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Is that even a question? Apparently it is. Today, more students are seeking a detour from hitting the books to hitting the cash register as MYC! magazine investigates.

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Is that even a question? Apparently it is. Today, more students are seeking a detour from hitting the books to hitting the cash register as MYC! magazine investigates.

MYC! did a short survey recently among college students to figure their thoughts on why students would choose work over college. The result? Many confessed that they go to college not because they choose to but because either their parents tell them to, or that society expects them to. If given the chance, they would like to seek other options such as travel, take short courses, work, or simply take a mental break. They also see their Western peers as having better opportunities to succeed in life due to their society’s less pressure to excel and please parents than Asian.

This comes as a sad revelation as it demonstrates how students are dragging their feet to campus not feeling great about it, unmotivated, and clearly unsure of what or why they are doing that every morning till graduation. More alarming is that being depressed, lost and confused and the pressure to pass are not repercussions of performing in college, but attending itself.

While all the students interviewed acknowledge the importance of a college degree, they confess they won’t always give their best to the quality of their education experience because they often feel like fish out of water, even socially ousted by their Alpha-scoring peers. The need to achieve an A and maintain high CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) further drives the nail into the coffin of their college depression.

Another interesting point shared was aside from parent’s expectations, the other reason why students feel depressed to stay in college in the impending fear that if, or when they do, take a break from college, they may not be able to catch up or forget how to get back into the swing of studying. While some describe their Western peers as courageous, some do feel that they are wasting precious time taking a sojourn from college and that time is of the essence – so they can quickly move on and out of their parents’ clutches.

And while Gen X describes attending college as a natural progression after high school, many Gen Y pundits see going to college as an emotional decision forced upon. “I don’t have the mood for college”, or “If you take a break from college, you may not have the mood to go back”, or “Having a job puts you in a better mood to finance your studies”.

This begs the question, isn’t life in itself a process of learning? Learning and studying never ends, even when you are well out of college. Perhaps therein lies the failure in education itself when students actually see learning as having stopped once we enter the working world.


MYC! Advice: Perhaps the correct attitude should be to see education as a modern privilege for a prospective life, a blessing rather than a bane. The recent escalating dangers and tragedies of Boko Haram – where schoolgirls studying Western Education (seen as a great sin by their radical leaders) are being killed and kidnapped across the African nation – clearly proves that what we take for granted here even over sums of money, people’s lives on the other end of globe are being lost in their fight to survive for a future. 


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