How Does Gen Y Plan Vacations?

15 December 2014

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Youth in Malaysia travel abroad more than ever before in recent years. GoPro Camera has become a trend among youth to record their trips and share on Social Media platforms! Youth love travelling in style!

Although PTPTN Loan and ‘Mum-Dad-Loan’ are always sufficient to cover all the travel expenses, detailed planning and research for the vacation are important to ensure that there will be no ‘Red-Light’ Alert! So what should you do when it comes to planning your once-in-a-lifetime Semester-break or Year-End break vacation?



Gen Y finds it really difficult to go anywhere without friends. Speaking from personal experience as a College student, it feels awesomely cool travelling with friends, it’s like the world belongs to you alone.  You are on your own, without any parental barriers, you have your Freedom! You and your buddies will get the chance to know each other even much better.


Get SUPER Cheap Flights!

In order to meet your budget range, booking a cheaper flight tickets could help you to save a few bucks (actually, you could save more than that! Lol!)

70% of Malaysian youth suggested that AirAsia offers the best cheap flights. Well, of course you need to grab it fast during the Promo period.


Look for the Perfect Accommodation…

Research… Research… & Research!

Finding a place to stay takes time and a lot of research. Have you been to any trip where the hotel is too far away from the destinations that you want to visit? Point precisely, you don’t want this to happen during any of your vacation, because it’s going to cost the travelling time as well as your transport expenses. 

The Internet generation is making everything easy for everyone! Hundreds & Thousands of accommodations that we could search online with just a click away!


Our MYC! News College Readers’ Top 5 Websites:

-                      2%

-     25%

-                      18%

-                   7%

-            20%


Plan Your Itinerary: It has to be Adventurous and….fun!

It is extremely important to prepare an itinerary for every vacation, even for a short 4 Days 3 Nights trip. An itinerary helps you keep all your activities in track! How could you possibly have fun when you’re worried about where to go or what to do next?

YOLO = You Only Live Once is what all Gen Ys of today believe life is about. Well, it does make good sense. It’s true that all of us only live once in a lifetime. It will be really sad if 10 years from now you look back and thought, hey… I should have done cliff jumping during that summer break.



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