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AirAsia corrects Bung Moktar

The claim by MP is untrue

Project Illuminate uses digital to help the disadvantaged

With students at YWCA’s Vocational Training Opportunity Centre 

It is Merdeka Day 2057. The Supremacist Alliance is in power. Having successfully re-engineered (and renamed) itself several times over, it has the record of being the longest-staying political party in power in the world.

Interviewed over Mal-Jibberish, the sole media agency (all other printed and electronic news media had lost their licences in the great media purge of 2020 or had been swallowed up by the national media
Advertiser-funded programming was once seen as the inevitable end of an evolutionary process that first started with simple program sponsorships, developing into simple product placements and more sophisticated brand integration. Marketers, however, are becoming more cautious, chastened by the experience of plowing money into shows that failed to secure the expected audience.
Intense exposure to international brands amongst China’s growing legion of luxury goods consumers has accelerated the emergence of distinct consumer types says a report just out from market information provider TNS. According to the report, titled “Evolving Luxury”, which is based on findings from the company’s 2008 annual survey of Chinese consumers*, as levels of consumer sophistication increase, the driving force behind the middle classes’ urge to splurge takes high spending shoppers in one of two clear directions - the need to express their individuality or the need to ‘experience’.
Sledgehammer Communications which publishes Adoi magazine has added a new title to its portfolio. Marketing will be published in Malaysia building on the strength of the advertising publication. Marketing was first published in London many years ago and more than fifteen magazines can now be found with this masthead. Sledgehammer Communications has the advantage in that it knows the Malaysian market well.
KUALA LUMPUR, Asia Pulse - Media Prima Berhad (KLSE:4502), Malaysia's largest media group, has recorded a 39.1 per cent jump in interim pre-tax profit due to lower finance costs as well as the continued improvement in the operational results of associate New Straits Times (NSTP).

KUALA LUMPUR: A grand alliance between two of Southeast Asia's wealthiest tycoons, Malaysian T. Ananda Krishnan and Indonesian James Riady, has collapsed into an acrimonious face-off that could lock their businesses in a bitter legal battle.


LONDON - Mother has landed the £35 million pan-European advertising account for Diet Coke following a pitch against undisclosed agencies.

The agency's first work will be a campaign for Diet Coke and Coke Light that will run across all of Coca-Cola's European markets, including the UK.

Mother's appointment is expected to have a significant impact on the work that VCCP does for the brand. The agency has handled the UK advertising account since October 2004, but was not asked to pitch for the pan-European brief.

LONDON - A TV ad for Apple's iPhone has been banned after the ad watchdog ruled that it misled buyers over internet access.

Apple claimed in the commercial that its latest iPhone model allows owners of the coveted mobile phone access to all parts of the internet.

The spot attracted complaints from two viewers who said the ad was misleading because the phone does not support Flash or Java software, both integral to many web sites.

Air Asia's offer of one million free tickets to fliers throughout the world - launched yesterday - came with some amusing and creative restrictions that are sure to have eager beavers scratching their heads.

For example, it is impossible to know the travel dates of the free tickets, except through trial and error.

PETALING JAYA: Media Chinese International Ltd (MCI), a leading Chinese language media group, posted a net profit of RM28.8mil for the first quarter ended June 30, a 154.6% jump from RM11.3mil in the previous corresponding period.

Confidence in leaders is at a 10-year-low, according to the 2008-2009 Global Leadership Forecast, a bi-annual study conducted by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a global human resource-consulting firm.

Since 1999, when the Leadership Forecast first measured organisations’ perceptions of their leaders, HR confidence in leaders has declined steadily, with only 35 percent citing high confidence in the most recent survey. “This deterioration of confidence is a sign that leaders aren’t meeting the needs of the organisation,” said Angy Wong, General Manager of DDI Malaysia. “Every business leader needs to take note of this if they want to grow their organisation.”
Omnicom Media Group (OMG) has just completed the fieldwork of its consumer journey study - named “Pathway Study” - in eight Asian markets, covering China, India, HK, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. The results of the study will be released in Malaysia early November.
28 August 2008
Management visionary Peter Drucker observed that ‘the aim of marketing was to make selling superfluous’. The observation remains valid in spite of all the changes that have happened since. But in the context of marketing in the 21st century, it opens up a new reality for brands.
28 August 2008
Consumers across all cultures have a strong need for simplification and they are constantly seeking various ways of risk reduction. Brands are a typical way of reducing risk during this process and brands help to reinforce the choices of consumers. But at the same time, the target audiences are becoming more and more sophisticated in their information gathering and purchase behaviors.
28 August 2008
Beverages that support healthy diets are among the world’s fastest growing food and beverage categories, according to the latest study released by ACNielsen Global Services, an operating unit of The Nielsen Company. The Executive News Report, titled What’s Hot Around the Globe –
28 August 2008
Point of Sale, always moving like a stealth player grew 25% last year, propelled mainly by FMCG advertisers, making this medium one of the fastest over the past 10 years. RADIO AND CINEMA GROW LESS THAN 10% On Radio, ZenithOptimedia CEO Gerald Miranda observes..
28 August 2008
The Webster dictionary says, “Convergence is the act of converging and especially moving toward union and uniformity.” As we know, Digital Convergence in the media industry is the coming together of voice, print, video and data formats brought upon by digital technology.
28 August 2008
Created by Dentsu and produced by VHQ, the 40-second spot is driven by an infectious re-score of “Hello,Hello” a track by an Australian band, Cat’s Empire. The multi-media campaign consists of tv, press
Where does one buy an underwater camera? Why, at an underwater camera shop, of course.

Olympus has introduced the first underwater camera shop. The brainchild of BBDO/Proximity Malaysia, the idea was developed to further accentuate Olympus’ waterproof and shockproof features. The launch gambit of the Olympus shockproof and waterproof second half collection took place underwater at Crown Plaza Hotel & Resorts today. The distinctive and innovative idea was emphasized by creating a scenario that depicted a salesman trying to persuade buyers to purchase the latest Olympus µ1050 SW model. Invited guests were enthralled and amazed by the scene taking place underwater via two television screens.
ASIA-PACIFIC - Former Y&R regional creative brand planning director Robert Campbell will rejoin his ex-boss Chris Jaques at M&C Saatchi on 1 September, to head up a new brand consultancy called Sunshine.
MALAYSIA. Eraman, the wholly owned retail subsidiary of Malaysian Airports Holdings Bhd, will introduce more than five new brands at its open-concept shopping mall at the Contact Pier, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), which opens in late October.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Pan Pacific KLIA yesterday, Eraman Malaysia Head of Division Merchandising Core Products Elina Jamaluddin revealed Eraman as the first Malaysian travel retailer to launch cosmetics brands Laneige (from South Korea) and Stila at its up-and-coming ‘Lifestyle Mall’ in KLIA.

The internet is set to overtake radio and become the world’s third most popular advertising medium behind TV and print, according to media communications agency Carat.

Carat forecast that the internet’s global share of advertising spend will rise to 8.6 per cent in 2008, up from 7.3 per cent in 2007, overtaking radio which is set to drop from 7.5 per cent to 7.4 per cent, behind TV’s forecast share of 41.2 per cent and newspaper and magazine’s combined print share of 36 per cent.

After a regional website reported that Malaysia Airlines had put its creative business up for review yesterday, with 5 agencies in the running, Malaysia Airlines issued an immediate rebuttal.
For the ninth year, Corporate Malaysia got a good excuse to leave the office early to join a rat race of a different kind.
The Edge and Bursa Malaysia were once again co-organisers of the Kuala Lumpur Rat Race®, a unique event which benefits the needy. The latest edition was held on Aug 19, 2008.
Ashish Bhasin, chairman (India) & CEO (Southeast Asia), Aegis Media, the world’s fastest-growing marketing communications company, feels most media companies are caught in a time warp and are living in an unreal world. It is time they took a quantum leap and ushered in radical changes to adapt to the new world, he tells Yogesh Saigal.
Credit where credit’s due…Evidently someone in The Guardian’s art department has some classic vinyl at home: compare the cover for yesterday’s Guardian Weekend (above) with the sleeve art from hard rock band Mama Lion’s 1972 album Preserve Wildlife (below):
26 August 2008
The weather is warming up here which is a nice change, don’t get me wrong, I do like the snow, but after a while the novelty wears off and the wind that cuts through you like a knife can all become a bit much.
26 August 2008
Let’s get this straight right from the start. I’ve been in the biz of advertising, marketing, and what used to be simply Direct Marketing, a discipline that has since evolved into CRM … for a long time.
26 August 2008
For those that work in the agency industry, there are only two types of people – those who produce advertising – and the rest. Quite often ‘the rest’ have tried to ‘dabble’ in advertising, rather than just specialise on what they are good at.
When the Tune Hotels guys approached us to build their website we knew that there would inevitably be two considerations: lots of red, and a really big price point (after all, this was the same bunch responsible for Airasia, and they’d achieved considerable success doing just that - lots of red and a big price point, that is).
26 August 2008
With consecutive sales declines and negative press, by spring 2004, M&S was left wide-open to a second virtual take-over bid. in order to turn M&S fortunes around, a revamp of communications were needed to serve as a public declaration of M&S’s confi dence and commitment to change, and turn the tide of negative PR.
26 August 2008
A recent report by Goldman Sachs discussed the coming of age of the Asian century. The report analyzed the impending domination of China and India as economic and technological powerhouses in the global scene.
26 August 2008
Just because you have a trademarked brand name does not mean that you have a brand. I make a strong distinction between a brand and business because while both of them are there to make money for their owners, they are structurally very different.
26 August 2008
A new study released this week by Forrester Research with research done with 150 US based companies is pretty revealing. In it, companies were asked to use the ‘net promoter score’, a method of measuring loyalty and comparing it across industries

Nice to catch up, SP !
Happy non-halal year, Ham. With a name like yours, you should do
26 August 2008

Yahoo! Southeast Asia began its series of ‘Yes!’ Seminars to help media professional better utilize the growing online media on MAR 8 at the KL Hilton Hotel. Developed in partnership with MindShare, Arc Worldwide, the Malaysian Advertisers Association and ADOI Magazine, it drew more

Reader’s Digest, Asia’s biggest selling English monthly magazine, is expanding and has refreshed the look of its great content.

