The Late Yasmin Ahmad’s legacy carries on with Maybank.

07 May 2015

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One of the last scripts penned by the late Yasmin Ahmad has been produced and released by Maybank as part of its ongoing consumer focused initiatives.

Titled ‘Close to you’, the two and a half minute video on YouTube depicts how banking with Maybank has evolved, looking through the eyes of the son of a chicken farmer.

The late Yasmin Ahmad’s creation has always had the ability to reach out and touch the hearts of the people, and she foresaw the same qualities in Maybank in wanting to do the same.

Initiated by Mak Inom (Yasmin’s mum) and executed by her old crew, this advertisement has now come to life.

“Maybank has always strived to be at the forefront of banking in Malaysia. We try to do this by being close to the hearts of our consumers”, said Maybank Group Chief Marketing Officer, Mohamed Adam Wee Abdullah.

“We particularly strive to reach out and help build communities and the late Yasmin Ahmad felt and saw this characteristic in us and penned it down very aptly in the script for ‘Close to you’”, he added.

“Banking has changed over the years, particularly mobile banking”, he said.

“However, it is not primarily driven by the need to use the latest technologies or solutions, but rather by our commitment and desire to meet our customers’ needs. By putting people first, providing them a better way of life and preparing them for the future, we are ‘humanising financial services’”, he explained.

“Maybank has always been at the heart of the community - Yasmin understood our goal and noticed how we kept in step with the times to serve our consumers better. She saw how, in all our decisions, we always chose the route of being close to our consumers”, he added.

‘Close to you’ sees a young boy reflecting on his childhood, observing his chicken-farming father who would regularly and patiently wait for the Maybank mobile banking bus to arrive, so that he may get his financial transactions in order.

The video shows how mobile banking has changed over time with technological advancements, while following the story of growth in the family business, as well as the boy who eventually goes overseas.


“Yasmin’s creations always had the ability to reach out and touch the hearts of people. There is little wonder that she saw those qualities in Maybank, wanting to do the same”, Mohamed Adam went on to say.

“We believe that as much as technology changes the way we live, we at Maybank must continue to remain relevant to our customers, serving them and being part of their daily lives whether locally, regionally and internationally”, he said.

For the production of the video, the team that used to work closely with the late Yasmin Ahmad was reunited and led by veteran film director, Kamal Mustapha.

Emotions ran high as the team clearly expressed their pride and joy in being able to come together one last time for the filming of the video - “We are very proud and elated to see Yasmin’s legacy continue through the production of this video. It was always her wish that people remember her work rather than who she was”, said Datin Orked Ahmed, Yasmin’s sister.


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