The Day I Stopped Looking At Ads

raymond300by Raymond Wong- 

This day breaks as usual . The alarm. The passing traffic. 
The newspaper man’s target practice.
The day on this day was going to be different.

It’s the day I stopped looking at ads.
The day I’ll pick up the daily for what it’s meant for.
To charge up with a cuppa tea. To slowly crank up the mental nerves.
The day I stopped caring about which competitor is advertising.
About what. And about how to react.

The day I stopped rummaging through the supermarket aisle for hours
in search of new brands, new tastes.
Checking pricing, promos and the lot.
To steal a snap and pretend to be an eager customer.

The day I stopped collecting catalogues that are fresh off the printers at the mall.
To analyse what brands are showcasing.

The day I stopped bothering what the next OOH around the bend is all about.
On which site, what structure or message.

The day I stopped flipping channels for that commercial the creatives are talking about.
To digest 30 seconds of compressed trickery treats.
The day I stopped ingesting a daily dose of brain supplements, surfing all the ad sites for all the ad stuff, old and new. To read. To adopt. And share.
The day I stopped brainstorming with marketers.
To seek opportunities that hopefully matter most to consumers.
The day I stopped thinking about connecting,
to consumers with this and that and what-not apps.

The day I stopped looking at ads.
That day is far from tomorrow….

Raymond Wong concludes an ad agency career after 36 years and retires as the 15-year ECD at DIK, part of ADK group in Malaysia. With a career that spans three recessions and many agencies, he now plans to sit back and look back at his own pace. He joined ADK initially as ECD from a string of agencies that included Hakuhodo, Graphic Channel, Impact Challenger, AP:FCB, HDM/DYR, Creative Concept, HUNTER and once powerful Hexxon Graphics back in the 80s.
He was seconded to start-up DIK in Malaysia to handle conflicting regional and local Japanese accounts of the group. His motto of “think strategy before execution” has stuck on all these years. Brands that have come across his path included Ajinomoto, Honda, Daihatsu, SAAB,Mitsubishi, Subaru, Hisamitsu(Salonpas), Toshiba, Sharp, NEC, Canon, National /Panasonic,
MATRADE, BSN, Jusco, Parkson, Genting, Berjaya Group,I&P, Bolton , Japan Airlines,MONIER, Sissons Paints, even Wendy’s! He looks forward and is open to taking up a more independent role off-site, on-site and considers himself as a free-range freelance creative. Amongst many projects at his door currently are viral films, mentorship programmes and personal businesses.

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