The revitalization includes a new logo on the cover, eight new pages of editorial copy and a fresh look to the layouts. The new copy includes “Unbelievable!” - a new column by prolific writer and Hong Kong’s best-selling novelist, Nury Vittachi. The monthly column light-heartedly examines the absurd as well as the pressing issues in today’s Asia. A new advice column – which is far from the matronly advice you’d expect – has been launched to further interact with our readers. There’s also “Last Laugh”, a funny cartoon on the last page of the magazine. A place where people end their read, or begin it.
The IAB are thrilled to announce the appointment of Nicki Lynas, former Senior Manager in the Entertainment & Media practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as our new head of research.

LONDON - Advertising spend in China is expected to grow by 20% this year and another 20% in 2009 thanks not only to the country hosting the Olympic Games, but to growing consumer power and urbanisation, according to a GroupM report.

DENVER (AdAge.com)- The Obama campaign's senior director of domestic policy spent nearly an hour on Monday talking about plans for attacking childhood obesity. Absent from the discussion was mention of any advertising or marketing restrictions on "junk food."
Retail media specialist MagiqADs Sdn Bhd, has beefed up its operations by growing their client service team to better serve the needs of media buyers and agencies and bringing on board Melvin Low. Sailendra K. (or Sai as he is more popularly known), CEO of MagiqADs says “Every client’s products are different, with a unique brand values. By increasing and dividing our sales force along brand lines we are able to increase our ability to become brand specialists. Our sales team has more than doubled. This is to accommodate the growing volume of our inventory, and to provide a faster turn-around.”
BY THE SLEDGEHAMMER. OK, OK, I can’t help myself! The latest hit comedy with my namesake Singh is Kinng was too tempting to excuse from the headline. And let me just add that the title of this movie inspired this article.

Now back to earthly pursuits in the world of advertising. This week we’ll talk a little about clients, also referred to as advertisers, and their kingly ways.
25 August 2008
When the Tune Hotels guys approached us to build their website we knew that there would inevitably be two considerations: lots of red, and a really big price point (after all, this was the same bunch responsible for Airasia, and they’d achieved considerable success doing just that - lots of red and a big price point, that is).
25 August 2008
The lifeblood of any agency is new business. It drives and motivates people. It brings out their best talents.
25 August 2008
The other day, my dad mentioned that he’s considering terminating his newspaper subscription (this is a man who has religiously read the paper from cover to cover daily for the past 40 years). His reason: “Why pay money for all those advertisements when all I want is the news?”
25 August 2008
Recently, at a family dinner, a 14-year-old nephew remarked about the Stadium Astro ad to his cousins to which one of them excitedly replied, “I like the basketball one!” and, “Which one do you like?” A brief discussion ensued about that ad and its robotic characters with the word ‘transformers’ inevitably uttered several times.
25 August 2008
In the war of brands, fortune favours the first. We have shown that the easiest way for a brand to become No. 1 is by getting into the market first because being first allows that brand to establish itself in the minds of customers before anyone else.
25 August 2008
Lenovo and Acer are both computer brands from Asia. They both face similar competition inside and beyond Asia. Acer built its brand over the years and Lenovo leapfrogged on IBM’s brand equity. But in spite of these similarities, one striking factor differentiates these two cases – the Country-of-Origin (COO) of these two brands. Acer hails from Taiwan and Lenovo from Peoples Republic of China.
25 August 2008
My contention has always been that even a flawed product can be marketed, if it is marketed as it is. Flawed. And you can sell a flawed product, flawed as it is, successfully, if you identify and target prospects that are likely to accept or at least tolerate the flaws.
25 August 2008
Brand websites have evolved with time. Starting off as a source of company information (that is where .com comes from) they evolved into delivering lifestyle relevant content with some brand messages integrated and now that evolution continues incorporating elements from the Web 2.0 space - forums, personal pages, video sharing, blogs… you name it.
Universal McCann has appointed Adrian Toy as Regional Interactive Director for Asia in a continuing build-up of digital media capabilities across the region. Toy will work on groundbreaking digital communications for the world’s pre-eminent high technology client list including Intel and Microsoft, as well as accelerating initiatives online by the agency’s traditional marketers.
25 August 2008
Launched in October 2006, TNT Malaysia's OOH campaign hits Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya with posters, billboards and pillar wraps in high-traffic areas. The effort is TNT's largest out-of-home ad campaign to date.
25 August 2008

The Malaysian Reserve, the nation’s latest financial daily, hit the streets on May 28 to feed the increasing demand for business and financial news.
The newspaper, carrying the tagline ‘All Business Daily’, came about to fill the gap in the Malaysian media landscape.

25 August 2008
The primary objective of boardrooms is to build and sustain shareholder value, and deliver competitive returns to shareholders. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to build brands with strong brand equity.
KUALA LUMPUR: Celebrities, corporate figures and even beauty queens are expected to take a ‘swing for charity,’ on the green fairways of the Saujana Golf and Country Club come Tuesday, 26 August. The event is expected to be the talk of the town as the golfers take shots at winning the magnificent BMW on offer for a hole-in-one.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) Asia Pacific has restructured its creative department to have three Creative Directors, each running major pieces of the Agency’s business.

25 August 2008
The word friend is defined as a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. And as new words and meanings are required to keep up with the digital new world order, a new definition can be added: a person attached to another by the click of a mouse. It’s literally as simple as that. And as such, Friendster. com allows you to have as many as 50,000 friends. Which could put a dent in your wallet come Hari Raya or Christmas, or you can start your own virtual religion.
25 August 2008
It’s six months to yet another attempt at New Year resolutions... and hopefully some year-end bonus if the business plan numbers are hit. The region is booming, everyone’s optimistic, so how bad can it get?
25 August 2008

Over 140 years ago, Charles Darwin spoke about change in the context of natural selection and its impact on evolution. I can’t help but suspect that while he was writing The Origin of Species, he fell into a Nostradamus-like trance and predicted how relevant the concept will be to the Internet and its impact on the advertising industry.

Beginning his career in the NST in 1978, V.Gunasagaram moved into the audio-visual world of television as pioneering staff for TV3 in 1985. From there, Guna, as he is better known, spent a challenging career until he came upon a crossroads. One route will take him along the same path offering the same material rewards, and the other promised an intrinsically rewarding experience.
In a recent joint venture with Mesdaq-listed Scicom (MSC) Bhd with marketing company Consult Alliance Singapore, emerged a new company Jade Apple Marketing Sdn Bhd with offices in KL and Singapore.
25 August 2008
In early May, almost 70 TBWA-ISC\Malaysia Group employees were treated to an incentive trip to Holland to experience the many splendors the country has to offer. The trip began with an inspiring visit to the TBWA\ office in Amstelveen, which is currently the most successful agency in Holland, having produced award winning work and ideas.
25 August 2008
PowerScreen, Malaysia’s No. 1 Out-Of-Home TV network operator continues to aggressively pursue unbridled improvement using its trademark flair and resourcefulness.
25 August 2008
This must be one of the most over-used phrases as 500 pitches get wrapped up all over Asia every month. The client is usually too embarrassed to tell the truth, the agency too subservient to ask for more. The phone call is always short, both trying to end the call as quickly as possible. Why does life have to be like this?
25 August 2008
Consumers across all cultures have a strong need for simplification and they are constantly seeking various ways of risk reduction. Brands are a typical way of reducing risk during this process and brands help to reinforce the choices of consumers.
25 August 2008

There are many others more qualified than I to go on about writing. That is, there are many others more qualified to explain the ins and outs of someone responsible for the words required to actually sell something.

25 August 2008
It takes a lot to make things new, especially in advertising. The world has never been more saturated with marketing logos, messages, images and branding. They’re on the mug that holds your morning coffee, the radio in your car, the walls of your train car and even in the pages of the restaurant menu at lunch.
25 August 2008
ONE OF MY STAFF ASKED ME RECENTLY IF WE SHOULD start experimenting with Silverlight, Microsoft’s newish technology for animation and video streaming. Flash is so deep-rooted in the industry, that I found myself saying, “Nah, why would we need it?” If that’s my own knee-jerk reaction to a very relevant question (and I’m an enlightened, open-minded, educated columnist!), then one can only imagine the epic uphill battle Microsoft is going to face in promoting their competitive product to developers, animators and videographers.
With your extensive experience in the media arena, what do you perceive as “innovative” in both design and implementation of OOH media campaigns?

Think the days of unscrupulous SEO "experts" are gone? Think again. Here's a list of techniques being used to scam clients out of money.

In my last article, I discussed the best way to use SEO services. I received a surprising amount of email from readers, all of whom had unhappy experiences with SEO. Quite a few complained that they had burned a great deal of money and got a great deal of nothing back for it. Many of the complaints they had surprised me. People complained about SEO suppliers doing things that I thought we had long ago eliminated. I thought the marketing community had smartened up and driven the SEO carpetbaggers out of town. I guess I was wrong.

Globe7 HK and New Straits Times Press (NSTP) have entered into a strategic partnership to offer casual gaming on the company's popular Malay language Web site.
The New Straits Times Press was established on July 15, 1845, making it the oldest English-language newspaper in Malaysia.
KUALA LUMPUR - Speculation is mounting that the RM150 million (US$44 million) Tourism Malaysia (TM) advertising account will be reviewed if the Government body’s director-general Mirza Mohd Taiyab is found guilty of corruption charges.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia has the potential to achieve its aspiration of becoming a global herbal hub as more people are turning away from modern medicines, says Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations, Datuk Dr Maximus Johnity Ongkili.

"This is my favourite part of the job," confides Tony Fernandes as he hefts a suitcase onto a trolley.

"I earmark at least three hours a day to be away from my desk."

22 August 2008
Everyone must know by now that the 30 second tvc is dead. It is dead because in our present world of generalized message bombardment, mass communica- tions are being massively ignored. Especially among the young. And, of course, the death of “30 second tv commercials” is just another way of announcing a broader communication plague. The old ways of singing a single note to a large, disparate group of passive individuals are falling on increasingly deaf ears. So what to do?
22 August 2008
When india opened its economy to foreign competition in the early 1990s, it was termed a phased liberalization. Government decided to retain full control over certain sectors deemed sensitive by not allowing any foreign investment.

The Global Brand Forum, touted as the "Davos of Branding", was recently held in Singapore, bringing together some global mavericks to reveal their approaches to brand building.

The writer, Sivananthi, with Wales at the Global Brand forum Even the theme, Maverick Approach to Brand Building, was unconventional as most Asian marketers prefer to take the tried and tested route to creating brands.

22 August 2008
While the storm surrounding intellectual property rights rages on, a group of forward thinking individuals has quietly been making some waves of heir own. That group is the Creative Commons. And who they are, what they stand for, what their goals are, what they’ve achieved and why you should even care are the subjects of this article.

