and Outdoor Categories

LONDON - OK! magazine's decision to lead its Michael Jackson tribute issue with an image of the star as he lay dying has sparked outrage among members of the public, who have launched a petition to stop the title selling any further copies.

The petition argues that the celebrity gossip title has violated Jackson's right to privacy and urges people to sign up to stop the image from being sold.
It says: "This is, aside from being a low blow to a musical icon and pathetic attempt to revive their failing business, a violation of the basic rights of human beings.

"The editors and owner of OK! magazine are violating not only Michael Jackson's privacy, but the dignity of his family, friends, and fans.

"Please sign this petition if you believe that it is a basic human right to protect the privacy and dignity of your loved ones when they cannot protect themselves."

The petition currently has 167 signatures.
LONDON - Guinness is launching its first global advertising campaign to celebrate the 250th anniversary.

The campaign, by Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA, commemorates the signing of the lease on its brewery at St. James's Gate, Dublin.

In the TV ad, a drinker in a traditional Irish pub notices the 1759 date on his pint glass and raises his glass to toast its founder, Arthur Guinness. Another person hears the toast and raises his pint, and the toast spreads out across the city and across the world. As the camera pans out, viewers are encouraged to ‘join the worldwide celebration of a man named Arthur and a beer named Guinness'.
Relatively unknown, but highly creative local shop, Kinetic has beaten Publicis and Tribal DDB in the final round of creative reviews to clinch the BMW MINI account.
Pos Malaysia Bhd has appointed JWT Malaysia as their Brand Identity Consultants. JWT had been working on this project for the past 6 months and it has now been formalised.
COCKTALES, a blog that chronicles the good life in relation to alcohol beverages, as well as exotic drinks on travels, was officially launched today. http://thirstyblogger.my is the only alcohol blog in Malaysia, and fills a void in the country’s huge blogging fraternity. It is relatively new, and was initiated in April by the Thirsty Blogger, aka Deepak Gill (Deep).
LONDON: Brands need to spend more time talking to consumers and "keep the quality of those conversations strong" if they are to enjoy the maximum benefits from using social media, says Simon Pestridge, global brand director, sportswear at Nike.

An increasing number of advertisers are attempting to utilise social media to connect with consumers, but the rapid growth of the medium has meant that a best practice approach has been slow to emerge.

Speaking at the recent Revolution Forum in London, Pestridge argued that in difficult economic conditions, brands need to "peel back the layers and focus on what you are great at."
A marketing consultancy firm, specializing in marketing optimization services and solutions, has uncovered detailed consumer marketing insights from consumers who use its proprietary SMS (Short Message Service) interactive solution to respond to brands. The company, Blugrapes,optimizes marketing using a suite of digital solutions, including custom mobile and social media marketing services.
01 July 2009

It was not too long ago that I sat across a table from a friend, at our favorite drinking bin in Studio City, California. My comrade in arms, who had traveled across the Atlantic Ocean from Sweden to Los Angeles paid for the first round of drinks then asked me what Malaysia was like. He interrupts me mid sentence and commences to explain his perception of my home country.

01 July 2009
Where’s your friend Mike?
Just yesterday I got an email with the subject line, “Where’s your friend Mike?” Before I started recalling all the Mikes I know, I glanced through the preview of the email which was enough to let me know that it was a spam message and could safely be ignored.
CANNES, France — Advertising agencies and Internet companies once viewed each other as foes, but are now coming together to harness the potential for online advertising. Like many other segments, online ad spending has slowed from its previous breakneck pace during the deep recession, forcing companies to devise new ways to chase fewer dollars.

Last week, Eric E. Schmidt, the chief executive of Google, and Steven A. Ballmer, his counterpart at Microsoft, for the first time attended an annual advertising industry meeting, the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
As the global economic crisis wears on without any indication of a forthcoming respite, Malaysians are bracing themselves for a prolonged recession and making adjustments to their lifestyle to curb their living expenses. Recent studies conducted by The Nielsen Company reveal that the current downturn is turning consumers into more demanding, pricesensitive and cautious spenders.

“Along with the rest of the world, consumer confidence in Malaysia has hit a low point and fears over job security registered a significant spike among Malaysians in Nielsen’ recent Consumer Confidence study,” commented Mr Richard Hall, Executive Director, The Nielsen Compan Malaysia. “The fear of losing their job combined with their pessimism of a prolonged recession is sounding alarm bells, and Malaysians are now turning to belt tightening measurements in bid to tide them through this trying period.”

According to the recent Nielsen Global Consumer Confidence survey, consumer confidence in Malaysia plummeted to an all time low, with almost a third (32%) now citing job security as one of their key concerns. A fifth of Malaysians aren’t hopeful the recession will end before the year is over. As a result, consumers are consciously changing their behavior  to cope with the rising cost of living and stay within budget.

Findings from a separate Nielsen survey – ShopperTrends 2009 – reveal that most consumers (84%) are feeling the effects of an economic slowdown and are slashing back on shopping. The most affected shopping habits are spend on impulse items (86%), big ticket items (82%) and out of home dining (80%). (Chart 1)

“Consumers have become more price-sensitive following the high inflation experienced last year, and this is clearly reflected in their purchasing patterns toward basic food commodities, as the recent ShopperTrends findings reveal,” noted Mr Hall. “The Nielsen survey confirmed that majority (96%) of grocery shoppers does notice price changes, and one in five are actually aware of the prices of their regularly purchased items.”

When asked how their grocery purchasing habits have changed, eight in ten people indicated that they now buy only the essentials; and over a third (40%) of people are buying the same product but in lesser quantity.

Another growing trend uncovered in the study is that Malaysian shoppers are less loyal and are more inclined to store-hop. While many continue to patronize their regular stores (73%) there is a growing trend of shoppers being enticed to try new stores or visit stores that carry promotions (+5%). (Chart 2)

“The average Malaysian consumer patronizes at least two to three stores a month, but research has shown that it is actually the high income consumers who are displaying a greater tendency to shop around more,” observed Mr Hall. “These consumers are more brand-loyal and shop around for promotions on their regular brands, whereas the low income shoppers are less of a loyalist. They have a lower inclination to shop around and tend to simply pick out any brands that are on promotion.”

Whilst convenience and price continue to be the key factors driving consumers’ grocery store choice, availability of fresh food, which climbed from 17th to 8th ranking, and loyalty programs which jumped 11th to 9th ranking, are two drivers that have significantly increased in importance this year. (Chart 3)

“Modern day Malaysians lead hectic lifestyles and are generally tight for time. The availability ofquality fresh food in the hypermarket or supermarket means they can also buy their fresh foods at the same time as they do their grocery shopping,” he commented.

Click Here to Download PDF
BBH Asia Pacific now has five new names to its Creative Department following a rise in business growth.


Isobar to handle Titan Company’s global digital mandate
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05th May 2017

Laneige Malaysia hands digital and social duties to Kingdom Digital
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Bloomberg Media and Twitter Announce a New Global Live Video Breaking News Network
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