Of Spoofs and Successes

(Marketingmagazine.com.my) - The recent video produced for Thorne Travel, a Scottish travel agent company, created a lot of lively online discussion. Once the thing went viral, a lot of people who watched the ad reacted in different ways: whether it could be called a spoof or not, or, if it were, was it done in good taste?

A spokesperson for the travel agency said it was supposed to be a spoof of the Virgin Atlantic ad. But it would be fascinating to know if they really intended it as such, or are they now trying to cover up what was a sincere effort of executing it as well as they possibly could? Or were they out there having a bit of fun acting all gooey and stupid?

Often the marketers consider it a success if their ad has people buzzing about it. It doesn’t matter if all these people share the same love for it as the marketer, as long as there are a few who find it quirky or ridiculous enough to share it on social media, the marketer’s job is done.

The ad was greeted by some who snickered at it, considering it too lowbrow. The seemingly plus-size models grooving to dance music were the object of their derision. Yet these people shared the ad on Facebook.

Other comments came from those harmless, good-natured type of folks who don’t possess a cynical bone in their bodies. These people just enjoyed watching it and moving to the music.

But what does the shrewd marketer say about the ad? Well, most of them think it’s actually quite an intelligent marketing move by the company, considering that businesses of this scale are normally on a shoe string budget for their promotional needs. The video ad achieved some popularity in the British press, getting mentions from Huffington Post to the Telegraph. And not many people could resist clicking the video when it appeared in their newsfeeds. That is a success in itself.