NEW YORK - Microsoft is challenging Apple's 'cool' credentials with a new $300m (£170m) ad campaign featuring the comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Seinfeld will be one of the key celebrities in the campaign, appearing in ads alongside Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates -- himself something of a celebrity.

22 August 2008
The tangential growth of internet traffic and commerce is at a critical stage now. In many parts of the world, Internet advertising is growing at a much faster rate than traditional print and broadcast advertising. One of the pioneers of new media in Malaysia is Mobile88.com, a website that offers information and commercial opportunities in the arena of handsets and PDAs. After having trod a long and winding road over the years, it is one of Malaysia’s leading websites today.

LONDON - Intel is to build Yahoo! widgets into new TV chips to allow consumers to enjoy internet applications while watching their favourite programmes.

22 August 2008
GET READY, FOLKS… THERE’S A NEW BUZZ abbreviation a-comin’ and it goes hand-in-hand with the social networking craze I wrote about in May. UGC will surely be emblazoned across many of the industry seminar pamphlets (and HTML e-mails) in 2008 because there are billions of dollars up for grabs and the growth seems unstoppable.
In the same way that last week’s storms cleared the skies above Beijing, the start of the athletics at the iconic ‘Bird’s Nest’ National Stadium has brought the crowds, breaking the drought of visitors on the Olympic Green.

KUALA LUMPUR: Budget carrier AirAsia X said yesterday it plans to fly to Britain in March with London’s Stansted airport the likely destination, and that high fuel prices will not deter its expansion plans.

The Malaysia-based long-haul budget carrier had planned to launch flights to Britain in December but difficulties in securing a leased airplane forced it to postpone its expansion plans.

MEDIA PRIMA BERHAD, MALAYSIA’S leading media group having dominated local television, acquired radio stations and added print and outdoor media to its repertoire, has now unveiled a new diversification strategy using a complete range of advanced online systems to operate an online media distribution network, aptly named New Media.
The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre played host to 3,000 delegates from 90 countries worldwide who attended the 16th World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2008) held there from May 18 – 22.

Astro is banking on the country’s youth population to generate fresh and innovative ideas to win a berth at this year’s United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (UN GAID) Global Youth Forum to be held from 21 – 24 October in Armenia.

ADOI talks to the leaders of the Malaysian Advertisers Association.

At the recent Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) AGM Perodua’s Peter Anthony Das was returned as President and V. Kanesan of Scomi was installed as Vice President. As part of their renewed vigour to revitalize the MAA or better known as the 2As, ADOI spoke to both veterans of the challenges that lie ahead in an industry that is changing by the day…

22 August 2008
eo Burnett Singapore rolled out an ambient piece for Nippon Paint’s Weatherbond product recently at the bustling Marina Square Shopping Mall – one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore.
When Adoi sat down to talk to hybrid agency Spiral Integrated, we had our very first impression right from the design of the office flushed in splashes of reds, the bustling of the young team with task at hand to creative lingo exchanges.
22 August 2008

Tourism Malaysia’s ‘Malaysia: Truly Asia' international campaign, as conceived since 1999 and produced by Integrated Strategic Communications (ISC), has bagged three Gold Awards in the PATA Gold Awards 2007 marketing media category for broadcast, print and website.

Johnnie Walker has launched its latest Keep Walking campaign – THE PACT - at Red Square (Capital Square) with Riche Monde Malaysia’s Managing Director, Frederic Noyere.

“Behind every great man are greater friends.” adds Brand Manager of Johnnie Walker Malaysia Hemanth Jayaraman, “The PACT is designed to motivate people from all walks of life, primarily the generation of younger adult to pursue their dreams and never let failure break them through the camaraderie, the sense of brotherhood and the dedication to one another.”

Stephen Allan, previously CEO of GroupM UK, has been named Chairman & CEO of MediaCom Worldwide, succeeding Alexander Schmidt-Vogel, who has taken on the newly established role of CEO Global Trading of GroupM Worldwide.

21 August 2008
I read this week that in the us, the heads of two agencies (one media and one creative........ err, one called Carat, one called Ogilvy) had a public fight at a discussion on who is in charge of the communications process.
21 August 2008
style="margin-bottom: 0in">I read this week that in the us, the heads of two agencies (one media and one creative........ err, one called Carat, one called Ogilvy) had a public fight at a discussion on who is in charge of the communications process.
21 August 2008
SONY - one of the pre-eminent global consumer electronics brand which has enjoyed unparallel brand equity and loyalty is surprisingly a classic case study for what a brand should not do to erode its own brand standing in the market place.
21 August 2008
I was summoned to my mother's two Sundays ago for a tea party and was introduced to one of her friends. She wanted to know what I did for a living and was surprised when I said "Online Marketing". Lo and behold, she used to be a Senior Media Director at a well-known agency and retired about 6 months ago.
21 August 2008
STANDARD CHARTERED BANK has been sponsoring the annual Marathon in Singapore for the past couple of years. Standard Chartered Bank is a global financial institution headquartered out of London. As can be gathered, banking is not directly or indirectly related to a running event such as a marathon.
21 August 2008
He walked into the darkened room to the muffled sounds of central air and keyboard clacking. His third and final iris scan had opened the metre-thick gateway to his 9-to-5 and it was the beginning of another working day.
21 August 2008
TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT PROVIDES increasing communication ease to businesses; but simultaneously raises consumers’ standards and expectations. What was perceived as “effective communication” ten years ago is no longer viewed as “sufficient” today.
21 August 2008
A LIST APART, AN ONLINE RESOURCE FOR people in the Web design business, recently conducted the “first ever” survey of Web design/ developer professionals around the world. Yeah, I didn’t get a call either. Still, 33,000 others did and they’ve made it clear there are still some strong biases present in the field.
21 August 2008
There's a girl who works as an account manager at XM who is pretty normal in most aspects of life. She works hard, she fights for what she believes in, she has dim sum with her parents on Sundays, she hates walking in crowded malls and she just broke up with her boyfriend. But the biggest bane in her life right now is that she can't access
21 August 2008

“Leafleting is highly untargeted and costly not to mention environmentally hazardous - why pay for a PR team to give out a limited supply of leaflets to the few that pick them up (who may then just as quickly discard them), when you could send out an unlimited amount of Bluetooth messages to anyone passing with a Bluetooth enabled phone”

ITS 6PM AND JACK CAN’T WAIT TO GET OUT of the office and hang out with his buddies at the local watering hole. By the time the minute hand hits 12, he dashes out the office door faster than his boss could say “hmph!”

After the agonizing transit in the elevator, Jack is finally taking the day’s final walk to his favorite hangout. He sees his friends and they seem pretty preoccupied with their mobile phones.

As Jack approaches, he notices several large signage. It says “ Turn On Your Bluetooth Now! & Get Freebies!”. “Huh?! Freebies on my phone?” Jack mumbled silently. Since his phone does have Bluetooth features, like most phones do nowadays, Jack decided to turn on his Bluetooth application. As he said hi to his mates, he suddenly felt a buzz in his hands. It was his mobile with a message on his screen that read, “You have files being sent by BlueCue. Accept or Deny?”. Looking up, he realized his friends were anticipating for him to accept the file sent through the Bluetooth channel and he accepted. To his amazement a short video clip of a soft drink commercial appeared on his screen and followed by a mobile voucher that states that for his purchase of the soft drink within the next five minutes entitles him to another one for absolutely free.

He and his friends couldn’t stop talking about the soft drink and how it easy it was for them to receive information on their mobile. No SMS or MMS cost to worry about. Fun info and loads of mobile content absolutely free. It pays to turn your Bluetooth when cued. Especially if its powered by BlueCue!

The above is just one scenario out of a limitless number of scenarios in which BlueCue becomes a solution. If you want to engage consumers and engage them personally, BlueCue is the answer. Read on to know more..


BlueCue is a product of Hybrid Communications (HC). Backed up by a strong team of very experienced individuals, BlueCue has now become THE buzzword when it comes to engagement marketing tools.

85% of the mobile phones in Malaysia comes with Bluetooth features. Initially the application was meant to pair mobile phones to wireless headphones and mic. After which, it evolved into a platform that could connect two different devices and allow them to exchange files or content without having to worry about absolute clear line of sight and proximity.

Now, it has naturally evolved into a system that could not only broadcast information to Bluetooth enabled devices over a large space, but also act as an interactive machine that is able to handle requests and push specifically requested content.

This is the stage where the full potential blooms.

WHAT IS BlueCue?

BlueCue is basically a hub that has been designed, in terms of software and hardware, to cater to broadcasting mobile content using the Bluetooth platform. BlueCue has ability to send out information to bluetooth enabled devices once the devices have been “discovered” and have agreed to receive content form the BlueCue hub.

Of course, in order to get users of the bluetooth enabled devices to turn on and download content needs a rather simple form of persuasion. Signage are used to inform the consumers that they are in an Active Bluetooth Location. The signage also states that “discoverable” devices stand a chance to receive free mobile downloads. These include m-vouchers, video clips, ringtones, true tones, message alerts, news highlights, wallpapers, screensavers and loads of other cool mobile contents.

The BlueCue system not only sends out content in random order, but can also be customized to send out scheduled contents, limited edition contents, push and pull services, upload applications to receiving devices, user-database confi gured services and even provides reports for the transactions that have taken place.

To summarize, BlueCue is versatile, customizable, relevant, appealing and very conducive communication tool. Another strong point is that BlueCue is a trackable system that does not just provide numbers but statistical information that can boost offerings.



Here are a some of the areas in which BlueCue can be applied.

Shopping Malls / Centre

With a stream of people and no guarantee they’ll enter your store, why not reach out and invite them in? Sending offers or details about your seasonal lines, vouchers or even a randomchance prize promotion will help ensure people leave the mall or shopping centre with your goods in their shopping bags rather than your competitor’s.

Schools and Universities

It is estimated that 81% of 16-24 year olds have mobile phones, most of which will have Bluetooth enabled. This means that Bluetooth transmission can be an excellent method of informing and communicating with students. An excellent use of BlueCue is during Orientation week; sending information to guide students around the campus and even provides downloadable maps. Another excellent use is using BlueCue to get your institution noticed at careers fairs; in a sea of choices especially post 16, BlueCue provides a method to put your courses and offerings right at the forefront of the fair.


While people stand in the queue for the cashier, do you ignore them? Or do you send them your latest banking offers direct to where they like to receive messages? When people walk past the bank does the window poster offering an excellent rate on a mortgage? Reach out and send out the offer and invite them in!

