The first business tech conference in Malaysia!

tech 600by Karamjit Singh- 

Sitting square in the centre front row at yesterday’s 2015 Malaysian Economic Briefing by the Performance Management Delivery Unit (Pemandu), AirAsia founder Tony Fernandes expressed his concerns over calls by politicians to control the Internet.


His concerns are simple. Economic growth in today’s increasingly digital world depends on an open and robust internet. AirAsia itself, he pointed out, was very much dependent on the internet for its success.


And as the keynote speaker for DNA’s What’s Next conference, one week from today, expect Fernandes to speak about not just the internet and AirAsia but how his other businesses are leveraging on the internet and mobile to deliver unmet consumer needs, on a more efficient level and in a cheaper manner.

One unique aspect of Fernandes’ entrepreneurial ventures is that they have all been brick and mortar type businesses. However, under AirAsia, he did try his hand at ecommerce via  but that actually failed. However, as someone who can never take NO for an answer, he is quietly rebuilding the site for an eventual relaunch.


While all of us at DNA are excited to have Fernandes as our keynote speaker, I have a feeling that he may not be the most interesting speaker of the day. For, while our other speakers and Provocateurs are not as well known as him, I would not be surprised if the audience were divided on which was the best talk on the day.


Turning away from the speakers, what also excites me is the fact that What's Next is the First business tech conference in Malaysia and the first conference that targets large brick and mortar companies, especially those with consumer facing businesses.

Why this group? Because Patrick Grove, Founder and Chairman of Catcha Group predicts  that within 20 years, no brick and mortar company will exist if has not transitioned into becoming a digital organization. And I am willing to bet that the large consumer focused businesses are going to be the most vulnerable simply because these are the businesses that startups are targeting as well.


And large companies, (81 of the top 100 companies on Bursa Malaysia have revenues of over RM1 billion), can be the most complacent simply because they have so much revenue and so many customers.


To help shake them out of this, What's Next brings together brick and mortar company CEOs, traditional tech company CEOs, top digital consultants, the first digital company in SEA to be listed on Nasdaq, the Silicon Valley's most aggressive VC and the co-founder/CEO of a startup that aims to disrupt the traditional broadcasters.


Conversations will revolve around business models, changing customer behavior and expectations and how this influences What's Next for your business. 


So, if you are a large brick and mortar company and want to hear about how other brick and mortar players are trying to adapt, evolve, even change and want to hear from some digital players that are aiming for the markets of the brick and mortar players, What’s Next is the place to be next Tuesday!


For event details, download PDF here….

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