Firefly swift to respond to the new Kejara system


By: Malati Siniah

Kejara, the new demerit point system introduced today by The Road Transport Department has Malaysians torn on if they are for or against the new system which will soon come into force on 15th of April.

Quick to respond to the news Firefly posted an online ad onto their Facebook page which mirrored the image on today’s front cover of The Star.

Speaking to MARKETING on the ad Izra Izzuddin, Vice President, Marketing & Communications shared "Being a Malaysian driver, speaking on behalf of a Malaysian airline, we want all Malaysians to be smart and value the services we offer. “

Izra shared that the airlines offered Malaysians a cost-efficient and time-saving options to get to their destinations in time.

“Why drive and get penalised, when you can fly if you are planning a short road trip this weekend? Malaysians are smart! So decide and think wisely." Izra added.

The new point system implemented by the Road Transport Department will see errant drivers being penalised for their mistakes. Drivers who receive more than 100 points through the system risks losing their licence.