Night Clubs, Bars and Cafes

In a highly competitive market, why should revelers choose your venue? Perhaps because whilst walking through a busy city centre street they receive a message promising a discounted entry or drinks offer combined with the reassurance of a great night out. Leafleting is highly untargeted and costly not to mention environmentally hazardous - why pay for a PR team to give out a limited supply of leaflets to the few that pick them up (who may then just as quickly discard them), when you could send out an unlimited amount of Bluetooth messages to anyone passing with a Bluetooth enabled phone. They would still have to agree to accept the message, but our experience is that people like receiving messages on their phones. With our experience in design and advertising, we can work with you to translate that initial interest into a customer walking in..

Public places/ festivals/ local events

Want to give helpful advice, downloadable maps and directions to the public? Perhaps at a large multi-venue festival? We can setup BlueCue zones to allow you to help the public. If it’s a large festival people may not know what’s going on when they move to different stages and venues. However, a program of events to come sent via Bluetooth direct to their pockets and onto their phones, will involve them into the action as quickly as possible! Trategic partners can also put together “Interactive Billboards” allowing visitors to download videos or images onto their mobiles simply by standing looking at the poster. These could be adverts for events coming up or general promotional material about the festival. We believe our BlueCue solution could really help people get the most from the festival or public space!

As long as you got something to say, BlueCue conveys!

21 August 2008
DESPITE A BACKDROP OF EVOLVING NEW media choices and hanging consumer habits, traditional media continue to sustain their mass audience presence, according to the Nielsen Media Index 2007 survey. Meanwhile Internet and Cable Television, traditionally seen as ‘new’ or ‘alternative’ media, have strengthened their foothold in the mass media consumption palette in Singapore over the past years and move a step closer to ‘mainstream’ media status with about half the population viewing cable TV weekly and slightly more than half using Internet daily.
IT IS SAID 150 MILLION TIMES A DAY, SOMEONE somewhere chooses a Unilever product. From feeding your family to keeping your home clean and fresh, their brands are part of everyday life. So running a corporation that bears the Unilever name is bound to make any CEO enjoymore than a few bragging rights. But this was not to be, when I met Noel Lorenzana.
When I first met John Merrifield, it was more than 25 years ago, when he stumbled into McCann-Erickson Singapore as a globetrotting surfer (some things never change). Then I lost touch with him until he one day showed up at the world’s biggest award shows staking his claim to the stage. That’s why when John visited Malaysia recently to do a 2-day workshop for ADOI, it was more than just a meeting of old friends. Apart from him carrying an Irish passport these days, ADOI catches him out of the water for some rapid-fire banter…

It was tough, but eventuallywe got people to walk on air...

You are a manic surfer. Tell us all about it… has your work ever got in the way?

There’s an old saying: “Only a surfer knows the feeling.” Like most of those old sayings, it’s true. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I’ll give it a try.

Imagine you’re on top of a two-storey house. Lie down on the roof with your head sticking over the side. Pretend you’re on your mum’s old ironing board. Start paddling furiously and launch yourself over the edge. Instead of aluminium siding, you’re looking down at a shimmering, crystal-clear wall of blue (your house is obviously on a remote Indonesian island). As you start to move, you jump up on that ironing board and freefall to the bottom, your toes barely in contact with the board. Just as you near the ground the ironing board’s fins bite into the wall and you crank a bottom turn to the right. The entire second storey of the house seems to be pitching out overhead. You look down and see finger coral and Angel Fish sliding by. The house is now completely enveloping you and sunshine is suddenly extinguished. All you can see is a sliver of light at the end of this churning liquid tunnel. The noise is deafening. You trail your right hand along the wall and weight or un-weight accordingly, adjusting your speed to the speed of the curling wall. Just as you think you might not make it you get spat out of the barrel, a burst of warm spray hitting your back as if fired from some sort of aqua shotgun.

It’s the best ten seconds of your life. You spend the rest of your days making sure you experience this feeling time and time again. As far as the second part of your question goes … hell yes. Any day behind a desk is a day you’re not in the water. And a day not in the water is a wasted day.

TBWA\Singapore has been on a roll since you started basing yourself out of there, with wins like SIA and so on. Surely this is no coincidence …

I wish I could make the connection but nothing would be further from the truth. I’ve had little or no involvement in the Singapore operations since I moved there from Tokyo. In fact, in the year since I’ve been back, I’ve been in Singapore a total of 3 weekends out of 52.

Phil, Graham and their teams have worked very hard to achieve this success. They’re certainly on a roll. But I can tell you they’re working even harder to turn that success into bloody great work. That’s the real challenge. And the only thing that matters.

You were recently deputised to lead a global pitch for TBWA\ on behalf of John Hunt who couldn’t be around because he was scheduled for surgery. Tell us about the pitch…

I can tell you about half of it, the other half is still going on.

We were approached by a huge electronics manufacturer to take part in a pitch for the global launch of their latest televisions. We pulled together teams from TBWA\London, Tequila London, Stream London and Agency. com London and New York. Then we gathered all these different disciplines around a table in London. Something must have clicked as we won the business.

Now we’ve been asked to take part in a pitch for the entire brand. I think it’s probably the largest piece of global business up for grabs at the moment. The tendency, naturally, is not to muck up what went right the first time round, so we’ve basically gathered the same team together in the same war room with a couple of additions here and there. The presentation date is the second week of October.

Keep your fingers crossed. If you’ve jinxed it with this question, I’m gonna get you.

Tell us about your beach house in Bali?

It’s more a surf shack, to be honest. Calling it a house is a bit of a stretch. But it’s a surf shack that looks out over one of the best waves on the planet.

(I’ve been hanging out with the crew in Sanur for some 27 years. Together with Uluwatu and Nusa Dua, it’s one of the three hard-core surf crews in Bali.)

The house itself is small, just two bedrooms. One has a large bed and a wicked stereo, the other is full of surfboards. The living and dining room is outside overlooking the water. The front porch is about 12 metres from the beach. It sits next to a temple.

I could easily live there the rest of my life.

You’ve won every known creative award for your work on adidas. Obviously you have a great relationship with your client. Tell us about it. And what it takes to develop it…

Few things are more satisfying in this business than to win global recognition for worldclass work on a high profile brand.

It’s not surprising that some of the best work in the world happens when there’s a meeting of minds between the most senior decision maker and the most senior creative.

Look at Steve Jobs and Lee Clow. They’ve been getting together once a week for as far back as I can remember. Probably even further. Not only is there a mutual respect, there’s a desire to consistently challenge each other and in turn, invigorate the brand, the communication, even the touch points with which the audience and the brand intersect.

On a more basic level, the last thing you ever want to do is let down a friend.

So it is with Christophe Bezu, the President and CEO of adidas Asia Pacific.

We first met at the beginning of the millennium when I was at Saatchi’s Tokyo and he was the President of adidas Japan. We won the business for the upcoming World Cup and over the course of the next two years, met on a nearly daily basis. It isn’t often that you get to shape the communication for the main sports partner in the host country of the world’s largest sporting event.

A small group of about five of us from the agency worked unbelievably long hours, mostly out of fear. We simply didn’t want to drop the ball. And we didn’t. In fact, we went so far with some of the work that we managed to get the entire agency arrested. No small feat in a place like Tokyo. I still remember trying to convince a sobbing young account exec – worried about her parents finding out – that getting taken down to the public prosecutors office was a good thing.

What is it that you like about Malaysia, apart from Austen Zecha?

What is there not to like about Malaysia? The culture, the beaches and all the other ingredients that make up this wonderfully mad melting pot. Hell, you’ve even got the world’s only known advertising terrorist.

I tell you something I was truly impressed with. I was invited last year to be a member of the Kancils jury. It was a delightful experience, not least of which was for the camaraderie that exists among the Malaysian-based judges and ECD’s. There’s a real spirit here, one that truly revels in each other’s success.

There’s none of this catty sniping or talking behind each other’s back. I mean there probably is - I’m not naïve - but I didn’t detect a whiff of it. Very refreshing. Keep it up.

As for Austen, where does one begin? I’m sure more than a few trees would need to be felled to write down even the more memorable stories. If a man’s wealth is measured by the richness of his experiences and the tales he leaves behind, Austen is the Warren bleeding Buffet of Malaysia.

Just not as good looking.

I believe you only just started using a hand phone less than a year ago. How did you manage without a mobile phone? And more importantly, how did your team and clients manage?

Did I say I wasn’t naïve? Well, I was wrong. For my entire life I harboured this notion that I was never going to succumb to the man. Never going to give in. Never going to let the powers that be shape my destiny.

Aren’t we all a bit of an anarchist?

I’m not terribly proud to say that I’ve finally succumbed. I mean I thought I was going to be able to at least wait until apple came out with a phone, which I knew even years ago I’d be powerless to resist.

About a year and a half ago, Christophe and another chap at adidas named Uli Becker basically laid down the law. Either I get a phone or I can no longer work on the account. Damn.

What’s that old saying about a principle not being a principle unless it costs you money? Well, for about five seconds there, man, I was thinking of quitting. Seriously. How dare they? The cheek. Don’t they know whom they’re dealing with? Then I grew up.

Looking back, it’s kind of funny. When mobile phones first started appearing (those massive brick-like things) I was stoked because I knew I could never afford one. Then they got smaller and cheaper and the early adopters started adopting away. I still didn’t give it a second thought. They then became ubiquitous and I soon became an oddity. “You mean you don’t have one?” A few years later and not only was I odd, I was becoming selfish. “You’re doing it on purpose, aren’t you?” And it didn’t stop there. Selfish turned into rude. And rude evolved into a rabidly anti-social ingrate.

All because I didn’t want a hand phone. (And still don’t.)

You also worked at Saatchi’s Jakarta, how was that experience and why did you leave?

I love Jakarta, it one’s of the best-kept secrets in Asia. It’s 45 minutes from Bali, it’s chock full of interesting people and I happened to live there when the best bar in the world – Tanamur – was in its heyday.

It was my first stint as a Creative Director. I was able to make all the mistakes one makes, rather off the radar screen.

I’ll tell you a funny story, which again doesn’t support the theory that I’m not naïve.

It was my second day in the office and the previous creative director (who now was the planning director … go figure) had arranged to introduce me to a production company. They came into the boardroom and introduced themselves and soon played their show reel.

What a coincidence. It was almost the same reel as the agency’s reel. In fact, 19 out of 20 commercials on the agency reel had been shot by this production house, each one pretty much more woeful than the last.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the production house asked to speak to me in my office. He flattered me for a moment or two and then asked if I would give him my bank account details. I was aghast. I couldn’t possibly reveal such confidential information and I told him so. He looked perplexed and soon left.

