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23 December 2015

( - This has been a very challenging year for all of us at MARKETING magazine.

But our joy has come from seeing inspiring people from our advertising, media and marketing industries shine with award-winning work and accomplishments.

We watch proudly from the sidelines, as we side step stepping into the limelight.

New talent entering the industry have always been a source of awesomeness.

And these talented people remain our lighthouse of true hope in a sea of change.

Because change is inevitable, our Business Manager Farah leaves us next month for newer opportunities to fire her imagination and potential to excel even further.

She started with us more than two years ago and journeyed with us as a Content Officer, Event Networker and finally as our Marketing and Ad Business lead for the past one year.

Her remit has included client management, managing multiple marketing portfolios (online and offline) and multitasking with everything she puts her independent mind to.

This same tenacity to get pursue everything drove her to join us from the very beginning.

In my twenty years in the business, I recall Farah as the only ‘Sledgehammerian' who has knocked on our doors so many times for a chance, and I finally relented in October 2013.

I can't begin to admire how resilient people in our industry can be.

Fearless souls who rise to pave the way ahead with bold ideas that change our world.

Next year will see more of this and I’m confident we’ll rise to the challenge once again.

Festive greetings, love and laughter from all of us at MARKETING magazine.

To you, your loved ones and the planet we live in.

Mr Harmandar Singh aka HAM
Sledgehammer Communications (M) Sdn Bhd
22B, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7726 2588 Fax: 03-7722 5712


From left: GS Kumar (Seasoned scribe who still beats paths to doors peeping with opportunity), An aka Mohd Khairul Annuar (perpetual optimist with an infectious smile - our Deputy Art Director who became a proud father this year and is a legally certified Vape user), Adina Veerasingam (manages Product of the Year across two countries), Rani (the Queen in our midst), Ruby Lim (Office Manager who has steered our ship for as long as I can remember), the Turbanned Stranger, Anisya Kaur (first year law student bent on conquering the world’s dance stage), Tun Muhammad Ali Jinnah aka Chemical Ali (Art Director who inspires the styling of all our offerings), Farah Amin Siru (on the cusp of bringing the Sledgehammer mantra to another company in 2016). Missing in the picture is Norhamdy Ayob, our longest serving staff who was hitting the road connecting the dots for us, across all offices in the industry.

We also want to commend and thank our Digital Powerhouse team from On-Target Marketing Solutions: Salim Khubchandani, Amira Ibrahim, Lee Chee Tat and Joanna Ng. And our always-in-overdrive support system: best of breed photographers Mccain Goh (Mccain Pictures Setiawalk), Lim Sok Lin (Studio DL), multimedia designer cum data miner Reshween Maan, and whizz pen-for-hire Poonam Balan (works like hell, writes like heaven).

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