LB Malaysia launches film for AIA PUBLIC Takaful

01 June 2015

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Leo Burnett Malaysia launched a new campaign for AIA PUBLIC Takaful Bhd (AIA PUBLIC) with a 3-minute film on rezeki (“providence”), titled “Cubaan dan Rezeki Tiada Hentinya” (“The All-Merciful’s Trials and Unceasing Providence”). Based on real life, the story chronicles a couple’s agonising struggle after the wife suffers a miscarriage and is told that she will likely never be able to bear children. In their grief, they pray for strength, and are comforted by the beautiful rezeki they have in each other’s love. In His time, they are blessed with rezeki that surpasses all expectations.

Creative Group Head of Leo Burnett Malaysia, Zaidee Zainal, explained that the campaign was developed based on the deeper spiritual understanding of rezeki. Muslims are encouraged to endure difficulties with patience and to persevere in times of adversity – as best expressed in these verses from Surah At-Talaq: “Barangsiapa yang bertaqwa kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan mengadakan baginya jalan keluar (dari segala perkara yang menyusahkannya), serta memberinya rezeki dari jalan yang tidak terlintas di hatinya”. (And unto everyone who is conscious of God, He [always] grants a way out [of unhappiness], and provides for him in a manner beyond all expectations)

“The challenge given to Leo Burnett was to bring out the essence of AIA PUBLIC - the ‘real life’ company that is fully Shariah-compliant and faithful to the spiritual needs of Muslims. In keeping with our Humankind philosophy, which advocates a keen understanding of human behavior to create meaningful stories that impact communities, Leo Burnett drew inspiration from actual experiences of the Almighty’s rezeki,” stated Muntip Liew, Head of Corporate Social Investment from Leo Burnett Malaysia.

Elmie Aman Najas, Chief Executive Officer of AIA PUBLIC said, “We were drawn to the concept of challenges and rezeki because while life has its ups and downs, we should never give up on what’s most important to us. And there are steps that we can take to prepare for some of those uncertainties.”

The campaign kicks-off with the 3-minute short film, which is supported by the release of the 30-sec television commercial that runs on TV3, TV9, YouTube & TonTon.



Chief Executive Officer, AIA PUBLIC Takaful – Elmie Aman Najas

Chief Executive Officer, AIA Bhd – Bill Lisle

Chief Marketing Officer – Thomas Wong

Head of Branding & Digital Marketing – Eric Chang

Manager – Branding & Digital Marketing – Jolene Tan



Creative Director – Iska Hashim

Creative Head for Malay Content - Zaidee Zainal 

Creative Group Head – Jovian Lee

Art Director – David HK Tan 

Head of AV – Kelvin Theseira

Producer – Saqina Latif

Head of Corporate Social Investment – Muntip Liew

AAD – Andy Ng

AE – Ryan Leong

Executive Producer – Phoo Keng Hui

Film Director – Barney Chua

Producer – Malcolm Soh, Sarah Lois

1st Assistant Director – Esham Shahlin

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