It was only much later that someone explained to me that he wasn’t looking to take money out.

I never went in for that nonsense and we soon produced some nice work. My time there was prematurely aborted, however, when Droga phoned up one day and said he’d like me to take over Saatchi’s Hongkong. The fact that a column of tanks had rumbled past my office the month before had nothing to do with his decision.

You always preach ‘do what has never been done before’. But in this world of growing sameness, is this possible?

Ask some people and they’ll tell you there hasn’t been an original idea since a guy named Simon Anderson put three fins on a surfboard.

I dunno. Is everything derivative? You can argue either way.

I do know that when I first clocked the BMW films, I couldn’t help but feeling that the guys at Fallon had come up with something that was a complete departure – on so many levels – than anything that had come before.

I don’t think I was alone. It’s the reason the titanium award now exists.

(I’m interested to find out what metal is even more precious than titanium. Somewhere down the road, a piece of work will come along that will provide another step change.)

The point, however, is to try.

Tell us about your experience as Chairman of the Print, Innovative and Integrated jury for the Clios last year …

The Clios is probably the most rewarding judging gig there is, I was chuffed to be asked to be Chairman.

The guys who put it together run a class act. It’s always held in a different location, you’re sequestered with your jury for a week, and you’re put up in pretty flash digs. Tony Gulisano, the man on the scene for over 25 years, is an absolute legend.

It’s the one place where you really get to know each and every jury member. Half the jury doesn’t go home at night - as so often happens - so you end up hanging out with each other and working and playing hard.

This gives you the opportunity to learn from people who’s work you’ve often admired. I dig listening to people argue passionately for an idea or piece of work they believe in. How they shape their opinion, how they approach the work with such different eyes, that’s what it’s all about.

Of course there’s a mountain of work to go through. And we soon found ourselves disappointed with much of the Print on offer. Over 95% was the typical ‘Proster’: visual pun, logo in the bottom right hand, pithy line or an absence of words altogether … the art director’s wet dream.

We were struggling to find more than one or two gold-worthy pieces of work.

Next up was Innovative, a category I’m particularly fond of. Much to my chagrin, truly innovative pieces of work were few and far in between.

(A notable exception was a roadside idea from South America for P&G. An Ariel billboard that from a distance showed a stained white shirt with the words, ‘Ariel removes stains’. As you drive by the billboard, you discover that the big ink stain on the shirt had actually been placed on a stick about five metres in front of the billboard. Brilliant.)

Finally we got to the Integrated category. The fewest entries of any category and yet we were soon blown away by the quality of a dozen or so of them, each one more powerful than the last. A revelation.

Since you’ve spent so much time in advertising, what would you recommend to a high school student who’s keen to make advertising their career? What should one study to make them a great ad person. And why?

I’d be worried if a high school student was keen to make advertising their career for the simple fact that high school students should be thinking about playing sports, getting laid and concentrating on their studies just enough to get into a decent university.

(Worked for me.)

I’m not altogether sure about what makes a great ad person. I’ve probably worked with only one or two naturally gifted thinkers in my time, people who just seem to effortlessly get it.

Lee Clow is one, Dave Droga is the other.

For the rest of us, it’s more a matter of perspiration than inspiration. I would say, however, that having a natural curiosity is no bad thing. As is a certain anarchistic streak coursing (cursing?) through the veins.

It’s like that old joke: Q) How many art directors does it take to screw in a light bulb? A) Does it have to be a light bulb?

What is unfucktheworld.org all about?

Earlier this year, we invited Jonathan Kneebone of the Glue Society to come up and join us for a regional creative workshop.

If you’re familiar with his work you’ll know why we invited him. The Glue Society consistently come up with some of the cleverest and most memorable ideas on the planet. Their strike rate is remarkable.

We wanted this workshop to be different. We didn’t just want to sit around and show each other our output from the last 6 months. We wanted to be inspired by doing something inspiring.

So we expanded upon a notion that had been percolating in the Glue Society for a little while. We wanted to see if in the span of 48 hours we could collectively get off our backsides and do something for the world.

Create, execute and upload.

Since those two days in Bali we’ve gone on to spread the idea around. It’s not something we need to own ourselves, it’s something we want as many people from as many different disciplines or companies to join in on and have a bit of fun.

It’s an ongoing experiment. Check it out.

If you had a chance to relive your life, what would you choose to be?

With all the things going on in the world, with such a large portion of humanity enduring unimaginable hardships, it would be pretty churlish of me to look this gift horse I’ve been given in the mouth.

I surf. I live in Asia. I have three remarkable children. And hundreds of tolerant friends.

Having failed to enable his surfing to finance an enviable lifestyle, John emerged inSingapore, where an initial foray into adland was highlighted by six years at Batey Ads.

His debut as CD followed, a stint at Saatchi’s Jakarta that was aborted prematurely when tanks rumbled past the office. Dave Droga made him ECD of Saatchi’s Hong Kong and within two years the office had won their first Kam Fan (Grand Prix).

Persuaded to open a new Saatchi’s in Tokyo, he created an environment that was a radical departure for agencies in Japan. Its art gallery established a number of new artists, while the agency itself received the ultimate accolade: it was taken to the public prosecutor’s office in July 2002. (Its not often entire shops get arrested.)

John joined TBWA\Japan as Chief Creative Officer on April 1, 2003. Within five months, his ‘Vertical Football’ billboard for adidas had earned worldwide acclaim. A year later, the adidas ‘Impossible Sprint’ took the spectacle of the Olympic games to death-defying heights in both Hong Kong and Osaka.

He took on his current position as “Creative at large” of TBWA\Asia Pacific in September 2006. His remit includes everything from attracting top talent and spearheading regional and local pitches, to hot-housing with the network’s young bloods and inculcating a culture of creative innovation. He continues to work intimately with TBWA’s showcase clients, adidas chief among them.

Judges have awarded John multiple gold Lions at Cannes, multiple gold Pencils at the One Show, the Grand Clio and multiple golds at the Clios, Best Of Show (twice) plus multiple gold, silver and bronze Lotuses at AdFest, multiple gold and silver Spikes at the Asian Advertising Awards, multiple Pencils including gold at AWARD, the ADC prize (gold) in Tokyo, multiple acceptances in D&AD, Communication Arts and The Work book, as well as gold, silver and bronze awards in lesser shows around the world. He was named Asia’s Creative of the Year 2004. He topped the Creative Rankings in Asia/Pacific in 2004. He was named Chairman of the Print, Innovative and Integrated jury for the 2006 Clios. He was a member of the 2007 D&AD jury and has been asked to pass judgment on the work of others in Asia, America and Europe.

He would give it all back for more time in the water.

The Challenge

Mention ‘paint’ and Malaysians immediately think of the brand they grew up with – ICI. Nippon Paint wanted to change this and gave Naga DDB the task of overtaking ICI in top-of-mind consumer recall.

Ever since we launched the ‘What Colour Are You?’ campaign for Nippon Paint, every player in the market jumped on the bandwagon and wanted to ‘own’ colours as well.

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) has announced that the highly anticipated iPhone 3G will go on sale at 12.01am, 22 August. The new iPhone 3G combines all the revolutionary features of iPhone plus 3G networking that is twice as fast**, built-in GPS for expanded location-based mobile services, and iPhone 2.0 software which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs over 1,000 third party applications available through the new App Store.

20 August 2008
World's most creatively recognized network solidifies regional presence with launch of 4th agency in Malaysia TBWA strengthened its foothold in Malaysia with the opening of award winning creative hot shop, CREATIVE JUICE\SIL, to mark the network's rapid expansion in the region.

KUALA LUMPUR: Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the winners of the eighth annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards, recognized as one of the world’s premier student design and film competitions.

The awards honour the most talented and promising student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers and computer artists from renowned educational institutions around the globe. This year marked another record in submissions for the prestigious awards, with more than 2,700 students from 33 countries competing in the program.

From Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo, Mumbai to Shanghai and Beijing to Dubai and Bangkok, this Malaysian sports marketing company is playing the game like the pros.

Following the success of ATTIK’s global brand identity work for the Coke Red reposition and Coke Euro UEFA 2008 campaign, the company has been awarded three further Coca-Cola projects via Atlanta, Istanbul and London.

KUALA LUMPUR - Pakar Media’s managing director Mirza Mohammad Tariq has broken his silence following accusations that his agency had sponsored expensive dental treatments for his client, Tourism Malaysia (TM) director general Datuk Mirza Mohd Taiyab.
20 August 2008
TODAY’S MARKETERS ALREADY HAVE A TOUGH job - what with having to identify their customers’ needs, whims and wants, and all the while having to battle against the competition in a never-ending quest for the customers’ patronage and loyalty.
20 August 2008

As the Beijing Olympics get closer, a challenge that very sponsor is facing, is what does it take to break through the clutter and create impact – in short, what is needed to get a return on a sporting marketing investment?

20 August 2008

I’VE ALWAYS BELIEVED THAT THE RELATIONship between a client and his agency ought to be like a faithful, monogamous marriage. They should walk together, hand in hand, on a mutually beneficial path toward the contentment of ever-increasing sales. Forever and ever.

20 August 2008
CREATED BY SANRIO LTD, FOUNDED IN 1960 by Shintaro Tsuji, Hello Kitty is one of the truly phenomenal brands to emerge from Japan.
Malaysian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) should tap into Hong Kong and China ’s building and construction industry, which records one of the world’s highest rates of growth, says the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).
19 August 2008

I wonder how many Malaysians order products online.

Quite a few of my friends download movies. Or music. But there’s not always a monetary exchange involved, if you know what I mean.

19 August 2008

Reuters recently reported that this year, over 19 percent of all advertising budgets in the United Kingdom will be earmarked for digital media properties, which would make online the largest medium for advertising in that market. That means bigger than direct, bigger than print, bigger than radio and, yes, even bigger than television. “How can this be?” you may quietly ask yourself as you sit in a region where less than two percent of ad spend is allocated to that funny little fad called “The Internets” by some, “The InterWeb” or “them pipes” by others, and “a complete mystery” by many more. I believe Britain is simply showing us all that it was only a matter of time, and the ones that don’t feel the medium is a worthwhile investment are the same ones that can’t be bothered to find out the name of the darn thing.

Coca-Cola has been ranked top in the most comprehensive study to benchmark the marketing achievements in China of brands sponsoring the Beijing Olympics.

