Dentsu Utama Saves The Day!

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This was the basis on which Dentsu Utama created their award winning ‘Old and New Book’ print campaign – it made such an impact with the local community that the Salvation Army Malaysia awarded the agency’s efforts with a shiny appreciation plaque of honour. 

 From L to R: Kelsey Kuek, Major Tan Guat Hai and Chow KoK Keong


Major Tan Guat Hai, together with his team member, Kelsey Kuek, paid a visit to Dentsu Utama, to present the appreciation plaque to Chow Kok Keong, Executive Creative Director of Dentsu Utama.

“We thank Dentsu Utama for its contribution of time and effort in producing such stunning work in a short period of time”, said Major Tan Guat Hai, Team Leader for the Salvation Army Malaysia.


In the eyes of an underprivileged, an old book can look new to them, Dentsu translated this in the visuals of the campaign beautifully - the final visuals show city folks passing old books to the underprivileged, and it appears to be a new book when the underprivileged receives it.

In just 3 months after the campaign was launched, the organization saw a significant increase in book donation; from which thousands of underprivileged children and adults benefited.

“We believe in creativity that creates impact in our society. The team at Dentsu Utama has executed on many pro-bono services for organizations in Malaysia. However the work done for Salvation Army is a step towards demonstrating positive change for our country”, said Omar Shaari, Chief Executive Officer of Dentsu Utama.

“Our heartfelt appreciation to Major Tan and his team for this recognition. We are humbled by and thankful for it”, he went on to say. 



Executive Creative Director: Chow Kok Keong

Art Director: Loo Kok Seng

Art Director: Chow Kok Keong

Copywriter: Ted Lim

Copywriter: Lim Khai Xing

Copywriter: Charmaine Sankar

Client Service: Lim Sue Anne

Print Producer: Wong Fok Loy

Strategy Planner: Terence Leong

Studio Manager: Stephanie Lai


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