The global drinks giant has fought off powerbrands including China Mobile, Samsung, Volkswagen and McDonalds to take the highest score in TNS partner CSM Media Research’s Olympic Performance index (OP). The index underlines the enormous value that Coca-Cola will take out of its sponsorship of the 2008 Olympics – which has already grossed more in sponsorship than any previous Olympics event.
According to the results of a global survey of advertising agency chief executive officers, 60% of them said that economic conditions in their markets had worsened compared to the same time in 2007 and only 39% of the respondents felt that things would be better next year, yet the majority said so far clients are maintaining (46%) or increasing (15%) their advertising investment. North American advertising agency CEOs took a dimmer view of the state of their economy versus one year ago than their counterparts worldwide, with 65% saying that the economy in North American had worsened versus 53% of their counterparts globally.
SINGAPORE: Pulse Group PLC (Ticker: PGRP) Pulse Group PLC is pleased to announce today the launch of its new Singapore office, its third in the Asia-Pacific region. The office will act as a client development hub to service the regional market research buying centres based on the Island republic. The Singapore office will be lead by industry veteran Wiryadi Hamidon who brings to Pulse a wealth of experience in the Market Research, branding, and outsourcing space.
19 August 2008
IT’S GOOD TIMES AGAIN IF YOU’RE AN EXPERI enced and talented interactive creative type. Soon, it’s quite likely that the same will apply once more to those possessing only one of those two qualities; we can only hope it doesn’t get back to 1999-2000 levels where neither were critical…
19 August 2008
FIRSTLY, NONE OF THESE QUOTES ARE recent. However, they are already a fact of life on a global front and even here in Malaysia. Think about it – the internet penetration in Malaysia today is more than 60% of our population. From search engines to billions of content sites online; from free web-based emails to social networking sites; we already live in a borderless society. And we can’t deny that today’s internet audiences are getting what they want online… when they ask for it.
This article appeared on Malaysia Today's website on Thursday, 14 August 2008.
Yesterday morning, half the staff at the Ministry of Tourism's DG's office were in court to show support to their Boss who is being unfairly charged.

Sources say that Dato Mirza Mohd Taiyyab and his staff at the Ministry of Tourism have been a thorn in the side of Azalina Othman since she became its Minister. This is not by design. Taiyab has always been a simple and straight forward Civil Servant.
19 August 2008
WITH A MONTH TO GO BEFORE THE official opening of Terminal 3 (T3) on January 9, 2008, EYE unveils its latest range of digital advertising opportunities across all terminals at Singapore Changi Airport comprising a Broadcast Digital Network comprising Landscape Digital and Landmark LED screen. The Broadcast Digital Network with a range of digital advertising screens known as Digital Eyelites, trace the arriving, departing and business passengers’ airport journey. The multiple locations across Terminals 1, 2, 3 and JetQuay offer high frequency of messages.

The Landscape Digital reaches business travellers at airline lounge areas of Terminals 2 and 3. Made up of eighteen 42-inch digital screens with a measurement of 1.56m (h) x 5.56m (w), this site delivers unavoidable impact to the audience with its head-on orientation. EYE’s first-ever LED display at Singapore Changi Airport, the landmark LED screen at T3’s shopping street, is the largest digital display of its kind in an airport worldwide, measuring 3.5m (h) x 9.8m (w).

The Landscape Digital reaches business travellers at airline lounge areas of Terminals 2 and 3. Made up of eighteen 42-inch digital screens with a measurement of 1.56m (h) x 5.56m (w), this site delivers unavoidable impact to the audience with its head-on orientation. EYE’s first-ever LED display at Singapore Changi Airport, the landmark LED screen at T3’s shopping street, is the largest digital display of its kind in an airport worldwide, measuring 3.5m (h) x 9.8m (w).

“The landmark LED screen is an excellent opportunity to make an impactful statement at T3. Not only will it be seen close-up by the business travellers at the airline lounge on Level 2, passengers moving along the extended shopping street will also be able to view the screen clearly from afar. With animated advertising on such a large scale, this site dominates the shopping precinct, providing message cut-through to advertisers,” said Mr Raju Bhakta, General Manager, EYE Singapore.

“Our digital media offerings follow a simple, standard, highly effective and proven formula - a maximum of three advertisers on each network, seven-second animated advertisements that draw attention and prime placement for optimum viewing potential,” added Mr Bhakta.

EYE is a leader in digital and innovative Out-of-Home media offerings introducing digital media inventory at Singapore Changi Airport since its appointment to the airport’s advertising concession in 2006. EYE has offi ces in and operates airport, roadside billboard and shopping mall media businesses in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America.

MEDIA PRIMA BERHAD, MALAYSIA’S leading media group having dominated local television, acquired radio stations and added print and outdoor media to its repertoire, has now unveiled a new diversification strategy using a complete range of advanced online systems to operate an online media distribution network, aptly named New Media.
19 August 2008
SOME OF SINGAPORE’S ADVERTISING INDUStry’s most creative and innovative campaigns earned kudos tonight at the 27th annual Creative Circle Awards (CCA).
NEW YORK: Consumers will foot more of the bill for the media they want over the next five years as advertisers shift their spending from traditional media to direct marketing, according to the latest edition of private-equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson's Communications Industry Forecast.

KUALA LUMPUR: While his Immigration counterpart Datuk Wahid Md Don was transferred to the Public Service Department pending a graft trial, Tourism Malaysia director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab will serve a two-month suspension at half pay beginning today.

Women in Malaysia continue to rank as one of the highest scoring countries around the Asia/Pacific region. They are feeling more confident and positive about the role they play within the business and economic environment according to the research study.
Before I register my comments, I will provide some information on my background. This will allow any reader of my comments to make a more accurate appraisal on the value of my words. I am complete virgin in the advertising/media landscape. When compared to many of the readers here, I am nothing more then a sperm still swimming in some anonymous gonad, so forgive me if I sound naive.

The commercials that underwrite the Olympic broadcasts are costly, elaborate and this year surprisingly bland. Melinda Houston finds out why the big guns are all playing safe.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that Royal Dutch Shell violated advertising rules by claiming in a newspaper ad that two oil projects in Canada and the U.S. involved sustainable forms of energy, The Canadian Press reports.
SINGAPORE: This year at the Global Brand Forum 2008 held in Singapore, the ‘Mavericks’ took centrestage with the likes of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Hollywood director Spike Lee, creator of Sim’s Will Wright , Pepsico International’s chief marketing officer, Mr Harry Hui, marketing guru Al Ries and Shanghai Tang’s Ms. Joanne Ooi.

About 100 top marketing, advertising and media leaders showed up at the soft launch of Sledgehammer Communications latest publication MARKETING. The new magazine has also received widespread acceptance in all leading bookstores across the Klang Valley since its release into the marketplace three weeks ago.

DDB Singapore has launched of a corporate and recruitment campaign for the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), aimed at maintaining its brand stature as well as showcasing its full spectrum of operations as a Third-Generation combat force. A through-the-line campaign was developed with TV, online, outdoor and print providing a multi-faceted thrust. Neil Johnson, Executive Creative Director of DDB Singapore says, “Previous advertising and marketing efforts positioned the Air Force as a world-class force driven by world-class people – ‘Like nothing on earth’. Now, we had to forge the image of the RSAF as one that operates seamlessly with surface forces, and yet maintains its reputation as a premium armed entity. To top it off, the creative idea needed to be delivered in a manner that was simple yet emotive.
Choosing 08/08/08 to launch its new unified branding and boutique network positioning, the River Orchid Group will now be holding a double celebration following the recently announced PMMA awards, in which the group won two bronzes for work on Levi’s in Vietnam and Unilever’s SunSilk brand in Cambodia.
Creative industries have emerged as one of the world´s most dynamic economic sectors, offering vast opportunities for cultural, social and economic development. International trade in creative goods and services surged to US$445.2 billion in 2005 from US$234.8 billion in 1996, according to preliminary UNCTAD figures. Such trade grew at an unprecedented average rate of 8.7% a year from 2000-2005, the figures show.

DOMESTIC consumption is the new revolution in Asia’s economy. It has played and will continue to play an increasingly important role in the growth of Asian economies, which were generally export-dependent.

THE stable of companies under T. Ananda Krishnan, (better known as AK), have always held special appeal with investors due to its premium quality branding and sound businesses.

Last year, it was the RM16bil privatisation of Maxis Communications Bhd that hogged the limelight, not only for its surprise element, but also for the debate it sparked off on whether the deal had favoured minority shareholders.

LONDON — Royal Dutch Shell PLC violated industry rules by claiming in a newspaper ad that two oil projects in Canada and the United States involved sustainable forms of energy, Britain's advertising watchdog ruled Wednesday.

The Advertising Standards Authority investigated the Shell ad after a complaint from the World Wildlife Federation.

Well that was a short break. Known for its enthusiastic, celebrity heavy ad campaigns, Gap Inc. took an austere stance against advertising this spring, looking to realign the company's core business and focus on its bottom line. But the call of back to school products was too much for them to stay away for long.
TruEffect, a provider of next generation advertising technology, today announced a partnership with Qmecom, a leading personalization advertising solutions company. Through this partnership, TruEffect and Qmecom will enable advertisers to create millions of personalized rich media ads and target them to customers across a broad spectrum of networks and sites.
While the competition heats up in Beijing at this year's Summer Olympics, there is intense competition among companies keen on attracting the attention of the billions of persons that are tuning in to the Games. Not only are big international corporations forking out major bucks on advertisements, but some local companies are getting involved in the act as well.
KUALA LUMPUR: A revised Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice was launched here Tuesday. Touted to protect consumers' interest and ensure fair-play among competitors, the revised code is said to be a modified and greatly expanded version of the International Code of Practice published by the International Chamber of Commerce as long ago as 1937 and the British Code of Advertising Practice.
Sales of instant noodles in Malaysia have grown steadily over the years, thanks to an increasingly hectic lifestyle and a craving for instant gratification, particularly among young people.
First of all, let me define advertising. If you are at a club meeting, and the club is searching for some way to "make some money," and someone says, "Let's sell advertising," in all likelihood any purchaser of that "advertising" is making a donation rather than buying advertising.

YOU would think that in these days of information overload, you’d have to hide in a cave somewhere remote in order to escape any news about our beloved Malaysia.

But in fact I did not have to do that at all when I was on a break recently.

KUALA LUMPUR: A revised Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice was launched here Tuesday. Touted to protect consumers' interest and ensure fair-play among competitors, the revised code is said to be a modified and greatly expanded version of the International Code of Practice published by the International Chamber of Commerce as long ago as 1937 and the British Code of Advertising Practice.

Kuala Lumpur : The Malaysian advertising market enjoyed buoyant growth of 22 percent in the first half of 2008, hitting RM 2.9 billion1 compared to the same period in 2007. According to the latest report from Nielsen Advertising Information Services, the growth was mainly driven by Terrestrial TV (+37%), Point-Of-Sale (+33%), Radio (+22%) and Newspapers (+16%).

Kuala Lumpur: The advertising industry has been regulating itself very well without much interference by the Government, says Advertising Standards Authority Malaysia (ASA) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.

KUALA LUMPUR: Discovery Channel’s documentary Making the Cut has been awarded “Best Documentary Film” at the 21st Malaysian Film Festival, held at the Putrajaya Convention Centre recently. The film was produced as part of Discovery Channel’s First Time Filmmakers (FTFM) Malaysia initiative.

Discovery Channel dominated the “Best Documentary Film” category at this year’s Malaysian Film Festival. The winning documentary Making the Cut, directed by Ahmad Yazid Puad, explores the practice of circumcision in Malay culture and how modern techniques are now eclipsing century-old traditional ones. The other two documentaries that also garnered nominations were Jamilah Taib’s The Woodsmiths, which portrays the preservation of the dying art of woodcarving through its use in modern structures; and Leong Hon Yuen’s Restoring Merdeka, which follows the restoration of Stadium Merdeka for the biggest event of the year – the nation’s independence day celebrations.

Kevin Dickie, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific’s senior vice president and general manager for Southeast Asia, said, “Together with FINAS, we are pleased to have been able to provide up-and-coming talent like Ahmad Yazid and other promising filmmakers with the opportunity to further develop their filmmaking skills and techniques through initiatives such as FTFM Malaysia.
This award and the two nominations for Best Documentary Film are testament to the caliber and potential of Malaysian filmmakers, and fitting recognition of their talent and efforts. Discovery Channel is also proud to have been able to contribute several chapters chronicling the story of Malaysia’s extraordinary growth. ”

Ahmad Yazid was among five Malaysian film-makers chosen to produce a 30-minute documentary each. In commemoration of Malaysia’s 50th year of independence, the films centered around the theme of the country’s rich history and remarkable growth from colony to independent nation.

Ahmad Yazid’s foray into the world of filmmaking was at the tender age of nine, assisting his father with his production company. By the time he was 13, he was already experienced in camerawork, editing, directing and producing. After finishing school, Yazid moved to Kuala Lumpur to pursue his dream of becoming a director. Yazid won awards locally and internationally for his first documentary, Are We Doing Enough?

This is the third time a Discovery Channel film has won an award at the Malaysian Film Festival. The Boat Maker and the Sea a film from Discovery's Southeast Asia-wide FTFM initiative won Best Documentary in 2003. In 2004, Postcards from a Prime Minister won Best Documentary.

FTFM Malaysia is a partnership between Discovery Networks Asia and the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) and the Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage of Malaysia.
Malaysian production company Reel Networks was the supervising producer for the initiative.


Over the years, the unique rituals and communal celebrations that were once synonymous with the practice of sunat, or circumcision, have died out. Haji Khawari is a Tok Mudim – someone who performs circumcision using traditional methods. He is one of the few remaining Tok Mudims in the country and a key figure in his village. This year, Haji Khawari’s village in Perak has rallied to organize a traditional mass circumcision for the boys. Elsewhere, Dr Gurcharn Singh is a local doctor who has received recognition within the medical community for his invention the TaraKlamp – a non-invasive device that has revolutionized modern circumcision, from clinics in Kuala Lumpur to orphanages and relief missions in the tsunami-affected region of Aceh. MAKING THE CUT contrasts the two parallel stories of Haji Khawari and Dr Gurcharn, two very different characters who, in their own way, are contributing to this Malay-Muslim rite-of-passage for young boys.

KUALA LUMPUR : Asia Media, Malaysia’s largest out-of-home (OOH) video network owner, recently announced the launch of their special promotional package during the Malaysian Media Congress (MMC) held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre.
The other day, a friend of mine mentioned she needed to “pick up some Colgate”. Toothpaste, I thought, a vital necessity if there ever was one. We nipped into a pharmacy and I watched, as she selected a different brand. I didn’t bother to ask why. Colgate has simply reached that elusive level where the brand is so strongly associated with the pro-duct—toothpaste—that the word ‘Colgate’ itself describes or depicts the product in the minds of consumers. Similarly, to many, any airtight plastic container is dubbed Tupperware, every dish detergent, Sunlight, and every nail polish, Cutex.
KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board (Tourism Malaysia) director-general Datuk Mirza Mohammad Taiyab who was detained by the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) and charged with alleged corruption at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court this morning has claimed trial.
Y&R has announced the appointment of Marcus Rebeschini as Chief Creative Officer of Y&R Asia. Rebeschini comes from TBWA\Chiat Day New York, and previously built his career in the Asia-Pacific region. He will join Y&R’s Singapore HQ group in September. Rebeschini succeeds Rowan Chanen.
On the back of continued new business success, Arc Singapore, the specialist digital and CRM agency, welcomes four new members to its rapidly growing team.
12 August 2008
There was nothing jinxed about Friday the 13th, 2008, when the fourth Malaysian Media Awards unfolded before a lively, elegantly dressed crowd of around 1,000 guests. Held at the Grand Ballroom of the One World Hotel, the event, organised by the Media Specialists Association (MSA), attracted leaders in the media planning, advertising and strategising industry eager to celebrate recognition of the best in their respective businesses.
Malaysia- Asia's leading sports broadcaster, ESPN STAR Sports (ESS) today announced its focus on Digital Media by realigning its sales function and creating a dedicated Digital Sales team to explore and maximize revenue opportunities in the digital space.
CANBERRA: Tourism Australia, responsible for the controversial So where the bloody hell are you? advertising campaign, has come under fire from the country's federal government.

The criticism alleges a lack of transparency in TA's pitch process; also its failure to set up a sufficiently strong framework to measure campaign efficacy.

LONDON - British Airways has blamed a mix up with Bartle Bogle Hegarty for a mistake in its new Terminal 5 punctuality campaign, which has led to the ads having to be rewritten.

The Sunday Times brought to light the fact that the Civil Aviation Authority measures departure times from when an aircraft leaves the terminal buildings, and not when it takes off. However, the British Airways T5 ad said that 90% of flights were "taking off within 15 minutes of the scheduled time", which it had said was an industry standard.

AUCKLAND: Kiwi women claim their portrayal in ads could affect the way they are perceived in the workplace with a detrimental effect on their careers.

An online survey of 400 women by New Zealand marcoms firm Splash Consulting Groupfound that 86% of respondents thought advertising and marketing campaigns portrayed them as unequal in society.

NEW YORK - L'Oreal has denied tampering with an ad featuring singer Beyonce Knowles after being accused of making her skin whiter by US media and readers.

The ad for L'Oreal's Feria hair highlighting product sparked outrage when it appeared in the current edition of Elle magazine because the singer, whose father is African American and mother is Creole, looked almost completely white with strawberry blonde hair.

IN his 25 years in the industry, Shukri Rifaie faced his most trying period when he was the CEO of Bates Malaysia.

He moved to Bates as director of client service in 2001 after many major successes at McCann-Erickson. At McCann, he had won the international Harrison K. McCann Leadership Award based on new business achievements and the McCann Worldwide Chairman Circle Award for the success in working on two big accounts – Levi’s and Coca-Cola.

At Bates, the Mara Institute of Technology graduate was promoted to CEO after one year. But in his first full year (2003) in that role, the outlook took a turn for the worse as the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) hit Asia and US President George W. Bush attacked Iraq. In July, WPP Group Plc took over Bates and then dissolved Bates America and Europe. The Bates operations were absorbed into other WPP agencies.
PUBLICIS, as a brand, is relatively new in Malaysia, but Publicis Communications Malaysia Sdn Bhd CEO Shukri Rifaie feels it has an advantage.

Shukri, who joined the Paris-headquartered multinational advertising agency in January last year, says that any Publicis office in the world takes pride in the fact that it is one of the very few non-American and non-British agencies in the industry.

“Our philosophy and culture will help bring this industry forward,” he tells BizWeek.

He points out that the advertising landscape itself has changed, with advertisers moving away from TV campaigns to many other communication channels.
Malaysia’s top 50 brands have been valued at RM64.8 billion for the year 2007, a 9% increase from RM59.1 billion in the previous year, said independent brand and intangible asset valuation firm Brand Finance plc.

However, Malaysian companies are clearly undervaluing their intangible assets, Brand Finance said in its report on Malaysia’s top 50 Most Valuable Brands.
ASIA-PACIFIC - Media magazine today relaunches its website as it increases its focus on online news.
A total of 68 entries have been received by the Malaysian Effie Awards committee to vie for the inaugural awards presentation that will take place mid October 2008.

“This is a phenomenal showing for Malaysia. It demonstrates the commitment and competitiveness of fellow marketers to vie for the year’s most effective marketing communication campaigns in Malaysia,” says Mary Lee Keane, President of Effie Awards, USA.

Back in 2005, Friendster was faced with a really strange problem. Or opportunity, depending upon how you looked at it. See, the social networking site was based in the U.S. and funded by U.S. advertisers, but it turned out that a massive bulk of the site's millions of users were actually based in the Philippines. Friendster execs' hearts—and hopes for financial solvency— sank when they realized they weren't targeting their intended audience. Without a U.S. consumer base, their advertising would dry up. And it did.

KUALA LUMPUR - Citibank and AirAsia have become the latest brands to experiment with social networks after launching a Facebook application.
Gold may just be another colour for most of us but for Carlsberg Malaysia, it is a name they have chosen for their new permanent product, Carlsberg Gold. The new product will replace Carlsberg’s 160th anniversary brew which is a limited edition beer launched last year.
Local companies must step up their competitive edge to compete with products of foreign companies that will enter the Malaysian market in the goods and services sector under the liberalisation process of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Asean Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS).
KUALA LUMPUR: Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Scene7® 4.0, a major technology update to its hosted rich media platform designed for eCommerce and multi-channel marketing companies. Adobe® Scene7 technology is used by blue-chip companies worldwide such as QVC, Macy’s and Levi Strauss & Co. to drive online business through the delivery of high-impact images for eCommerce, Web sites, email and eCatalogs.
KUALA LUMPUR : The Malaysian advertising market enjoyed buoyant growth of 22 percent in the first half of 2008, hitting RM 2.9 billion1 compared to the same period in 2007. According to the latest report from Nielsen Advertising Information Services, the growth was mainly driven by Terrestrial TV (+37%), Point-Of-Sale (+33%), Radio (+22%) and Newspapers (+16%).
Newspapers and Terrestrial TV continue to command the bulk of total advertising across the mediums measured, at 56 percent and 33 percent respectively, followed by Radio (5%), Magazines (2%), Outdoor (2%), Point-Of-Sale, Internet2 and Cinema (1% each) (see Table 1).
In the final showdown between McCann Erickson and M&C Saatchi for Proton’s estimated RM45 million global advertising account, incumbent McCann emerged victorious. The assignment is said to cover Middle East, Thailand, India, Indonesia and includes Malaysia.
NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- There's a fight brewing over the lightweight, wicking apparel technology known as Dri-Fit -- but the battle is about search marketing and the right to bid on trademarked terms.
CHICAGO (AdAge.com) -- Bacardi has placed the global advertising account for its flagship rum brand into review. The creative duties on the account are handled by WPP Group's Y&R, primarily via its London office, which won the consolidated global business in 2005.

LONDON - Supermodel Kate Moss is set to spearhead the launch of Topshop in China with her collection for the store in a deal that could be worth up to £25m.

Sir Philip Green, owner of Arcadia Group, is said to be close to signing a deal to rent space in the Shanghai Superbrand Mall and is looking at other locations in Beijing and Hong Kong, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

LONDON - James Bond to star in Fallon's next TV ad for Sony.

Details of the ad are strictly under wraps, but Campaign can reveal that Daniel Craig will star as James Bond in a spot that will highlight Sony Pictures' role as the long-term distributor and commercial partner of the film franchise.
07 August 2008

Many of the current global iconic brands have had substantial histories, colourful heritage and a long existence. But many brands of today are created on the power and reach of the Internet. Google.com, YouTube.com, Myspace.com, and Facebook.com are just some of the highly popular brands of the current era. These brands are all post-Internet brands. These brands are relatively young, do not offer any specific product (with a possible exception of Google, which offers the search service), and base their existence on the power of the Internet. Given the impact of the Internet on businesses, this article looks at how such changes affect branding.

07 August 2008

OSCAR WILDE, THE IRISH POET, ONCE wrote, “Experience is the name that everyone gives to their mistakes.” You can’t escape from making mistakes but they can teach you a lot. Some of the best lessons I have learned in my career came from mistakes I have made. When people ask me how I got to be good at branding I tell them, “I ran into brick walls so many times that I eventually figured out the smart thing to do is go around the wall, not at it.”

Leo Burnett Chicago turned to the prodigious directing talents of Miles Goodall for their latest high energy Samsung commercial for the Olympics.

Friendster, Inc. (www.friendster.com), the 9th largest website in the world based on traffic and the #1 social network in Asia, today announced Richard Kimber as its new chief executive officer (CEO) and a member of its board of directors. As the new CEO, Kimber will lead Friendster’s global business and guide operations in Asia and the U.S. In addition to the appointment of Kimber, Friendster also announced today that it has closed $20 million in funding.
ESPN STAR Sports (ESS) has appointed Mike Kerr, Vice President, Southeast Asia, Affiliate & Multimedia Sales. Mike makes a lateral move from ESS’ Advertising Sales department, where he was most recently Vice President, Advertising Sales, Operations & Strategy.
Retail media specialist, Magiqads Sdn Bhd has secured an exclusive license to manage and sell all media space within Tesco’s hypermarkets and retail spaces. Magiqads which began operations just two years ago, started of offering floor media in Tesco and other hypermarkets and retail outlets with it’s unique “floorstoppers”. Since then it has increased its inventory to include aisle sponsorships, freezer and chiller wraps, travellator zones , Sensormatic wraps, and billboards and pillar spaces.

Total spend by MasterCard cardholders during the first weekend of the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival (MMSC) increased by 24% from the first weekend of the MMSC last year, as both local and foreign consumers sought to make full use of the Sale offerings.

PUTRAJAYA: Only 20% of the 200,000 taxpayers, who are owed refunds by the Internal Revenue Board (IRB), have yet to receive their cheques. Its chief executive officer Datuk Hasmah Abdullah said the IRB was currently carrying out an audit on the financial records and submissions of these 40,000 taxpayers.
The Nomad Group has launched a new look to support its evolution from a financial service provider to a fully focused provider of professional, efficient and innovative space to live and work in.
The new corporate identity reflects the company’s commitment to provide businesses with world class space and services that encompass individually fitted and furnished office suites with professionally managed business centre facilities (The Nomad Offices), an all-suite hotel located along Kuala Lumpur’s “Embassy Row

OgilvyOne Malaysia has announced that Selina Ang, executive creative director, OgilvyOne Malaysia will step up into the position of executive director, a newly created position, effective September 1. Selina will report directly to Zayn Khan, country head, Ogilvy Malaysia. Alex Lee steps aside as managing director after three years of running the operation. Alex will remain within the Ogilvy network.

LONDON - Sir Martin Sorrell's WPP Group has posted its £1.08bn formal hostile takeover bid for Taylor Nelson Sofres to shareholders of the market research company. WPP is hoping to thwart the planned TNS-GfK merger and went hostile with its bid after TNS rejected four friendly approaches from the marketing services group.

10AM Communications, a Singapore-based creative hot shop, has joined Bates 141, the world’s largest Asia-centered marketing communications network and a WPP company.

“We are delighted to welcome a creative jewel like 10AM to the group and look forward to working with Sau Hoong and her colleagues,” said Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive, WPP.

Asia Media, Malaysia’s leading out-of-home (OOH) Video network owner, announced an agreement that will bring TransNet® to millions of commuters in Johor Bahru and Singapore.

The 2008 PMAA Dragon for the Best Promotion Marketing Campaign in Asia has been awarded to iris Singapore for their “Top Shot” Campaign for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications International, a campaign that motivated the public across 9 Countries to pass on the product benefits in a way that was truly engaging, involving and which more than addressed the sales objectives.

New Cool Rhino TVC title "Call me Bruce" by Manta Ray & Passion Pictures

After turning heads with her comments about what she termed "gangsta rap" [click to read]in April, Alicia Keys is making headlines again. The R&B singer turned down what could potentially be millions of dollars by requesting a Philip Morris affiliate withdraw partial sponsorship of an upcoming concert in Jakarta, Indonesia. After the Washington-based anti-smoking organization Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids pointed out the numerous advertisements to Keys, she released the following statement through Sony BMG:
Nike plans to investigate all 37 of its contract factories in Malaysia after a television station found that one plant garnished wages, housed foreign workers in squalor and withheld their passports. Australia's Channel 7 said it found "human trafficking on a massive scale" at the T-shirt factory, where foreign workers were paid a pittance to manufacture apparel. The television report last week said workers were housed 26 to a room in filthy conditions, with hundreds of men bathing in a single trough.

LONDON - The UK advertising industry is already one of the most tightly restricted in the world, yet many believe further regulation is inevitable thanks to the work of lobby groups and NGOs. From smoking, obesity and binge drinking to global warming, blaming marketers for society's ills is fast becoming the norm.

Celcom’s Xpax connects to their users in more ways than one. THE music was amazing, the atmosphere, electric. The Rainforest World Music Festival is an event that got everyone talking and according to some revellers, once is not enough. For sponsors Xpax (Celcom’s prepaid brand) this is exactly what it must have had in mind in putting the event together. Always a supporter of local musicians and the music movement, Xpax rewarded loyal customers from around Kuching with free tickets worth RM90 for this three-day festival each with purchase of starter packs or airtime reloads worth RM50.

Diageo has demanded that YouTube remove a fake Guinness viral video that's spreading like wild fire across the Internet.

CAAS has awarded Euro RSCG 4D Singapore the online marketing contract for Changi Airport’s events and promotions. Euro RSCG Singapore already handles Changi’s advertising business, and the move adds online creative service duties to the account.
Michael Chan, Chief Marketing Officer for Bernama TV has announced an exclusive Buy One and Get Three additional spots free on Bernama TV, in conjunction with the coming Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) 2008 on August 7.

All registered participants at MMC 2008 are entitled to this offer, which is valid till August 31. To register for MMC, call Ruby on 03-7726 2588.
AWARD has announced its salubrious line-up of judges, and their Chairman David Nobay, Droga5.

A total of 80 judges from Asia, New Zealand and Australia have been appointed for the coveted role of selecting the finalists and winners from the AWARD Call for Entry 2008 (work appearing 9th July 2007 – 15th July 2008). David Nobay, Creative Chairman of Droga5 in Sydney has been appointed the Chairman of Judges by the AWARD Committee.

KUALA LUMPUR: Asian markets fell in early trade on Friday, as investors’ sentiment took a knock after the overnight fall on Wall Street following weak US economic growth, sparking off concerns about the health of the financial sector. However, steel stocks bucked the trend.

BATAVIA, Ohio (AdAge.com) -- Thin is still in for advertising, new research suggests, unless you're trying to sell cookies or self-esteem. A study by business professors at Villanova University and the College of New Jersey, inspired by Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty," shows that ads featuring thin models made women feel worse about themselves but better about the brands featured.

LONDON -Mediaset, the Italian media firm owned by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is suing Google's YouTube for around $800m (£403m) over copyright infringement.

Mediaset joins a growing number of international broadcasters launching major compensation lawsuits against YouTube. The video-sharing website already faces a bitter fight with Viacom, which is suing Google for $1bn (£500m) over illegally uploaded clips of its shows.

LONDON - Diageo has demanded that YouTube remove a fake Guinness viral video spreading across the internet, in which a girl balances a bottle of the black stuff on her back during a group sex session.

KUALA LUMPUR: Raymond Siva has been appointed to helm GCI Worldwide Sdn Bhd (GCI) as Acting Head, up from his previous role as Head of Corporate Practice. GCI is the PR unit of Grey Group Kuala Lumpur. He takes over from Chong Wei-Hsiang, who has left to pursue other interests.
OMD has announced the roll-out of OMD International, their client co-ordination unit, to Singapore to meet the service the needs of their expanding international and regional client base.

The expansion comes two years after establishing the same unit in Hong Kong and on the heels of significant new regional and global assignments including Johnson & Johnson, Intel and Visa. The move sees continued investment by the media network to better manage and resource key global and regional business.
Asia Brewery Incorporated (ABI) has appointed TNBT’s CRUSH Philippines to handle advertising and communications for its brands ZeroCal, Absolute Water and 100 plus. ZeroCal, lightly carbonated flavoured water will tap on CRUSH to handle its full communication ranging from ATL to BTL work. The campaign will communicate ZeroCal as a drink for the modern and empowered female. The campaign for the no calories, no carbohydrates and no caffeine drink will also be supported by outdoor media such as billboards.


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